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Ashtar Teleconference note - February 9 2009

Unedited Notes of the February 10, 2009 Ashtar On The Road Teleconference:

ASHTAR: Well good evening everyone – it’s party time on planet Earth and we are all invited!

There was a little bit of confusion we understand that and yes this is just a sign of the times – this is the storm before the calm. And you know what they say about March, and what we shall say about March is the lions shall lie down with the lambs. Now picture that and get a vision. And for the upcoming day of the Heart, that is very soon, your Valentines Day, but it really is for the entire world because there was a little bit of confusion the program that was planned didn’t quite complete itself because it is I Ashtar, who did bring this great welcoming of the importance of this date.

And the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace shall guide the planet and love shall rule the stars ….. it is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius …… the Age of Aquarius ….. you get the picture.

What does this mean –What is the Age of Aquarius? Let us say bye bye to the Piscean age. Beloved Sananda came as Jesus into the Piscean age to try to plant some seeds, and he did a fabulous job.

The concept was that those who were programmed to control found a lot of harmony in the Piscean age. There was support for war and cruelty, support for a lack of compassion and caring and sharing..

Teachers, some before, some came after, and they were in a world that happened to be somewhat in the dark ages because there was so much war, bloodshed and corruption, but we want to assure you that those early conquerors and corrupt ones didn’t hold a candle, there were not nearly as dark as those who have been the controllers in your modern times. Because they did not have as many people in the world to be in control of, to make lives miserable for, to kill, rape and torture. Now you have the Illuminati who thought that they could enslave the entire world …

Now Hitler thought so too and the Illuminati at first thought Hitler was their man. They were backing him and put him in power and Hitler would be expendable … and of course worldwide extermination camps - they have been doing some things behind the scenes which you might consider to be quite nasty.

But bottom line is you Beloved Ones spoke openly about love and the Age of Aquarius.

There was a good possibility that you would blow yourselves up Armageddon has been scheduled for many dates. Who could predict the different doomsday Armageddon scenarios. It’s not going to happen at all. Nothing will crash into Planet Earth nothing will destroy Planet Earth such as nukes . No nukes – no wars – no more. There are still some wars taking place but the biggest war is what people are doing to resist the Aquarian age - they want to keep Pisces around longer and its not going to happen. If you are a Pisces – don’t take it personally. It has nothing to do with your astrological sign. It has everything to do with where planet earth has been and where planet earth is going.

So honor this Valentines Day and rejoice. Get out, sing and dance because its party time and the party is starting.

It will be felt worldwide and on that day look your brothers and sisters in the eye – and see if you don’t see a new light. An Aquarian light shining. There will be a tremendous inspiration for reaching out to others – started in modern times in the 60’s the flower children were so great about sharing – some things not exactly what you want to see revived but anyone who came to the gatherings would pass the pot around. They showed the ability to stand in their light and speak their truth..

A recognition of the dawning – we have said before the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius that this is an opportunity for those who don’t know anything about it to wake up – opportunity to greet and share with someone who you haven’t seen for a while – you could say look here is a solution, it’s the only one that is going to work.

What today is all about – LOVE – caring and sharing – that in a nutshell is what the Age of Aquarius is. There are programs of humanitarian nature opening up all over the world – there will be lots of news to report in the first place, and an over-whelming amount of good news.

There are those in the government who know the difference between truth and lies – the difference between what news is published and what isn’t published. You have a leader who knows difference bet truth and lies.

The new currency is all printed and ready for you. The banks are becoming more ready for you. I won’t go into great detail but when that plane didn’t sink, that was a lesson within a lesson. In front of the TV cameras – the TV showed a miracle within a miracle within a miracle. The plane didn’t sink, no one died or was seriously injured.

People are raising their spirits, raising vibrations, doing all kinds of new things in every moment.

Lightworkers have dedication. The Ashtar family do – something gets flung at you and stops you in your tracks. But what you are becoming is masters in overcoming all of this. You recognize when you start the downward movement, and you all have tools to quickly understand and lower the feelings but then to do it right. Its all about vibrations and frequencies, and we are happy to report when we are doing work as Lightworkers, starseed brothers and sisters in human bodies and all the realms of the higher dimensions and all of the wondrous ones in inner earth, do you know how much amplitude is being turned up as we speak because you Beloved Ones are calling for those energies. All of these efforts combined have raised the frequency of the planet as a whole, as well as those trying to find room under a rock, as well as doubters. Many fewer doubters will be present - if they doubted in the past they will not be doubters THIS DAY as the age progresses and is recognised.

If you want to get Poetic. February has come in like a Lion – a month that will go out like a Lamb.

