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Found a cracking site you guys, was a link from George Kavassilas... which is the first blog post..

WHo's latest info is below... as usual take what resonates.. which is pretty much all of it for me..

Messages From The Heart – July 2008
I George Kavassilas feel the need to clear the air in regards to statements I made in my DVD of the lecture at the Eternal Spirit in July 2004.
The Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Council of Light of which I am a part of is not the same as a group calling themselves the galactic federation of light.
You see the negative forces duplicate the true Hierarchy of Creation in order to deceive planetary populations. The more closely they can align themselves with the true Hierarchy the harder it is for planetary populations to discern, and therefore the easier it is for them to deceive.
This imposter group are currently imposing themselves on this planet by stealth and is fooling most of the ruling elite and governing bodies. They are using a particular faction within their empire, who is proficient at technology, genetic manipulation and mind control.
The mid to higher levels of the empire will soon appear, rid the planet of this other faction and look like the good guys. They are the ones soon to be our so called saviours at a time of crisis, which is in the process of being orchestrated by them and will come into fruition over the next fear years, and yes they have their own version of the spiritual hierarchy including a Christ entity and all other major religious figures.
I know this because at times I too have been manipulated by them and my comments about boarding the ships at a time of crisis and the being lord sananda was one such time.
There will be a promise of ascension, their version of ascension, and relative to the despair that they wish to manifest globally, many will take to it like a young child takes to candy.
Also since my lecture in 2004 I’ve had the honour and the privilege on several occasions to have travelled into the 5th Dimension on this planet, into a realm known as Avalon or Shambhala. The real Avalon and Shambhala, not ET bases which are attempting to replicate these realms as well. The reason I say it’s real is because I’ve been to both and one is based on technology and the other is pure clean Universal Consciousness.
It is the realm of the Divine Mother, our Earth Mother Sophia or Gaea, who is not incarnated out here in the matrix but has manifested a 5th Dimensional body in Avalon/Shambhala out of reach from the negative forces.
I felt honoured to be in the presence of the most graceful energy in this Universe. I attended meetings there but unfortunately I only remember a small fraction of the experience. I do remember a little of the environment and what it feels like to be in the 5th Dimension. Having such a point of reference is priceless and incredibly important with the coming deception and that is why I feel the need to share these understandings.
The connection one has in the false realm is on a mental level and communication occurs using a form of telepathy that stimulates and strokes the central nervous system giving the unsuspecting or in-experienced person the feeling of a benevolent presence and euphoria. This is what it feels like to be connected to an artificial intelligence posing as benevolence.
In contrast when a Being is connected to the pure clean Universal Consciousness all communication takes place beyond the mind. It becomes a resonance that emanates from the central core of your Being and permeates throughout the body. When Love and Knowledge are exchanged the complete understanding is conveyed including feelings and the ongoing ripple effect to all life as far as your Being wishes or requires to comprehend, and it all happens in an instant.
The following is most of what I remember about our path towards ascension.
The Divine Mother will open at the appropriate time dimensional doorways all over her planetary body allowing those with ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’ to walk through into sanctuary. These doorways or openings are symbolized by the Vesica-Piscis, there are a multitude of pictures through the ages showing Christ standing in or walking throughout the Vesica-Piscis doorway and is also the Fish of Christianity.
This symbol represents the Womb of The Mother, The Almond or in Greek the Amigdala, The Magdalene who of course was the incarnation of the Divine Mother Earth herself and twin flame of Ihsous (Jesus).
It saddens me to think how our beloved Mary has been so tragically and systematically ridiculed, judged, persecuted and condemned over the past two millennia.
You see any energy, consciousness or Beings that wish to control this reality must first control the consciousness and energy that is this planet and reality. This planet being an aspect of our Divine Mother is why the feminine energies have been oppressed over the last few thousand years. Control the feminine, control the planet.
It is also imperative to understand that this abuse, oppression and control is only occurring because Mother Earth is allowing it. You see, she has courageously offered herself and sacrificed herself and well being in order to facilitate our ascension. A Mothers’ Unconditional Love.
I adamantly assure you that in order to ascend one must first re-align and rebalance with the Divine Feminine. It is important to remember that we are ascending not separate from, but with our Divine Mother Earth. Yes the planet is ascending and she is carrying us all in her womb and is giving birth to a whole new version of Humanity.
We are evolving from Homo-sapiens into Hu-Man. In Greek the word Homos means dirt/earth and sapieo means rotten. If we as a species continue to function under the auspice of our lower animal consciousness of the Homo-Sapien then we will turn this Earth rotten. This is obviously now occurring but so is our metamorphosis into, and birthing of the true Hu-Man.
Hu meaning God and Man meaning Nous or Universal Mind, A Godly Being of Godly Mind.
Once we return to the sanctuary of the 5th Dimension, we will be safe from the cleansing process of the lower planetary dimensions and will also be re-united with our brothers and sisters in the light, including loved ones who have passed over and are eagerly awaiting to greet us and provide assistance for our re-adjustment to the 5th Dimension.
After inner peace is re-established and all celebrations have subsided preparations will then begin for our ascension into the Golden Age.
Love, Liberation & Fortitude
George Kavassilas

