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A New Message From VERONICA

Spirit Guides
          "We are often asked about spirit guides.  Are they personal to me?  Are they always available?  Do they try to communicate?  Do they have names?
     The list of questions is quite endless, however, we will attempt to convey the essence of a spirit guide in this writing.
     The most important thing to remember is that each of you has personal counsel through this current physical life.  A guide may have known you in other experiences and decided this time to be your friend from a different perspective.  Or, your guide may feel a kindred spirit with you.  Regardless, each life offers the promise of counsel deeply personal unto you.
     Yes they all have names or other vibrational tones that identify them.  In eternal, identification is more vibrational than tonal, so often, if a tonal name is requested, they may choose a name from an experience that they were fond of.
     Guides continually extend themselves in an unconditional fashion.  It can be audient or sensory in a "feeling" kind of way.
     It is important to quiet yourself and pay attention to the often subtle nuances of an attempt to communicate from a spirit guide.
     In your current reality it is often difficult to hear spirit communicate.  It is indeed a very loud reality filled with all kinds of static noise.  Not to mention the laments of those who are extremely disconnected.
     Attempt each day to turn the volume of static down a notch or two.  Clear your mind of all the dramas and voices of disconnect.  Truly be quiet.  Most likely not an easy endeavor, but certainly necessary.
     The static noise will continue, but if you place yourself in a space of calm, the guide will at least have a chance of reaching you.
     The whispers of your soul can be led to you by a benevolent guide.
     Feel the presence.
     It is there.
     No one is alone in this reality.
     Guides stand ever ready to love and protect you.
     Let them in.
     Embrace the vibration.
     Your guide will embrace you without condition.
     Reunite with them.
     It has the probability of changing everything.
     Stop the negative flow and embrace your eternal best friend."

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