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Just finished reading this, thought you would all like to read it too, Excellent info..


What if we can remember that we are indeed not that different from each other, that we all originate from the same source... What if we can suddenly realize that there is a much greater world, that currently is blind to our immediate senses but infinitely accessible in ways that have been hidden for millennia.

What if we can finally see that we are living in a grand illusion... that the conflicts and turmoils we are seeing now are actually crescendos taking us to an age of great freedom and enlightenment.


Humanity is in the midst of a dramatic revolution in our fundamental understanding of the fabric of space-time and ourselves as a human species. Few can deny that we are currently living in a very polarized world filled with many factors that seem to be on a collision course.

This rapid intersection of economic, social, political, religious, and ecological issues have been prophesized since ancient times to be culminating around 2012. Many mystics, founders, or time-travelers have seeded their messages in the past that hold the wisdom of our present reality and our future potential of a civilization that is remarkably different and incredibly transcendent.

This has been called: The Quickening, Singularity, Great Awakening, Shift of Ages, Return of the Great Mother, Omega Point, Age of Aquarius, New Cosmogenesis, Sophianic Millennium, Golden Age, and more.

Addressing Misperceptions of 2012

As we approach 2012, more and more ideas arise and speculations circulate about what's going to happen. Many are proposing viewpoints that the standard media is neglecting to or restrained from broadcasting. Much confusion has been happening, and the 2012 phenomenon has been seen mostly in several distorted ways – either as a cultish hype about another inconsequential event like Y2K, as some vague channeled abstraction about pie-in-the-sky ideals that can hardly be verified, or about pending massive catastrophes that will end civilization as we know it.

Many who foretell of the doom scenario are coming from their particular cynical niche or limited awareness and fail to see the Higher Plan and the greater spirit that is guiding the highly-complex karmic unfolding on Earth and the unseen dimensions. As well, many who are expressing the positive visions do not have the more detailed knowledge of the hidden elite agendas or mechanics of the cosmos, and as such fall short of presenting a convincing case.

Amidst all the current misinformation, unintentional or not, the Ascending Earth 2012 team, Laura Magdalene and Ki'lia, will highlight and discuss (such as in the blog) their own highly-validated intuitive revelations and the most credible studies and disclosures out there, usually grassroots. However, they choose not to get into the debates and mind traps of the escalating theories or facts about global conspiracies – and instead choose to empower the most pragmatic solutions and the highest teachings of oneness in our preparation for ascension.

Ascending Earth 2012 is presenting a worldview that is at once encompassing, integrating, uniquely soul-based, and accessible. An abundance of evidence is pointing to 2012 as not just perhaps a meme to signal rapid societal change, but rather as actually an extraordinary event that can be spiritually created and scientifically predicted within a vast cosmological context (described below).

While all the intricacies of this ascension process is ultimately unknowable by any of us in a limited human form, Ascending Earth 2012 is unraveling as best as possible – through their particular roles and skillsets as spiritual teachers and artists with the Goddess blueprint – this universal game that has been occurring for thousands to millions of years in our evolution, and that is now shifting us into a much grander and more harmonious dimension of reality.

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Comment by Martin on February 19, 2009 at 6:14pm
i just finished reading the whole thing verry interesting
Comment by Rocanon on February 18, 2009 at 4:41pm
Thank ou for sharing this information
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