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ORMEs, ORMUS and monoatomic elements

ORMEs, an acronym for "Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements",[1] are "monatomic elements", also called "ORMUS elements"[2] or "m-state elements,"[3] are atomswhich comprise a substance in which its atoms are not bound to each other (called a monatomic state). They constitute a newly discovered form (phase) of matter (refered to as "exotic matter") with entirely different physical properties from normal elements.[4] They are thought to produce incredible physical and mental health benefits…


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government shutdown?

It looks like the US Government is going to shutdown...  government shutdown on google news

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Hi, Id like to share this information with you and hope you will try to figure out what I'm talking about. Please read till the end.

I watched 'robert menard' 'The Magnificent Deception' movie a few months ago and what he says is VERY important and hard to beleive. I started to read the law to verify every thing that he said and most things are verified.. Eventhough reading the law is a nightmare (and not a very good idea if your trying to raise your vibration), I beleive like he says… Continue

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NING Closing All Free Sites around May 4, 2010

NING Closing All Free Sites around May 4, 2010

Even though I havent been much of an 'active' user, I have been visiting SOE about every day since late 2008. I have found lots of valuable information on many subjects, a lot of good readings and videos about thing we dont find in mainstream media. I am very sad to find out today that NING is changing its policies because lots of sites I visit on daily basis are with NING..…


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