A timely message in lieu of recent events - Written by George Kavassilas
In light of recent events (or non-events) with regard to the galactic federation of light I sincerely wish to share the following information. My intention is to help, share awareness and maintain devotion as humanity continues on this significant and inaugural journey into the Golden Age upon our beloved Mother Earth.
In early September 2008 I received an email via my website. It was through this email that I became aware of the work of Blossom Goodchild, in particular the announcement about October 14 2008.
Having had dealings with the so called galactic federation of light I was interested to read the email and also read the channelling regarding first contact on the 14th.
I responded to this email with gratitude at been given the opportunity to share my views. I feel my response is relevant at this time hence why I am choosing to post it on my website for the wider audience to read and understand.
With Love, Liberation & Fortitude
George Kavassilas
My Email Response:
Thank you for your letter, I really appreciate your enquiry. I find it interesting that the date coincides with my calculations for the 15th of October. Even though I have the understanding of numerous deceptions planned for our near future I too want them to happen because I agree with you, it will help many people to become more aware. After all this is the process of duality, such events like these are going to happen anyway so let's get the ball rolling.
At the moment I am going through some profound changes, so when I tune into the event I don't get much. I want to be wrong but I need to be honest and say I just don't feel at this stage that it is directly connected to any large off world hierarchies. I will be pleasantly surprised if it goes ahead.
It may be a shadow government agenda. After having experienced first-hand their modified alien technologies and what their capable of they have the ability to connect with the mind of an unsuspecting person in such a way that the person thinks she or he is communication with an ET or a Being from another dimension. This enables them to replicate channeling and disseminate their agenda in a more interesting and effective manner. I think they may be trying to create and portray their own federation style of structure for the purpose of further manipulating the population.
As mentioned in my articles my understanding from my experiences is that our brothers and sisters from the stars will reunite with us once we walk through into sanctuary. That is through the dimensional doorways on this planet into what is called the realm of the mother. A reality which has a unique frequency all of its own and is unreachable and inaccessible by those of ill-intent.
I am sorry that I don’t have any definitive answers for you but I hope that the info I have shared with you may better help to enhance your powers of discernment. Interestingly I do feel your energy and what I perceive is a Being who is warm, gentle, wise and nurturing. Thank you again.

