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Finding it hard at this particular moment to find grounding. I'm upset today because I realize I'm not happy without certain outside substances. I know that Being Born where I am and having been raised here was all for a purpose. Yet I'm still trying to figure it all out, as most still are.  My 19th year in this vessel is a week from today and I've been smoking Mary Jane and tobacco for 3 years now, due to my environment. I live in a small pot village... even our mayor smokes and grows large quantities of the stuff. But recently I've been extremely upset that I've grown dependent upon these substances. When I don't smoke I'm imbalanced and cannot cope with everyone's bullshit.... meaning the small things people do that are idiotic. I'm reaching out for any advice/personal experience. I just feel now that I'm killing, let me rephrase, I feel like I'm disrespecting the vessel I currently occupy and it's 'killing' my spirit as this unnecessary act continues. I fear if I stop I'll go mad and loose my grip on reality.


This is the first time I've really said anything about myself on this site, I just realized. :) any advice is wonderful!

I love you all!


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Comment by Juan on July 14, 2011 at 5:49pm

You should do what makes you feel good. Since you wrote this words, it means that you are ready to change. It looks like it's just the beginning of the change. Think again becasue it's not the beginning, it's the end of it. You already realize it, you can not realize the problem when you are in the middle of it, only when you are outside of it. (You can not see the forest unless you are out of the forest, if you are in the forest all you can see is trees). Now that you realized it, follow the next logical step for you. Listen to your inner voice and look for the signs, they are everywhere...



Comment by Trudy on July 12, 2011 at 4:34am
For materials, the male hemp plant is used.
And for the consumption is used the female plant, called SensiMilla or Sensi ...
Comment by nonya on July 11, 2011 at 9:05pm

Hey dude, dont stess it!!! At 19 I was doing such large bong hits and multiple ones at that and Im shocked I wasnt rendered a complete idiot. To the opposite, I was a lot more creative and I found I was able to deal with the outside dumb shit better than if I was without. I have a nasty temper towards mean people and occurances and I have to say that if marijuana wasnt in my life at that time, I would have been in jail. Now, at 46, I still partake, albeit I havent had it in a while due to financial reasons, but all these years I never went without it.  I dont drink and I smoke 7 cigarettes a day (no cough, no nothing) As I got older, my need for it became less and less to the point where now I only need 2 hits from a pipe and I've had enough.  As usual, if it affects other people in a bad way, any substance should be curbed. If your friends get annoyed cuz your not making sense or your off topic, or an asshole, then by all means, curb your enthusiasm, but until then enjoy, cuz this world is hard enough. Smoked a pack a day til I was 28 and then slowed that down as well.

Graham Hancock did a great 3 minute video on how we as a society have criminilized the very notion of a medicinal plant that virtually does no harm to anyone. I cant agree more. Marijuana has been used since the dawn of time and people who get their panties in a bunch over it should be smacked in the head. Just my opinion. Kepp in mind, most of the signers of the declaration of independence here in the US were hemp farmers.

Comment by CrystalClear2313 on July 11, 2011 at 12:25am

The first step you have already taken by understanding that you no longer want to use it. Give it time and you will stop completely! My advice to you is take it easy on yourself. Do less everyday and see the difference on how less is making you feel...I used to smoke too when I was your age just not everyday but pretty often. I gradually stopped cause it did not resonate with my life anymore and now I don't smoke MJ or drink. Unfortunately I still smoke cigarettes but a pack can last me up to a week soo I can't complain. Don't think about too much just allow your heart guide in the right direction.


Comment by ian on July 11, 2011 at 12:22am

I feel ya brother.  You and me both.  Just enjoy whatever it is you do and try to be happy.  I struggle myself every day with all the dumb shit that goes on in the world and all the bullshit people believe because they are told by our governments and tv.  Nothing you can do but try to tell them the truth if they are willing to listen.  Otherwise just enjoy your life as much as you can.


Cigarets are horrible for your health so quit if you can/want too.  Pot there is nothing wrong with, but having a dependency is not good either.  I had a bad problem with it for a long time myself but finally realized that there is no physical addiction and doing it in moderation is calming.  It has different affects on people but if you have been smoking as long as i have it probably makes you lazy if you do it all day.  So once near the end of the day is how i enjoy it.


In the end, the way i see it is....  There is nothing you can do about all of the F'ed up crap that goes on in the world other than to inform people about the truth.  I have tried many different things and because of the current environment here in the USA anyway i have to do certain things to live and get by,  I have tried to help as many people as i can ans "save the world".  All that did was make me more upset about the things that i can not control.  My way of fixing this problem is just helping every person i run in to every day.  Helping them could be just being nice to them or saying hi and telling them the truth if willing to listen, even if they are a big piece of shit, because they need it most. 

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