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Isn't it absolutely ~AMAZING~ To one day~ at your most lost moment~ HEARING A  CALL~ A CALL~OF WHICH I WOULD HAVE ASSUMED~ was my imagination~ IF NOT FOR THE  INTERNET!~BUT~ To "google"~ NEW FOUND WISDOM~ WHICH YOU KNOW IS TRUTH~ When you  probably had even excepted you wouldn't find~that in this life. And to read  that~ NOT ONLY A FEW OTHERS~BUT THOUSANDS~ Heard this calling as well~ AND ARE  SHARING THE SAME WISDOM OR TRUTH~ Which validates stronger each day~ to which  denial isn't an option. ~WE NEED STICK TOGETHER & SHARE MORE THAN EVER~ As  we COULDN'T ALL HAVE THE SAME~"Delusion(s)"~AT THE SAME TIME~ WHICH ARE ALL THE  FRICKAN~SAME!   ~Namaste

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