Message from the Heart - November 2008
About 2 years ago I had an experience where I left my body on a consciousness
level. It is not astral travelling. These journeys are not instigated by my lower ego,
they are orchestrated by my Higher Self. When in this mode there is full awareness
and oneness with the Universe.
I found myself in France, but I unfortunately do not remember the exact location,
though I can say that it was a rural setting on a private property. There was a grassy
hill which rose to my left about maybe 30 meters and in front of me was a grove of
trees. This grove was fairly wide, maybe 50 meters, and was flat. I entered this grove
and found myself in front of a large white marble slab lying horizontal on the ground.
It was larger than a king size bed and about a few inches thick. This slab sealed the
entry to the tomb below. There were two people carved out of the marble who were
protruding a little more than half their body thickness. The carving was of a familiar
man lying on his back and with his right arm embracing his beloved next to him. The
knowledge that I felt, the knowing that I received in that moment was that this
is known as ‘THE TOMB OF THE TWO DOVES’. The tomb of Jesus and Mary
Their remains are buried there together in a large tomb which is also full of artifacts
and documents. There will be a specific time when this will be revealed.
I unfortunately do not have the exact time frame, but it will need to be soon, probably
within the next 2 to 3 years.
I did not understand or grasp fully the implications two years ago and probably to
some extent still don’t. For me it is only now that it feels like the right time to share
this experience with you. My experiences of the past two years and understandings
that have been revealed to me through my Higher Self, have brought me to a level of
awareness which is unraveling the deception at hand. The magnitude of these
revelations is astonishing. Recently I received more insights so I feel it is time.
2000 years ago Jesus did not ascend! He entered into the matrix relinquishing his
divinity to experience birth, death and reincarnation just like the rest of us. He has
had many lives since, some significant and some insignificant. One of the most
significant lives was as King Arthur and Mary Magdalene as Morgane. Gwenevere is
the decoy. Remember sister / wife means twin flame not blood sister. The true story
of the time has been completely twisted. I was also shown that the round table was
located at Stonehenge, which have since been destroyed by the church.
The real Jesus (Ihsous) is currently incarnated and is going through the ascension
process together with us, because he made sure that he is not above and beyond the
I know this will sound crazy to some but every time lately I have shared this
information with people the vast majority just look at me and say, “you know, that
feels so right, it just resonates deep into the centre of my being”. It seems more and
more people are reaching a vibration where the old dogma and programming is no
longer having a strong hold on their minds. Their consciousness is taking them
beyond their minds and their lower hearts of conditional love into the core of their
greater beings and the sanctity of pure clean balanced and unconditional love.
So if the remains of Jesus are buried in France it means he did not ascend. The
great deception as I see it now is that we have the church saying that Jesus
ascended. What really astonished me was when I became aware of the connection
between the Jesus of the church with the Lord Sananda in the new age
Copyright 2008 George Kavassilas based on a Creative Common License.
I encourage that you share this file freely for non-commercial purposes, but I ask not to make any changes to the original.
movement. Apparently Lord Sananda is the cosmic name of the ascended Jesus, so
essentially it is the same story at the core.
So here we have it. The beings that created the church and its dogmatic religions
realise that our consciousness was rising in frequency and the old dogmatic
programs of the church were no longer controlling as many people. So these
entities / beings created a new paradigm which we call the new age movement with a
new fancier and cosmic version, a more sophisticated version of Jesus to attract and
capture the minds and hearts of all those who are now vibrating beyond the paradigm
of the original church dogma.
So now when this extraterrestrial empire turns up with their so called Galactic
Federation of Light all they will have to do is merge the two together again under one
banner, because essentially it is one and the same being. That way when the time
comes they are able to harvest as many of their human herd as possible. You see in
order to seduce as many people onto their ships as they possibly can they first have
to win the minds and hearts of the masses.
Now all they need to do is plunge the planet into a state of despair, bringing the
people their knees, taking away hope and breaking their will, so that when the false
spiritual hierarchy turns up they will look like the good guys, and ‘our saviours’.
I have had personal interaction with these beings and I assure you that there are two
main characters and they are both reptilian. These two beings are highly evolved
crocodilians in their true nature and form but have the ability to portray other
personas. This sounds crazy I know, but unfortunately it is true. Someone
once said “the truth is stranger than fiction”. Many paintings throughout the dark and
middle ages portray angels standing on the devil with the devil interestingly looking
exactly like a reptilian. Something to ponder maybe.
One will appear as the character of Jesus, the character which they have been
programming into the psyche of the human race via the church for the past 2000
years. And believe me, this being has real power. Surely you know that we have an
incredible power of intention, so it will astound you to know that all the billions of
people around the world worshipping this Jesus character are projecting all that
intent out toward him, and with him feeding off all that praise and adulation he is
becoming more and more powerful all the time. This is what’s crazy!
The other sees himself as God. This is the ultimate example of a lower ego that has
