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Hello, Today is April 17th, 2012, & is an incredible, MOST BEAUTIFUL day, which has already taught me a GREAT-DEAL I wasn't aware I knew~(JUST YESTERDAY)!~ So I thought I would share some of what I know as "TRUTH" to me~ in hopes it resonates with you the same as, we all REALLY JUST WANT ~The TRUTH! What does that include~ WELL FOR ME~ I could write for 20 pages~ & still NOT be done. BUT~ I FEEL The main few are~1. The "PROOF" of extraterrestrials, and Why are we alive, & what is life for. What is MY PURPOSE HERE~NOW? Why~ DO SO MANY WONDER THESE THINGS~ & SEARCH SO HARD~ When ~IT'S HONESTLY~ NEVER GONNA BE ANSWERED TO OUR OWN SATISFACTION any question stated herein , ANY~ other place~than from WITHIN OURSELVES!~ I know~ RIGHT THERE~ SOME MIGHT~ Become bored & STOP~ As~THAT'S WHAT THEY KEEP HEARING!~ But~ when you CAN!~LOSE THAT STUPID~RESTRICTING WORD~"CAN'T" ALL-TOGETHER at this moment. Just stop exhausting yourself~& GET TO KNOW~ ALL WHILE PAMPERING YOUR OWN TRUE HAPPINESS~ stearing clear from ANYTHING~ That doesn't bring you MORE INNER PEACE~CONTENT & JOY~IN THE MOMENT OF ~NOW~ As it really makes sense~ That if you can say the future doesn't yet exist~EITHER DOES THE PAST~ We HAVE ALL~ Wasted so much of what we all dwelled on & let control us ~FOR SO LONG~"TIME"~Which doesn't exist as we know it either....ENOUGH! PLEASE NO LONGER WORRY ABOUT SOMETHING BEHIND YOU & TRUST NO-MATTER~ How horrific it was~THAT IT IS GONE~IT IS NOT REAL~ & DID HELP YOU IN A POSITIVE MANNER!~START ~LIVING IN THE ~NOW~.Start seeing the world~HOW YOU WISH~ NOT HOW YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD!~ & LOVE RESPECT,  & REALLY LOOK AT EVERY CREATURE~ & I PROMISE~ You will find your answers~ Don't depend on other people for ~ANYTHING~ BEFORE YOU CAN TRULY BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND YOURSELF~ YOU MUST FIRST TRUST YOURSELF~ & LOVE YOURSELF COMPLETELY! Go into nature, and "meditate"...I WOULDA THOUGHT THAT SOUNDED SO~ BORING AT ONE TIME~as well...NOW~ I REALIZE all we did was run around like parasites looking for anothers' energy to feed ours & teach us... WHEN ~MOSTLY WE WERE DRAINED OF OUR OWN WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING!~NOW~ THERE IS NO OTHER I WOULD RATHER "Plug Into" energetically than my own TRUE Higher self.  PLEASE~ REALIZE THAT The UFO's  I SEE~ YOU CAN SEE & FEEL AS WELL~BUT~ These beings are SO RESPECTFUL~ They will only present themselves to you~in the MOST appropriate way for your own personal growth in this moment. SO~ START PAYING ATTENTION~ To NATURE~ YOUR SKY~ THE CREATURES WE SHARE THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET WITH~ And KEEP AN OPEN MIND~ To what you HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED INTO LABELING what you are seeing ~IS TRULY THAT! Thi s is TRULY the age of TRUTH~ & CHANGE IS IMMINENT!~ BUT~ PLEASE FORGET EVERYTHING YOU ARE SO SURE IS REALITY~ If you are reading this message than ~as I KNOW you are ready~ TO KEEP AN OPEN MIND~ And TRULY WANT TO KNOW REALITY~ & IN THIS MOMENT YOU ARE PERCEIVING YOUR REALITY THE WAY YOU WANT~ That's HOW POWERFUL YOU TRULY ARE!~ And others that know this are TRULY that kind to NOT INTERFERE with YOUR OWN UNIQUE SPIRITUAL GROWTH~ As WE TRULY DO HAVE "FREE-WILL"... & Just LOVE~ & DON'T CONFUSE LOVE WITH LUST~As they have been for so long~ Please NO-LONGER~ ENVY another, make-excuses, or blame....OWN YOUR OWN LIFE~ & RESPECT THE BEAUTY, & POWER YOU POSSESS ~ Before asking to have FULL ACCESS TO IT's ABILITIES which can impact an entire "PLANET" AS A WHOLE ~ As BEING COMPLETE AND BALANCED WHICH WE ALWAYS HAVE MAINTAINED WITH DUALITY WITHOUT DUALITY is OUR imminent future~SO PREPARE YOURSELF & decide which way you wanna go~ AS EVERYONE HAS A CHOICE~ No ~ONE IS A VICTIM ~ Unless they wanna be~ Peace, Love TO EACH OF YOU!~Silas

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Love & Light Savior ;)

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