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SaLuSa 9-September-2009

You have come a long way in a relatively short time, and the result of your dedication and determination will bring the result you seek. Ascension is for those of you who have stepped upon the lighted path, that lifts you out of the lower vibrations. The reality you envisage will be more than you can imagine, and your consciousness levels will increase rapidly. Already many of you are able to think and act from your heart centre, and your Light shines out as proof of your upliftment. This gladdens our hearts and tells us most certainly that Man has created a pathway out of duality. You have become the Wayshowers, and have set the pattern for others to follow.

On Earth because of separation you have largely lost that closeness and caring for each other. The “system” has concentrated on individual achievements and success at the expense of others, when by nature you are compassionate and caring. It has brought misery and pain and created a lopsided society that glorifies in material wealth, instead of spiritual wealth. However, that is now changing as people are drawn more together and seek fairness and justice for all. You are beginning to understand that you cannot make progress unless it includes everyone. You are after all Brothers and Sisters experiencing as you have chosen, and no one should be excluded from your help.

High points come and go and the overall effect is lifting you nearer that point where another quantum leap forward can occur. Today is one such day, and the energies will be drawn to every soul that can respond to them. Steadily you are making ripples that spread out across the planet, and power the grid of Earth. These energies are not meant to overpower you, but some who are unprepared cannot link in with them. It is therefore a time of selection that allows for each of you to decide your own future. All that you need will come to you, if you continue your aspirations to spiritually evolve. For those who seek help there is no lack of assistance that will guide you onwards. Many, many souls have especially incarnated, to make the closing of this cycle as successful as can possibly be. The White Brotherhood has sent many Masters to spread the truth, and present you with the facts concerning Ascension. Dear Ones, seek and ye shall find that which resonates with you.

God has not left you to flounder helplessly in the darkness that has beset Earth. Indeed, there is never a time that God is not with you and hears your prayers, and responds in ways that will help you. God is not be feared, and on the contrary should be thanked for the assurance that you will not be destroyed in some cataclysm. It has been decreed how this cycle shall end, and only God can decide otherwise. You can therefore go forward with absolute trust and belief in the process of Ascension, that shall end your time in duality. No threats or occurrences can alter that which has been divinely decreed.

It only remains for you to keep your sights on the finishing line, knowing that there is such a short time before it is reached. Time is still speeding up and will continue to do so, until some day in the future you will experience “no time” as all will be in the Now. Some of you are already moving out of linear time, and that can cause some confusion when your days are still subject to time sequences. This will continue as everything starts to move into balance and the extremes become much less. In the future you shall have two moons, and even night and day as you now experience it will disappear. There is so much that will change from what you know now, and all to your advantage by releasing you from the restrictions that the 3rd. dimension places upon you.

We will tell you again; that every effort you put in to ascend will be more than rewarded. Your gains will be vastly more than your expectations. Heaven is a word that describes what awaits you, but it is a reality that is alive with opportunity and exciting adventures. You certainly will not spend your time resting on clouds; as the higher dimensions are energetic and full of action. As an ascended Being you have the Cosmos as your playground, and it stretches into Infinity. The end does not exist, and everything is moving further away from you all of the time. You are in essence ageless, and it is only in the lower dimensions that you put on your physical body that has a limited life span, and you experience death. Even that is only an illusion, as you are immortal.

Fear is the weapon of the dark Ones, and it has crept into all aspects of your life. The threat of Swine Flu is grossly exaggerated, and the vaccine can be very bit as dangerous as the flu itself. We see a major revolt against it, and the imposition of its mandatory use will engender a great backlash from the public. Like a number of earlier flu’s it is man made, and intended to keep you in a state of panic. That you have woken up to how you are being used and abused, has stalled the progress of the Illuminati plan to hold you all in their grasp. We also have some input into such matters, and we are allowed to limit the extent to which such plans are successful. Total interference is not allowed, as a karmic situation exists that must be followed through.

You are receiving many messages from more sources than ever, and providing you exercise your wisdom and carefully consider all facts, you will avoid being misled. Stick to your preferred understanding until you find a greater truth to replace it with. Allow others their freedom thought, and bear in mind that it is not given to you to know the life plans of other people. They may or may not embrace you, and sometimes by being aware you are learning a lesson yourself. Life is carefully planned and no one crosses your path unless there is a reason for it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and on behalf of the Galactic Federation I am always pleased to present my views to you. They are measured for your enlightenment, as we do realize that they cannot meet each of you at your own level of understanding. However, we believe there is always something to be gained from contact with you in this way. We speak to you with love in our hearts, and our energy travels with the very words we use.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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