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Debby ♥Many Nations♥
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Besimi liked Debby ♥Many Nations♥'s blog post On this day of your life Dear Friend, I believe God wants you to know ...
Jan 7
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On this day of your life Dear Friend, I believe God wants you to know ...

 that you are not the things you do,                                                                 but the way you are being.Your State of Being is the way you express your verydefinition of self. This has nothing to do with what youare doing, what you have done, or what you imagineyou will do in the future. It has to do with the qualityand the essence of the energy that emanates from youright now. Is it love, or is it fear? Everything you express emerges from one of these twostarting points.…See More
Jan 6
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Jan 6
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Jan 6

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On this day of your life Dear Friend, I believe God wants you to know ...

Posted on January 6, 2020 at 11:16pm 0 Comments

 that you are not the things you do,
                                                                 but the way you are being.…


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At 9:21pm on March 21, 2020, SKYZ1 SKYPRINCE said…

Just want to Say It's not Easy being Real There ones in here that deal in the Business of Unhuman and there stuff stops or they want to go larger they seem out There Planet looking for ways to retain or obtain They're place and Some will go to any lengths TRUST ME Friends over seen what they will DO NOT GOOD 

At 9:18pm on March 21, 2020, SKYZ1 SKYPRINCE said…

Hi Debby This Is Skyprince IM BACK LOL WE WERE FRIENDS IN Exterrestrials what happened to Basilis Ametrine And Tatooke can't find them anywhere How are You Debby haven't spoken with You in A Few Years The Unhuman see been growing O My Lol z you should see the stuff that there FBI and CIA are 51 didn't take from Me in the 70s when I was a kid Im A driver and lol how they got me to deliver to Montauk Like I says when I was a kid that I would never go there Unknowing lol I've been pass the gate delivering a few times Debby I got the shit on Hughes Ben ladin family and whole lot of other people It's just ironic That it's So Big No One polices It and I kinda know why I know what the Government has in it's arsenal not all of it but Things Oblivious to Everyone else I was Exposed Shown introduced to it When I was Younger and to think That they did try erase It but didn't set These People are Compromised and on the other side of them are Very Bad People Who in their Place have up their Rights But Lol They ones sconce Who seek Power and information FBI CIA Area 51. People they don't care They need what they want they find away to Get At It Debby Two figure people in today's high power were in my yard in the 70s from this decade Yep I don't have photo memory  just have memory I'm not Super Human but I was visited by A Higher Bring when I was younger and was SHOWN even though we were gone for A minute No One knew not even my Parents and I have the journey still in my mind Then the FBI showed up O MY THOSE MFRS not Good Day those AHOLES coming It was hard to relate to My parents and family because of the Intel I got from the hmmm I don't want to say ABDUCTIONS but there was a leaving a few Times The FBI investigated and all I wanted was it to be left alone even I was thinking of them but this stuff to Harm the also but they wouldn't relent and they got some Nights from Me one was helping the guy with the door in Peru Debby I picked the lock lol but I also warn them Just leave it alone but they didn't Debbyb I've been silent for years because I didn't want it reflecting on the not knowing part of my family Being Chosen had it's prefer when evening seek out Power and Info and Even as Kid I was so stuck with it no one to talk to I mean No One and it was hard shitting if the side of me that is Unhuman having knowledge And it's bugging me all my life I could shutvit off and grow up normal until it pushes it's eat back into my thinking and thoughts and I just sit there amazed of it's contents DEBBIE IT'S LIKE BEING STONED ON A DIFFERENT LEVEL SOBER all my life And Most of our is here in Plain Sight existing 100% So of it I watched policing it's arrival and then I watched it become Fricken Scary Wow when I was kid I was smart enough to seek out A Clairvoyant for that person is a mind reader and having film or memorized my Unhuman events knew this person couple plug into to me then see what I have been around but The FBI CIA only brought around The ones only doing there bidding Not Good And they Ran Me the F over trying to take and own and use what was Mine I was trying to hold back because of their nosiness even as a kid even how shitty they were I tried to keep them from Harm and They Did some things so Criminal and so illegal to My Family I have Extreme Prejudice against Them The Satanic Part of our Government who are Compromised by the Devil and Evil part of Existence All Me I can tell You what they look like and Who Not All of Them just Ones who are at The Top The ones who uses People and their Tools There Unhuman ability Tools I'm not Threat To anyone I was A Cold Chosen and Blessed and left not

Gaurded And Most All of that I don't understand 

At 11:05am on February 10, 2019, Venus E. Rose said…

I hope you're having a great day! Normally I send friend requests, but for some reason on this site my Add as Friend link is not working. On my page there are blog posts that explain how to evolve consciousness and achieve new psychic states - such as overcoming all emotional pain forever - a psychic state called Immunity.

At 7:09am on October 10, 2016, Kreemly Frias Rojas gave Debby ♥Many Nations♥ a gift
Hi Debbiy :) :) :) Thanks for connecting online by here...Lots of blessings to you !! :) :) :) Kreemly
At 2:50am on October 10, 2016, Debby ♥Many Nations♥ said…

At 1:54am on May 24, 2016, Debby ♥Many Nations♥ said…

At 1:58am on May 18, 2016, Debby ♥Many Nations♥ said…

At 5:50am on January 1, 2016, Lara said…

At 5:28am on September 9, 2015, Lara said…

Thanks, Debbie! It's beautiful to see you here :-)

At 12:58am on September 9, 2015, Yuri Smirnov said…

Thank you, Deborah! )


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