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Powerful technology that goes further than Solfeggio frequencies (Divine bliss code)

It's called xphirience
using a rare coding, called the bliss code

I've just purchased these audio clips.
blissful rain
xphirience balance plus
and xphirience bliss code

I had my doubts about this and i changed my mind and went ahead and bought the audio clips, all i can say is your in for a huge shock just listening to 15 seconds of it let alone the 17 min clip. I can't even put into words to describe this technology but if the world new about this and they tried it. Every person on the planet would be in extreme bliss and happiness and in a timeless state.

This might actually help me in my meditations, so far it really shocked me and no other audio clip whether it was holosync, hemi sync or any other kind of meditation audio clip has helped until now.

This also goes beyond any brain wave technology i've tried in the past.

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Comment by Aaron on January 14, 2010 at 3:01am

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