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ORMEs, ORMUS and monoatomic elements

ORMEs, an acronym for "Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements",[1] are "monatomic elements", also called "ORMUS elements"[2] or "m-state elements,"[3] are atomswhich comprise a substance in which its atoms are not bound to each other (called a monatomic state). They constitute a newly discovered form (phase) of matter (refered to as "exotic matter") with entirely different physical properties from normal elements.[4] They are thought to produce incredible physical and mental health benefits when ingested and are already on the consumer product market (see here).[5][6] Monatomic gold is believed to have been eaten by the ancient Egyptians and was depicted to be a food of the gods which would assist the Egyptians in unlocking their inate mental and spiritual abilities.[7] The discovery of monatomic elements has so far received little mainstream attention, but is expected to become an important subject in the future.[8] Some have even said that this discovery may constitute the uncovering of the esoteric "Philosopher's Stone", as spoken of in Alchemy, or even the famous Holy Grail.[9] Viewed spiritually, it is thought to bring enlightenment.

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