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Moneyless Society is it Really Possible?

A Moneyless Society:

Can be very possible, our only problem is what we believe to be real or not Real
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When we want to believe something in a Collective manner we can make it real if we choose it to be, but we always keep forgetting that all of this is an Illusion.

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Comment by Aaron on January 24, 2010 at 4:22pm
Patricia you have alot of great points there, There will be a currency of exchange in the future just not money or time, but the new currency would be
KNOWLEDGE and that is already occuring right now with the explosion of the internet. AS for material things i don't see how many of us should have to be in a fear state or be in scarcity on a constant basis when the world is abundantly with a larger amount of resources for everyone. We just mis manage and abuse the planet and continue to take take take.

Just like you said it is Greedy Individuals.

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