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~ For as human beings~ in this experience til now~ We have often wanted others to "change'. I have realized that human beings don't change~ they are MEARILY~ being MORE or LESS their true genuine self ~ at any given moment! We DO have choice~ and that is the greatest most important~ & SPECIAL~ part of this whole experience ~ I FEEL!

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March to the beat of your~~HIGHER~SELF~

Hello, Today is April 17th, 2012, & is an incredible, MOST BEAUTIFUL day, which has already taught me a GREAT-DEAL I wasn't aware I knew~(JUST YESTERDAY)!~ So I thought I would share some of what I know as "TRUTH" to me~ in hopes it resonates with you the same as, we all REALLY JUST WANT ~The TRUTH! What does that include~ WELL FOR ME~ I could write for 20 pages~ & still NOT be done. BUT~ I FEEL The main few are~1. The "PROOF" of extraterrestrials, and Why are we alive, & what is…


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~ Have you ever been in so much pain~ where you could either  scream on the top of your lungs~or just ~ quietly leave your body~ & THE PAIN? If so~ ITS ALOT LIKE THAT FOR ME~ I DON'T MEDITATE~ HOW OTHERS  SAY IS RIGHT~ AS THEY DON'T KNOW WHATS RIGHT FOR ME~ I LOVE~ To go out in  nature~ away from radio-towers, and others thoughts... sit in the lotus position  and imagine a string…


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Isn't it absolutely ~AMAZING~ To one day~ at your most lost moment~ HEARING A  CALL~ A CALL~OF WHICH I WOULD HAVE ASSUMED~ was my imagination~ IF NOT FOR THE  INTERNET!~BUT~ To "google"~ NEW FOUND WISDOM~ WHICH YOU KNOW IS TRUTH~ When you  probably had even excepted you wouldn't find~that in this life. And to read  that~ NOT ONLY A FEW OTHERS~BUT THOUSANDS~ Heard this calling as well~ AND ARE  SHARING THE SAME WISDOM OR TRUTH~ Which validates stronger each day~ to which  denial isn't an…


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