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SaLuSa 7- September- 2009

Dear Ones in the context of how you experience time, it is growing short where your intent is concerned. If you aspire to ascend before the end of the cycle in 2012, it is necessary that you move your consciousness to a level that releases you from the lower vibrations. It should happen quite naturally as you draw more Light to yourself, and your links in life become more refined. In many ways what has served you in the past will no longer satisfy you, and your search for fulfillment moves you into higher vibrations that bring you harmony and peace. It is a choice that knowingly or otherwise is one that each of you has to make. The old paradigm is in any event breaking up, and will feed the desire of the dark ones to create chaos until it loses its power. Simply allow the old ways to serve people as they see fit, and trust that they too may realize the time has come to change their evolutionary pattern.

By focusing on the changes you are helping manifest them, and as a result they are looming large. As we have often intimated, by refusing to contemplate the fear tactics used to control you, you are denying them your energy and weakening their power. They know the game well, but you are now becoming wiser and that causes them great concern. By loosing control over you they are becoming disarmed, and fear what has sometimes been referred to as the robots rebellion. Little do people know how they have been enslaved, as the dark ones have insidiously curtailed your freedom by taking away your God given rights. However, people are waking up before it is too late, and giving their energy to those who are at the forefront of moves to have them restored. It will not be easy, but the Light created is most powerful and will bring about the means to achieve a peaceful resolution. We will be part of it, and be backing those dear souls who have come to Earth for the very purpose of assisting you in your victory over the dark.

Our main focus is on the U.S.A. as it is from here that the lead must be given to the rest of the world. We see a President who has great potential and is spiritually sincere, but has not yet been able to wield the power that is his prerogative. He will bide his time until circumstances allow him to strike out, and we shall protect him against attacks on his person. Leading the Light is setting up a challenge that the dark forces fear, as it will bring people together as never before and they shall demand release from their hold. As individuals who are projecting a new holographic image upon the Earth, you are doing as much as you can to assist in the changes. There is no doubt at all that you will win the day, as it is just a matter of how the final period shall come about. There are a number of moves ahead, and any one could trigger the movement that would signal the beginning of the end for duality.

The Galactic Federation comes to you closer than any previous time, but cannot always de-cloak when very near to the Earth. We do however continue to give you multiple displays of our craft in your atmosphere. The days of cover-ups are over, and only skeptics and people with a bias against us refuse to acknowledge our presence. There is so much proof of our existence; it is quite surprising to us that some people refuse to see what stares them in the face. Man has tended to want so much evidence before accepting facts related to our presence and contact with you. Fortunately we can gauge when a contact is in fear of us, and in such circumstances we quickly withdraw. Usually however, such problems are rare as contacts are selected beforehand because we know how they will respond.

Whilst individual Ascension is possible at any time, it is an unusual event only achieved by greater Beings who have dedicated themselves to rising up into the Light. Yet here you are upon Earth at a time when Ascension is open to everyone, and much assistance is being given to those who look to seize the opportunity. It truly is a unique occasion divinely decreed for your end time, so that you may rise up with the rest of the Universe. Nevertheless, no pressure is being placed upon you, and your freewill choice is honored. However, who would turn down such an opportunity knowing that the wonderful process of Ascension being offered, is your gateway to the higher dimensions and all that implies.

The Earth is not your real home, it is one specially prepared for your time in duality. It has beauty in spite of Man’s neglect in looking after it, but it is only small example of the extensive beauty and wonders of the higher dimensions. It cannot offer you more than you presently have while it remains in the lower dimension, but it is due to ascend with you as a new Earth with the newly ascended Humans. We of the Galactic Federation are your future selves, and in us you can see the levels of attainment that are open to you. You have absolutely everything to gain and nothing to lose, and if you should wonder about those souls “left behind” be assured their lives will continue with every support and loving attention. The Creator lovingly nurtures and cares for all life, and love abounds wherever the Creator is – All That Is.

Keep your sights ever on your upliftment, and know that what is around you will have little affect unless you allow it to be so. The world is slipping into two realities, and the division will take place in accordance with the Law of Attraction. Also be assured that everyone at some time in the past has had the opportunity to make their own decision as to which reality to join. You have not suddenly been faced with such matters, and as spiritual evolution is normally slow you have had many lives leading to this period. They have been planned with your intent in mind, and you have been able to choose as little or as much progress as you felt able to handle.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and look at you with loving eyes as We Are All One, and I see brave souls who have left the Light behind to experience duality. Our desire is to bring you back to the Light, and help you regain full consciousness. We are your mentors for the time being, but soon you shall stand along side us and together we shall explore the realms beyond us. We walk in love with you now, and you do not see us but even that will change with time.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.

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