In the month of March they will lie down together. If you want to take that as a symbol – PEACE. Harmony and understanding. Indeed. Look for that everywhere in March – you are going to get happier because of events which you will be getting truthful news of that are taking place and the groundwork is being laid now. If you have any doubts about NESARA (Reformation Act) – a lovely name – kind of implies healing and moving ahead – reforming a whole structure of your society on Planet Earth.

Well welcome to the crystalline grid. How is that for reforming the structure. Welcome to the age of unlimited potentials for healing, light work, for caring and sharing, for giving and receiving and for joining with all of Mother Gaia’s kingdoms in the grand mission work which is to be accomplished in this grand year of 11. So, yes, Reformation Act will lead to all of these actions. And you Beloved Ones are there and you know that it is so. So let us just breath for a moment. We will now do an exercise, then I Ashtar, will move aside and our honored guest speaker shall move to the box …..

Take wondrous breaths and now that you breathe out with your loving vibrations help to purify and cleanse the very air that surrounds you and if there are two or more in the same room or space, breathe love toward each other – it gets very lovely that way. If you smell flowers, breathe the flowers love into your being and out again. If you hear grand music breathe the music in and out. Sharing and caring. We are going to go on a little journey so would everyone please move quickly – perhaps fly to your space vehicles whatever you choose for yourself. And if you haven’t chosen it, take a moment and picture it in front of you. Take yourself to be seated in your craft. Now we are going to do what you call caravan in your vehicles. Using vehicles to accomplish a journey. We are going to stay connected on this journey.

(interruption again on line ……)

There is one or more beings in human costume but nevertheless not true humans who are wearing dark hats. So your ultimate destination is up to you, but where you go, we all go. We go everywhere, individual destinations, pick a place. Go where you know there exists one or more dark hats in hiding not wanting you to find them. You have in your craft a spotlight. A special crystalline one – turn it on and shine it and you can easily locate one or more of these beings wearing the dark hats. So bring your craft to this place of landing and we are all there with you and you with us. And yet we are all in a place where we see one or more wearing these dark hats because your crystalline light has shown them to you quite clearly. They cover their eyes, and try to jump into a hole if nearby and try to close the cover. Much to their dismay, they are almost enchanted by the crystal light, it is so loving that they cannot move away from it. And you thought these ones can never change. Well just look at them. You can see some of them shaking and perhaps their hats are doing some funny wobbling on their heads. These black dark hats. And so as the crystalline light shines, speak telepathically to them and let them know you come in peace. And for some strange reason they like the sound of peace. You never thought you would see such a wondrous beginning of transformation but here it is before your eyes. Now you speak to them words of peace – you tell them the Age of Aquarius has begun. They can get out of the dark hat costumes at any time. You are here to assist them if they choose. You are not here to interfere, but simply to facilitate and by the way you have a lovely supply of white hats – they sparkle and gleam and have a crystalline glow, and if they like them, they can try on the white hat and they might just like the wondrous freeing feeling. Tell them If you would like to try that white hat and take off your dark hat and set it down in this special place right here, you can try the white hat, and if you don’t like it take it off and put the dark hat back on. You can trade in and wear the white hat from now on. And we promise you will never miss the dark hat.

With big eyes wondering what this means - can I do this, what will happen to me, am I going to be as comfortable in this after lifetimes of dark hats – you are asking them to step out of their comfort zone into the joy and comfort of the Age of Aquarius – will they accept the invitation ?? They all come forward and one by one take off their dark hats, set them down and come to you and there you are with wonderful white hats, and as they come up you greet them as brothers and sisters – you happen to have the perfect size for each one – you give them a hat to place upon their head – and a greeting they have never received before – so perhaps you would like to put your hands together and give them a bow and say to them Namaste. Indeed. And perhaps some will be crying with joy at the relief they feel when they put on the white hat, at the freedom, at the beginnings of feeling they are like you, one with you, and now they can tell the truth of who they are to the world, they don’t have to wear the lizard costumes anymore – they have that little spark of light – and now they can enjoy wearing the white hats and notice that spark grow. And they can feel good as they go upon the stage and tell the truth – and in so doing they finally bid farewell to the program that kept them enslaved, as they thought they were enslaving you. So thank you Beloveds as the last one comes – stand in a circle and allow them to honor you for bringing this great joy of the Age of Aquarius to them.

They thought they would be on the outside forever and now their joy is you in the centre of circle – they are learning to beam love and you beam them as brothers and sisters in the light. When you are ready, climb into your craft and come back into your sacred space. And know it is you who has created this movement toward the light, the crystal grid to be done and its you Beloved Ones who have assisted all of those who have been ready to welcome the love into their beings – the love you have been holding in your own sacred space and now share freely with them as Lightworkers on a mission in the Age of Aquarius.

