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I've notice a lot of 'individuals' talking about oneness and letting go of DUALITY. Yet duality and oneness are the same, and to think you can comprehend the Wholeness with our current mind is pure ignorance. Freedom, TRUE freedom means you CAN express whatever it is you feel you believe is your truth regardless of what it is. In my opinion if someone is racist they should be aloud to express their opinion. But that doesn't restrict others from expressing what they are called to. Instead of creating a problem out of what they say, express your views kindly. The problem does not start with the words they express, the problem begins when another being reacts with strong emotion and lashes out.... If you are a teacher you would not get angry and tell another they are not welcome within a community, creating separation, you kindly(no reactivity) nurture that being into a broader awareness. Healing the collective pain. (I am not for racism at all, yet I feel all should be given the freedom to express)


Another issue is drugs! Look at how governments heavily regulate what an individual is legally aloud to ingest! You can look at all the 'side-effects' drugs have upon an individual, but that does not matter AT ALL when it comes to FREEDOM. Everyone should have the freedom to ingest whatever they choose at any given time, without someone trying to stop them. Why? All individuals came here to experience life in any of the infinite possibilities. Lets look at it this way.... we are all one, and for the sake of this we'll call 'IT' god. So if how we perceive god as the force that drives all life and is EVERYTHING seen and unseen... how in the world could you tell a god, this is hard to express, he/she cannot ingest something because they will become forever changed by it and possibly damaged... WHAT! god becoming damaged. In this Mind state you remain separate from the totality because you believe you can damage yourself...... it's silly.


Truth is another thing I would like to talk about.... "This is my truth, that's the way it is and all others are wrong" How can you believe that!? Anything you say you believe at any moment can change in a heart beat as long as you remain open to others opinions, regardless of what they say and how they say it.


Man this is difficult to express... Simply Look within yourself for answers.. I can see on this site how so many are affected 'negatively' by certain posts, they become reactive.. Why? why? Even this Japan disaster don't let it emotionally tip you.. all is in accord with the great plan and the faster everyone can stop Reacting and just LET everything BE, we will become balanced much more quickly.. Life happens and to react is like throwing a stone in still waters, the calm water is life happening.... people say things, do things, act in certain ways that we see as negative, that is the water, another reacting is like throwing a stone in perfectly CLEAR water blurring the image... I wish I could relate more easily what I've awakened to but this is the best I can do for now.


Much Love!

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Comment by Joshua on March 28, 2011 at 12:36am
Everyone has a different truth...
Comment by Joshua on March 23, 2011 at 1:05pm

Simone you clearly didn't read what I put down in full. children 5 and 8 are not even in grade 5 yet... they are too focused of having fun, enjoying life.. My 'SIMPLE' haha point is that we should inform our children about ALL the facts with no fear. Trust that with all the information your child will make the right decisions. Obviously younger children like I said wouldn't even have the opportunity to be 'unsafe', they aren't even able to make their own decisions yet not at home, nor school. The Rebel years is when you need to know children experiment.


Good on you PaTricia 3 kids single mother?... amazing.. amazing.. really hands down to you. And I understand Parents concern for their children, really I do. You just love them so much you don't want anything to happen to them.. and even if you don't like what your child has done you still love them.. They are a part of you. (we are all apart of each other) But when a child is raised in those preliminary years to them becoming 'rational' thinking, which is younger than a lot of people believe. If you tell you're child everything about life... children ask sooo many questions in the younger years..... in stead of giving them a half truth tell them the whole truth because that means Trust is intact... when I found out my parents didn't tell me the truth when I was younger, and children ALWAYS find out, I never trusted them again... I still love them but I will never trust them and that's when a child rebels... I love talking to parents about this!!! I'm just entering my wandering years... and looking back at how I was raised I feel I can give parents some advice!!! not that you should take it but just be aware that some people feel this way.



Comment by Joshua on March 22, 2011 at 10:43pm

and I'm not saying YOUNG children... I feel like when a child gets into high school or junior high ... within that age group they are bound to try things and experiment... in the years before you should be talking to your children about drugs... you should be talking to them about Sex... from a VERY early age... our society is F***ed in part from children being put in the dark about sex... and I'm not saying TELL THEM THE WHOLE freakin sha-bang! just inform them about the possesses in basic simple form... raising children again is easy but parents can get caught up in the fear of "what will my child do if he/she knows *blank*" you're helping in the dumbing down of our children/society.. please stop


Much love

Comment by Joshua on March 22, 2011 at 10:36pm

You're interfering in your child's progress.. All I'm saying with the drug part is.... You're kids are going to try stuff no matter what you do, but you can talk to you're children about the drugs. Inform you're children of the side effects, how you feel about them doing anything.... Like tell them sweetheart if you are going to try drugs, I'm not telling you to go out and do it, but if you make the choice I would feel much more comfortable if you were to try Marijuana(for example) rather than the REALLY hard drugs... INFORM them tell them you LOVE them no matter what but in form them that there are extreme temporary consequences for ingesting HARDER drugs but you need to Talk to you're children.. Parents don't understand how to raise a child... what Parents do is create a copy of themselves, or at least try... leaving the child psychologically damaged... YOU CANNOT live you're childrens lives BUT you CAN inform them and be there for them... There is no looking at it differently u just grow old ignorantly mind fucking (sorry for this) you're children... "you can't do this, you can do that" BE THERE FOR YOU"RE CHILDREN don't suppress their expression.


Raising children is easy but the current generation of parents don't quite know how to support and let be rather than control.



Comment by MysticalEnigma on March 22, 2011 at 9:15pm

I`ve always been one to believe that oneness is where duality becomes one, not when you get rid of one side. :)  when you find both sides, in their own right, are confirming what your mind believes, then you have reached oneness. :)  that`s just on a personal basis of course. :)  There are many other levels of oneness, but I believe they all entail the coming together of everthing that relates to what is becoming one.  From our own thoughts on a subject or experience all the way up the scale to matter and anti-matter balancing each other out in the oneness that is the universe we know.


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