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SaLuSa 16-September-2009

The effects of the worldwide recession, are instrumental in bringing out the changes that shall ensure you do not totally go back to the old ways. Even at earthly levels it is obvious that you must move on from the experiences gained. At the same time much that has been planned for your future is beginning to manifest. So you are experiencing strange times when there are confusing events happening, but you shall see that out of them comes the first indications of real changes that are beneficial to you all. The current period is full of opportunity, and many new approaches to your old problems are emerging from the activities of small groups. Man has never been short of ideas and but for the intent of the dark ones to keep you in their control, you would by now have progressed a lot further than you have. Matters as we see them are bound to produce signs of where you are going, and those who are aware of their meaning will make sure it comes to the notice of the general public.

When we think of how easy your lives could have been made with the right people in places of authority, we are saddened by the lost opportunities to raise yourselves up. The Earth has everything you need for an abundant life, but has been exploited for the benefit of the few. In a spiritual society there is due note should be taken of the needs of all, and the wealth created shared by everyone. It will change in the course of time, and there will be no place for those who have shown greed and lack of caring for others. It will take our presence to support those Dear souls that will lead the way, as the opposition to change will be strong. However, it will not delay the plan for your upliftment into the New Age. Our coming is an important factor in your preparation for Ascension, and that is why we have a deadline by which to get started. We cannot do more than say that it is not too far away, but the path has to be cleared before we can openly contact you with our first official landings on Earth.

We would be most excited if the order to arrange First Contact came very quickly. For many of us it is meeting with old friends, and some of you already sense your link with us. It is like many things in your lives that you are drawn to by sub-conscious memories. Your past lives in countries that are now foreign to you often present an attraction for that reason. Your personality does not change too easily from one life to another, and until your new upbringing moulds you into a new way you will revert to old ways. It is in the knowing of such facts that racialism would disappear, as you would more readily accept that you Are All One. The Human Race is one big family that frequently changes its roles in its interplay with each other. You learn from it, but Man is truly slow to change and invariably learns lessons the hard way.

Just imagine how pleasing life would be if you placed no barriers between each other, and that you made allowances for the differences that wonderfully display the adaptability of the Human Race. Art is one aspect that very much depicts the cultural differences, and gives so much pleasure to you. Just look at your history and you see how many different expressions of Man’s individuality have impressed themselves upon you. The School of Life can be a wonderful experience, and whatever you learn from it is carried with you as part of your evolution.

With help you have broken through the dark veil, and taken great strides towards gaining big steps forward in your spiritual advancement. The purpose of duality is to fast track you back to the realms of Light. It is the quickest way to evolve, although some souls are weighed down by the lower vibrations. It is difficult to break out of them when your Light has been overshadowed by the dark energies, but it is not a battle that you fight alone. Once you aspire to move on and have no further interest in the dark activities, you will have signaled to your Guides that you are ready to lift up. From thereon you will be given opportunities to find the Lighted Path.

Never give up trying to advance your understanding, and remember that you have all knowledge within if only you can tap into it. Be inspired and intuitive making due allowance for the need of quite periods, when you can contemplate matters that are important to you. These are also occasions when your Guides can draw closer to you, and respond to your inner questions. Be bold and seek out your own answers, as another person’s truth may not necessarily be yours. Dear Ones, you were not so long ago living as we do in the higher dimensions, and you have only left them temporarily to experience the extremes found with freewill choice. It comes with a price to pay, as any harm caused to others has to be understood and repaid in some way, and that is called Karma. It is not punishment, but self-realization of what it is to be responsible for your actions, thoughts and deeds.

The bumpy ride you are on has still some ups and downs before it starts to level out. It will be like the calm before the storm, except the sudden rush of changes will be very welcome. All of the time our allies continue to work hard to move events forward, and our assessment of where we are in the plans for your release, is very satisfying. We clearly cannot divulge too much about them, but the coming months have all of the potential of being quite exciting. Our ships encircle Earth ensuring there is no interference from outside, and we are well aware of the ongoing plans of the dark Ones to create an incident with our craft. We can easily avoid it and you may rest easy at the thought of such a happening.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and speak more as the collective voice for our group, while the Galactic Federation have many individuals making contact all over the world. We also work with ascended Spiritual Beings whose names are often well known to you. They have acted as your Brothers from the Light, and are sometimes recognized as far back as Atlantean times, showing Man that your spiritual needs are always well looked after. You are after all more Spirit than anything else, having come from the realms of Light. Remember who you really are, and carry your Love and Light with you everywhere.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.

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Comment by DRACO on September 16, 2009 at 8:55am
I find this line revalationary: "Your personality does not change too easily from one life to another" ...In some ways I guess it is releaving that our personality never really dies.

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