Well done Beloved brothers and sisters in the light – well done Beloved Commanders, well done Beloved family and so it is, Salute.


Hello citizens of the world, it is I, JFK was the name that I went by and I was indeed a foreteller and an usher to the Age of Aquarius that is being discussed here in this forum, this sacred company. And so I come to assure you that the seeds we have planted have taken root and are blooming fully, beautifully upon the Planet, and it is because you are who you are, and because you have answered the call and that you are doing for your country and for your world all that you are doing now. Beloveds citizens of the world, and so we have come to this gathering so that I can assure you that I have the vision for and that which you have come into this lifetime whether in the 60’s, before or after, the vision has lived, it has survived, it has thrived and the vision is now realized.

You kept it alive Beloved Ones, you never let the flame of love die, and just as it burns still now upon that place where the body of the one who had the person and personality of me is buried, that flame burns brighter and brighter in the hearts of all, and we are happy to tell you that a critical mass has been reached in the political arena and that those who have accepted the white hats are going to be giving quite a different story, news story, briefings and in-depth reporting of what has really been going on behind the scenes in your halls of government, and I am ready to return to the stage and to tell all that I know from the unique perspective that I have had in company with the masters. They have given me home in their sacred space - they have created a space for me where I could be of most service – where I could continue to serve from a higher level than the 3rd dimensional government which has been in place all of this time until this present day.

And when another inauguration took place which was as significant as mine in respect of continuance of that which I am, and when all of us had the vision whether in the peace corp, public office or some kind of humanitarian call, you all answered the call beautifully and you are doing all you can for the world and for your country to be the leader in bringing forth that which we call NESARA. It is real Beloved Ones, it is real.

And I speak not just for myself and this voice did not have the same human birthplace as me, so you might not recognize the same manner of speaking, but I am joined with all this grand company when I say you have answered the call and responded and because of you, this country and the world was continuing. There was another plan you know – it could have happened in several ways – and I have watched and supported the light and work of Lightworkers all these years knowing there was a greater plan, knowing it started with a possibility to extinguish the light, and I and my brother Robert and Dr King were here a brief time upon the stage – the light that we lit took place in your hearts, we only fanned what was already there because it was you Beloved Ones.

Just as you lit those candles you yourself have been brightly lit all this time, and you may not have known it but you are the ones Beloved Ones who came forth at this time with great inspiration and passion and eagerness to follow in the footsteps for those of us you listened to and inspired by before. So we are all here - the great Gandhi is here among us and all those who have stood for peace thru all time and the great masters are here, the ones you honor and they are so many and be assured that the representatives of the major spiritual groups of the world - Beloved Sananda, Buddha, Abraham, Mohammed, Confucius all of the major spiritual truth tellers are here.

We have not named them all but they are here in this company. We were invited to a party – we have been here off and on and with you certainly in company energetically and spiritually all this time, and we are here now because you came and accepted an early invitation to prepare and issue special invitations for those who didn’t think they would be invited to this particular party - the one you call the Age of Aquarius, and so let us join together as Lightworkers what you call humanitarian and truly the welcome party to the Age of Aquarius that we have all waited for with such eagerness, and let us move together into this age ONE HEART, ONE MIND, ONE LIGHT for the world to come and join.

So thank you my fellow citizens of the world for inviting me to come and speak this evening and to tell you what shining lights you are and how, together, we are accomplishing this mission. we have complete success assured and our galactic brothers and sisters are here with us now to help us and assist us in this final final bit of a walk forward. So let us join and let us be together citizens of the Age of Aquarius. ONE HEART, ONE MIND, ONE WORLD.

Thank you and Namaste.

And so Beloved Ones, I come before you. It is I, Quan Yin ..and I stand with the Beloved Ones who have just spoken and all of this grand company to say I too understand and welcome the significance of the Age of Aquarius and I shall be there at those Golden Gates welcoming all of you. You are so precious, you are so loved and we are one indeed and as the Beloved president has said, I too say to you, Namaste.

(played the song “The Age of Aquarius” with Ashtar singing along)

ASHTAR: We will be partying on. That is the name of the mission. Well that is a way of welcoming this new age. And so I, Ashtar, have had this opportunity and I have enjoyed it tremendously and want to thank all of you, the dancing team, ….so I thank all of you for being with us tonight and if there is anybody who is not still with us, well you can ask Fran or Elise for the notes. We shall return and you will be perhaps seeing more of the “lamb” side of things when we gather again. In the meantime, let us party on and let us become the party of Love. And so it is. Salut.

With thanks to Deborah Urquhart and Jan Chapman for these notes.
Copyright 2009 Ashtar On The Road Publications. All Rights Reserved.

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