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I was responding to a comment made in another blog and I feel this is a post in itself. Have a go!


"If they were malevolent or ill-intentioned, they would have taken over Earth and turned us into dog food a very long time ago." - True, but we are playing the game of free will and nothing can enter here and take over without the consent and/or awareness of the human population. If you think about the backbone of our 'Matrix' it doesn't make sense for an outside group(Light or Dark) to just walk in. I think many people forget that WE create EVERYTHING outside ourselves. We are the architects of 'the matrix' and tend not to see that right Now everything is afloat, no decision has been made. We collectively need to commit to the concept of Oneness and Real-ize the experience fully.

We can think up crazy scenarios about what could happen in the future, but holding onto or even going into a thought about the future disconnects us from what is.
Example~ lets say the planet is invaded by the most dense/negative beings.... putting themselves in Co-dictatorship position, deciding whether to keep us as slaves or kill us all. THAT IS A COMPLETE FICTION. I cannot be certain that will happen and neither can you. But in the Now you will know if this were to be taking place (an invasion or whatever.) So why entertain the thought of an uncertain future, when in that moment of contemplation/pondering you are sending out the vibration of the emotion produced BY the Thought(making it a possibility.) Right now no-thing is happening that will instantly destroy, enlighten, take-over, or save us. So don't worry about what could, would or should happen, but rather KNOW that all that is(which you and I are) is bringing us into alignment. This thought produces peace and an acceptance of the way things are, which allows all that you KNOW to be true to manifest. We cannot waver in our decision to hold the light. I'm finding in pointless to continue because my words may not be understood by any and I'm finding it harder to relate this info through forms of thought.

All parts of the whole are unconditionally loved.

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Comment by Joshua on July 10, 2010 at 2:25am
Thanks for all the comments.. I'd like to take something Psiafrat said and try to stretch your perception a little farther.

"I do not entirely know for sure whether or not I believe in this...but a lot of the research I have been doing lately follows the ideas I'm about to share with you. Just follow along with your logic of possibility...and you know anything is possible as long as it follows the Laws of Creation of Physics and Consciousness...
One race of master geneticists and warriors are in control of, through the Powers that be on our Planet, to control us through the fear based unconscious Matrix that we thus create our realities through."
-You could choose to take in this perspective, but you are still giving up your power to something outside yourself.. I see the whole of existence as a dance with yourself, let me explain........ When there was only the no-thingness/complete awareness the oneness decided to become everything and experience itself subjectively. What I'm trying to get to is that you can believe we were genetically engineered and buy into the linear 'time frame' of existence, yet we are all one experiencing the pieces of our wholeness around us... it's the human perspective that defines what IS, giving form to all that we are and see. If you think about what absolute oneness would do, I can't imagine going back into a single point of oneness all by itself.. I feel the idea is to continue on expanding while we integrate a more vibrant awareness into the experience.

Comment by Free Spirit on July 9, 2010 at 5:54pm
Thanks to the both of you this all makes a lot of since to me it is food for thought

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