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Edinburgh Castle fits the Biblical description of Zion and the Citadel

according to Beaumont, the geography of Edinburgh tallies exactly with the old accounts of the Holy City. Edinburgh Castle fits the Biblical description of Zion and the Citadel, and the Castle moat evidently solves a problem which has puzzled scholars for years.

Edinburgh, Scotland The REAL HOLY CITY of JERUSALEM. The ROMAN EMPIRE was after the REAL JERUSALEM the ''Roman Constantinian Family'' was after the REAL HOLY CITY of JERUSALEM of which was and is non other then Edinburgh, Scotland. From ''Roman Emperor, King Constantine to King Constantine the II to King Constantine the III'' have always had it out for the PEOPLE OF SCOTLAND including the City of Edinburgh, Scotland because that is indeed the Real Location of the ''City of Jerusalem''.

The ''Real Jerusalem'' is in Edinburgh, Scotland the real city of Jerusalem has always been in Ancient Scotland in fact it is a Sacred and Holy Scottish City the ''Real Jerusalem'' is NOT in the MIDDLE EAST it is actually located in ''Northern Britain ie / Edinburgh, Scotland'' that is where it really is Located at. The Roman Empire Stole the Correct and Accurate Location of the DIVINE and SACRED and HOLY City itself and Transplanted it in the MIDDLE EAST Jerusalem has and was always in. Ancient Scotland ''Judea'' Hyperborea it was a Sacred City built by the Hyperboreans ie the ''Divine God Like People of Apollo'' the Sacred and Divine City of the SACRED NORTH.

It is therein suggested that the ancient Merovingians wandered the planet but that the origins of the Jews may well be rooted in the Scottish Atlantean Mystery. After the deluge - the ruling tribe of Aryans returned. These people were known historically as the People of the Cat, the lion rampant their symbol - the popular flag of Caledonia Scotland and also of the King of Norway - also anciently a country part of Atlantean Thule. Edinburgh, having a very sphinx like hill later called Arthurâ₢??s Seat, which looks like a lion couchant was also known as the City of the Lion. The patron Saint of Edinburgh is David.

It is pointed out by these authors that the biblical references to Jerusalem refer to a fertile land, full of mines and minerals and crops with a seaport called Joppa. That fits exactly the locality of Edinburgh - not the Jerusalem in Palestine - which has a very distant port called Jaffa and whose only extract in a barren land may be salt or potash.

Given that history favours the victor - then something sure must have gone real wrong to make us all think the things we now think about Jerusalem. But the records show that Rome built a boundary chain around Jerusalem some 80 miles and indeed, there exists the chain of forts called the Catrail that is almost exactly 80 miles. The People of the Cat, or the Gadeni or the Gad were the ruling tribe of Jews, and the entire fertile area of Edinburgh and the Lothians was populated by some 1 million people - a place which was biblically recorded to be a hub of civilisation. Today, all the Roman signposts have been defaced and deleted â₢?? for something terrible happened in Edinburgh . At a time of serious instability in the Roman Empire, the Jews of the tribe of Gad, the Silurians, revolted and the retribution from Rome was terrible indeed. There was a massacre of some 80-100,000 people by the Legions and the Emperor ordered that not a stone remain standing and that salt be put on the Earth.

Beaumontâ₢??s book details the map of Edinburgh /Jerusalem as it was. The citadel being Edinburgh Castle on the impregnable rock of 3 precipitous sides - more ably conforms to biblical descriptions than our current understanding of the citadel in Jerusalem in Palestine. The Dung Gate corresponds with the Cowgate in Edinburgh, the Temple Mount on the way of God, Edinburghâ₢??s Royal Mile, the Temple Mount there stands St Giles Cathedral and a commemorative Heart in the cobbles outside which signify the Heart of the Lothians. Opposite St Giles on the Temple Mount - the law courts. And one of the oldest Masonic Lodges also stands near the Royal Mile, whilst the Mount of Olives was Arthurs Seat, Golgotha was Gogar, and Holyrood Palace was the Palace of Cedars - and Joppa has always been a port of Edinburgh.

The broad estuary upon which Edinburgh stands, City of the Lion, of the Gad, of the sovereign tribe of Jews, is called the Firth of Forth, translates as the way of ways - and this crossing of a broad estuary at Jerusalem is noted in the Bible. With Pontius Pilate staying just North of the Roman Fort chain which fenced the area in like some ancient Ghetto comprised of one of the richest and most powerful hubs of civilisation in the ancient world with its lead and silver mines, fertile lands and rich people - the Scottish Jerusalem was a powerful place. It is recorded that King David, on the run from Solomon consulted a seer of Gad. Edinburgh has had many names; Kaer Eden, Dun Gad, Giudi-ail-Guarth ? Place of the Jews of Gad, Chaonia - place of Chaos. In 134AD, the Jews proclaimed a new 'messiah', Bar-Cocheba, son of the star, and the chief rabbi anointed him King of the Jews. A coin was minted showing him horsed with a crown, and on the reverse side was a Thistle - the symbol of Scotland - the coin symbolised the first year of redemption.

