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DRACO's Blog – September 2009 Archive (3)

Salusa Sirian channeling 16-9-09

SaLuSa 16-September-2009

The effects of the worldwide recession, are instrumental in bringing out the changes that shall ensure you do not totally go back to the old ways. Even at earthly levels it is obvious that you must move on from the experiences gained. At the same time much that has been planned for your future is beginning to manifest. So you are experiencing strange times when there are confusing events happening, but you shall see that out of them comes the… Continue

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SaLuSa 9-September-2009

SaLuSa 9-September-2009

You have come a long way in a relatively short time, and the result of your dedication and determination will bring the result you seek. Ascension is for those of you who have stepped upon the lighted path, that lifts you out of the lower vibrations. The reality you envisage will be more than you can imagine, and your consciousness levels will increase rapidly. Already many of you are able to think and act from your heart centre, and your Light shines… Continue

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Salusa Sirian channeling 9-7-09

SaLuSa 7- September- 2009

Dear Ones in the context of how you experience time, it is growing short where your intent is concerned. If you aspire to ascend before the end of the cycle in 2012, it is necessary that you move your consciousness to a level that releases you from the lower vibrations. It should happen quite naturally as you draw more Light to yourself, and your links in life become more refined. In many ways what has served you in the past will no longer satisfy you,… Continue

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