reached its pinnacle. This being, who is at times self deluded, truly believes that it is
the creator of the Universe and has amassed a great empire. He has created a
unique paradigm, a frequency which encompasses a large portion of the 3rd and 4th
I know I have mentioned before in previous communications that the 4th dimension is
the biggest Universal dimension in physical size and has many octaves, overtones
and sub levels to it, but I want to point out that the empire, that has been created by
these beings, is a replica of the greater Universe. The being that sees itself as God
resides in the upper reaches of the 4th dimension. He has evolved and amassed
great power over eons of time, but compared to the rest of life, all it truly is, is just a
big fish in a small pond.
This empire spans many frequencies, so often you hear people speaking about 6th
or 7th dimensional Dracos or 11th dimensional beings. As I previously shared in
other communications I took the journey up through the dimensions of our Universe
so I can tell you from my experience that the physical structure of the
Copyright 2008 George Kavassilas based on a Creative Common License.
I encourage that you share this file freely for non-commercial purposes, but I ask not to make any changes to the original.
Dracos does not go beyond the top of the 4th dimension and that there is no physical
form beyond the top of the 7th dimension.
I know I am privileged to have this point of reference and I am eternally grateful
because it allows me to see through these deceptions easier and that is why I am
sharing this information with you. It is my responsibility. I took that journey for a
So all these Dracos and beings fit within this empire which has gone about
duplicating the structure of the greater Universe down here in the lower Universes of
the 3rd and 4th dimension. The critical factor to understand is that when you are
within this empire and you are in the lower frequencies, the beings at the
top of this empire will appear as light because they have a higher vibration.
The agenda over the past 6000 years was to plunge the Earth and its people down
into these lower vibrations to ultimately assimilate us all into their empire. That is why
most religions say life began about 6000 years ago. It’s the 4th and final age of the
24 832 year cycle for life eternal.
At the top of this empire they have managed to create their own light bodies. These
are artificial light bodies who’s construct energy is the light of conditional love. So
here you have this dark empire which spans many frequencies appearing as
dimensions and has created both paradigms of dark and light within
its greater structure. Ingenuous isn’t it. Now that is playing God!
There are many ET races that have fallen into this domain and are under their
control. It is a huge empire and this being presents itself as God to these star
nations. Just as we have mind control and brain washing religions on this planet it is
important to realize that there is a multitude of brain washing, mind control
programs and dogmas that exist on a galactic level as well.
Remember, as above so below.
So here we have entire star nations which truly believe this being is God and his
side-kick as the Son of God. Please do not underestimate the power and cunning of
the dark ones and their ability to pose as light.
With such a great empire under their control this means a huge amount of resources
are at their disposal. So when they approach a planetary population, depending on
their level of evolution, the group or faction deemed appropriate within the empire
can be dispatched to interact with the people. This group or faction, for example the
grays, will portray a certain paradigm and state of being. They can be used by the
greater empire to portray a more undesirable existence. They can play the role of the
bad guys so to speak, so that when this group creates chaos and instability on that
planetary body a 2nd group much higher in vibration can then come along and seem
like the good guys doing the masses a favour. Good cop, bad cop.
Also in between the two stages numerous other races of beings can interact on a
very subtle level such as channeling and individual interaction or visitation softly
feeding information, here and there, in a kind of benevolent manner gently calibrating
the planetary mind set and reassuring the people that this so called Sananda and his
band of so called ascended masters are the real deal. Don’t forget to them they are
the real deal because they have all been brained washed into believing that these
beings truly are the gods. So when people are communicating with these so called
ascended masters all parties involved truly believe.
Copyright 2008 George Kavassilas based on a Creative Common License.
I encourage that you share this file freely for non-commercial purposes, but I ask not to make any changes to the original.
Remember in order to win the minds, hearts and therefore the trust of the people
they will have to sell love better than a US election campaign. Beware the selfrighteous
ones for their love is conditional.
With the cycle ending at the first equinox of 2013 and our first merging with our light
bodies taking place around the December solstice 2012 the time frame for major
events is upon us. Taking into consideration that there will probably be 3 - 3 ½ year of
great tribulation we are left with a time frame over the next 6-12 months for major
events to begin. The financial meltdown is really a pre-cursor to the big stuff. In my
calculations there are some major energy patterns around February next year so we
shall see what, if anything, transpires around then. I do feel by the middle of next
year 2009 that things will start becoming ugly on the world stage.
Thank you for taking the time out to consider my experiences and the information I
have to share. I really hope that it helps to improve your powers of discernment
whatever your conclusions may be.
My love for you is eternal.
Love, Liberation and Fortitude
George Kavassilas

HE has an updated lecture that is on youtube "George Kavassilas - October 2008 " or you can download the whole lecture from his site... Incredible stuff.

Torz xx

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