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Swine/Bird Flu: A response from "The Magdalene Rose Collective Consciousness"

I took this from Gregg's Maya forum, info channeled for the rest of us to digest...
Source: Swine/Bird Flu: A response from "The Magdalene Rose Collective Cons...

Namaste everyone!

I am new to this forum and wanted to share the following information because I feel it's an important topic.
I must have received over 100 emails this weekend from clients, and others concerned about this latest flu virus. Because it's important to spread the light and not the fear, I channeled for guidance from "The Rose" on this one and here is their response. I have passed this along to the 2012 groups as well.
Let's all please work together to spread the light and awareness!

In service to higher consciousness,
Suzanne Cheesy


“In these last efforts to hold on to the little power they have left and to thwart the ascension process, those in “service to others consciousness,” the controllers who have ruled for so long have only one agenda and that is to spread mass panic. It is the only tool they have left to use against humanity. It matters not to them if anyone gets ill. They are not concerned about those who may die. This is not about reducing numbers on the planet as some may say, this is about generating a massive fear response as it is the emotion of fear and fear alone that halts the DNA activation formation beyond the double helix to12 strands that allows you to hold a higher frequency and moves you into higher consciousness. It is not the flu virus itself that is the threat but the response to it that they are counting on. Nothing in the universe can exists in singularity as everything in physical existence has an opposite counterpart. So it is with this virus that there is also an opposite or antidote.

Know, that in their own scramble to lock in the top position amongst themselves, these controllers are not aware of the masses that have awakened on the planet and now hold the crystalline frequency; the adults, the children, the Starseed Indigos, the newborn souls and those way showers, mapmakers, line drawers who work daily with the Christ Consciousness energy. There are enough awakened ones now and it is this energy that directs the ship and course of human consciousness and ascension and in doing so also directs the creation of manifested realities for the planet, not these dark workers.

Understand that the information being leaked out through your media and internet at this time regarding plans to reduce the population on mass was part of a very old plan that is no longer in place as it became ineffective since 1987 when the galactic alignment in your skies announced the birth of the Ascensions process, the journey into higher human consciousness and the shift into 5th dimensional reality. This wake-up call was heard world round initiating awareness amongst the masses and the incarnation of the new wave of Indigo children holding the frequency of the crystalline energy and Christ Consciousness. The controllers stood no chance against this light, a light that they have no access to themselves. Plans to reduce the population came to a halt as the immune systems of these new children even withstood the aides virus outbreak. Those souls in utero of mothers infected by this virus did not contract the aides virus themselves even though they shared the same blood source. Since that time more and more and in greater mass have those souls holding the “Crystalline Energy” known as the Indigo Crystal children continued to incarnate anchoring in this frequency of light for the planet, even the newborns who cannot speak yet. Understand the power of this. Reducing population at this time would only serve to bring in more newly incarnated souls to increase the higher frequency which the controllers are no match for. They have been fighting a losing battle since. What they are hoping for in the bird/swine flu scenario that they have orchestrated is a mass panic so that they could introduce a vaccine containing compounds that would disrupt the DNA activation that is in process and would be voluntarily administered to the masses especially in children.

We realize it may be challenging for some to understand that the light that is produced by the activation of DNA beyond the double helix raises vibrations on a molecular level and produces a human immune system that is simply impervious to such viruses. To you we say to you Fear Not-- as the time line for creating a pandemic reality is not in your future and these plans will not go through. Fear is the only weapon they have left now and it is time to do what you humans do best and that is to be your best, to bring out the best in yourselves and humanity by prevailing over what you fear …it is encoded in your DNA and you have demonstrated this ability time and time again throughout your history. We say, come together in groups and send the light to those who have chosen transition at this time via this virus to reincarnate with a stronger frequency. We say, through mediation and intension, merge with the frequency of The Christed Consciousness and those way showers, light bearers, mapmakers who are actively working with the earth’s consciousness grid daily to anchor in the new frequency, unite with them to amplify and become part of this energy. With intension send your vote of light to this grid as you are a part of this consciousness as well, send the charge of love through that will pierce the illusion of fear on behalf of those who cannot on their own.

We say, understand how powerful you are, understand the miracle of your human bodies and the amazing transformation that is taking place, stand strong in your knowingness of this, stand strong in you truth…spread the light and awareness of this and not the fear.

We are your family in the light, The Magdalene Rose Collective Consciousness

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Comment by torz on April 30, 2009 at 7:27am
Yeh I thought you guys might like that.... I know I did.... made a few days serious energy upping a bit more comfortable on this genetic spacesuit I am currently inhabiting ;).....

My head is splitting and has been for 3 days now.... some serious energies we are having at the moment, Oh when is it all going to end, I'm so tired now.....
Comment by Simmy on April 30, 2009 at 6:40am
Unpretentious and direct to the point channelling with helpful information. Just the way I like it! Thank you Torz.

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