Beyond the Boundary Forts, near the Pilate family residence that place was known as Epidamnus - beyond the damned. The tribe of Illyna - the Silurians were mercilessly and brutally put down by the Romans in an ancient act of genocide - and the city of Edinburgh today remembers those ancient constructions by its very old underground workings, not the brickwork of the later city fathers. Today, Edinburgh is still known for its seven hills, the ancient lineage of the Aryans and Giants, the Earl of Orcus or Orkney, descendent of Thule and Atlantis, keeper of the Bloodline and his Rosslyn Chapel.

It may have been that the Templars brought vast treasure here to rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem in the City of the Gad, and it may also be that the prophesy of the Brahan Seer 'as Rome was, London is and Edinburgh shall be' is part of the future of the destiny of Mankind.

In popular press, Rosslyn Chapel is a repository of all the worldâ₢??s ancient artifacts; spear of destiny, cup of destiny, grail, Excalibur, scrolls, treasure, but in reality the truth is far stranger than the fictions.

My recent activity in Edinburgh, Scotland has brought me a lot of attention. MI5 Dept of Parapsychology, Special Branch - all seem to be keeping tabs on me as my group continues to put stuff out about shapeshifting reptoids - and the true historic and global significance of Edinburgh, Scotland. Draco, Scotland, Edinburgh, Bloodlines and MI5 all seem to go together. Edinburgh was a holy city at the time of Atlantis - and the remains have been carefully enshrined in masonic secrets and buildings in and around Edinburgh.

...It is most likely that the original dispute that sparked the war amongst the shining ones or El’s happened in Edinburgh - for that part of Scotland was also once part of Thule of Atlantis. The author Comyns Beaumont describes the real significance in his 1946 book 'Britain key to World History' the rights to which are owned by the CIA and an International Esoteric Temple called the Star Temple What is on the cards is probably that Scotland will again revert to being an ancient priest kingdom and Edinburgh will again revert to being a Holy City. - in this New World Order.
The Prophesies of the Brahan Seer 'as Rome was, London is and Edinburgh shall be' and of Nostradamus of the political frost that exists between the Windsor dynasty and Scotland, the UK-USA agreement and the king of terror [stanzas 66-68] also predict the return of the Els - the angels of god – which, by the way, many many people are seeing in and around Edinburgh , NASA are filming them etc etc. The pearls of great price - the shining angels or star beings of the Magi. These Stars or Angels are

inter-dimensional beings - and witnesses and abductees alike note that they have appeared in Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland - sometimes very up and close. The witnesses say that these are the Angels of God - returned to pass Judgment on the Earth and its various human and non-human races."

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Comment by Debby ♥Many Nations♥ on September 20, 2015 at 1:27pm
Edinburgh 'the real Jerusalem'
From Scottish Memories, August 1995 issue, page 6.

   Edinburgh has had many descriptions applied to it in its long history but surely the strangest is the claim that Scotland's capital and the Biblical Jerusalem are one and the same place!



   The claim is made in 'Britain, the Key to World History', written some 50 years ago by Comyns Beaumont, a journalist. Israel's Jerusalem, he says, in no way corresponds to the descriptions of the city which appear in the Bible or in the works of Josephus, the Jewish historian of Roman times.

   But, according to Beaumont, the geography of Edinburgh tallies exactly with the old accounts of the Holy City. Edinburgh Castle fits the Biblical description of Zion and the Citadel, and the Castle moat evidently solves a problem which has puzzled scholars for years. According to II Samuel, "David dwelt in the fort, and called it the City of David. And David built round about from Millo onwards." Experts have never conclusively worked out what or where Millo was in Jerusalem. But Beaumont is confident that it's the moat which protected the Castle from attack from the Esplanade.

   The Esplanade itself corresponds to Mount Opel and the Upper City of Jerusalem while at the head of the High Street the Lawnmarket marks the site of Upper Market Place. The ravine now partially filled in and spanned by George IV Bridge is the Tyropoean Valley of Biblical times which was dominated by the Tower of Antonia, built by Herod to guard the Temple. Hadrian ordered the tower to be razed and Beaumont claims that the great heaps of debris which formed the foundations for Edinburgh's Mound - linking Princes Street - were the long-forgotten remains of the Antonia.

   Next come Bezetha and the Pool of Bethesda. Bethesda was 'a new town' built across the Valley of Jehosophat and the Pool of Bethesda from the Holy City to accommodate the overflow from Jeruslame's expanding population. Beaumont points to the foot of the Calton Hill and the site of Princes Street as Bezetha. Between them abd the Old Town lie the valley now occupied by Waverley Station and Princes Street Gardens - all that remains of the Nor'Loch, drained when Edinburgh's New Town was built.

   Not all of the Beaumont 'proofs' are in the city centre. He suggests that Arthur's Seat - the extinct volcano that looms to the south-east of Princes Street - is in the exact position where the Mount of Olives should be. And Holyrood House, which sits at its base, corresponds to King Solomon's cedar palace, the House of the Forest of Lebanon.

   The author sees Joppa as easy justification for his theory. Jerusalem's port has that name, and Edinburgh, too, has its Joppa by the sea. Beaumont concluded his case by identifying Constorphine with the Biblical Mount Tophet - the Place of Burning and the Gogar district with Golgotha. The Place of Skulls where Christ was crucified is not in [the State of] Israel, he claims, but four miles from the centre of Edinburgh.

   Beaumont claims that there was a vast conspiracy to place the scene of old Israel's history thousands of miles from where they actually happened in Scotland's Capital.


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