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Posted on March 15, 2010 at 2:26pm 8 Comments


I have decided to write this message as I strongly feel the urge to unite big group of people in a ONE UNITED MEDITATION.

As many of You are aware this month we have a celestial alignment, that is called Spring / Autumn Equinox. The March equinox will occur on March 20 in 2010, marking the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and fall (autumn) in the southern hemisphere from an astronomical…

' />

> meditation

Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994)

Prior to use: Read through the steps and practice the visualizations and their sequence slowly for familiarity.

Imagine the 2-dimensional image of a "Eckasha Symbol Code", as if the image is drawn on a black background on the inside of your forehead. The Eckasha is the Cap Stone Symbol or God Seed Code for the Time Matrix. It's colors denotes the frequency spectra of the Triadic, Polaric & Eckatic levels of the Energy Matrix and 15 Dimensions of frequency. It will be used as the Key Code to unlock the 12th Dimensional Maharic Shield in the personal and planetary scalar grids.

INHALE, while visualizing the Eckasha Symbol at the center of the brain in the Pineal Gland.

EXHALE, while using the exhale breath to firmly move the Eckasha down the Central Vertical Body Current (energy current in the center of the body), then out between the legs and straight down into the Earth's core (13th Chakra).

INHALE, while imagining that you can see at Earth's core a huge, Disc-shaped Crystalline Platform of Pale Silver Light, that extends outward on a horizontal plane through the entire body of the Earth and out into the atmosphere. Visualize the Eckasha suspended in the center of the disc (this image represents the Planetary Maharic Shield, the scalar- wave grid composed of dimension 10/11/12 frequency, with the Eckasha positioned to activate the Planetary Shield. )

EXHALE, while pushing your breath outward Into the Earth's Maharic Shield, imagining as you exhale that the force of the breath has made the Earth's Maharic Shield begin to spin.

INHALE, using the Inhale breath to draw Pale Silver Light from Earth's spinning Maharic Shield, Into the Eckasha positioned at the center of the Planetary Shield.

EXHALE, using the exhale breath to push the Pale Silver light throughout the entire Eckasha, making the Eckasha glow and pulsate with Pale Sliver light .

INHALE, imagine that the glowing Eckasha momentarily flashes Crimson Red and then returns to normal, then use the Inhale breath to draw the Eckasha vertically up from its position at Earth's core, to a position 12" below your feet (the position of your dormant personal Maharic Shield scalar-wave grid). As you inhale the Eckasha upward from Earth's core, Imagine that it trails a thick cord of Pale Silver Light behind it; one end of the Silver Cord remaining attached to Earth's core, the other attached to the Eckasha (the Cord represents an 'Energy Feed Line, through which you will draw energy up from the Earth's Maharic Shield into your personal Maharic Shield)

EXHALE with your attention on the Eckasha positioned 12" below your feet, and use the exhale breath to push a burst of Pale Silver Light outward on a horizontal plane from the Eckasha. Imagine that a Disc-shaped, Crystalline Platform of Pale Silver Light, about 4' In diameter, extends on a horizontal plane 12" beneath your feet, around the Eckasha at its center. (this image represents your personal Maharic Shield.)

INHALE, while using the Inhale breath to draw more Pale Silver Light up through the Pale Silver Cord from Earth's Core, into the Eckasha at the center of your personal Maharic Shield.

EXHALE, using the exhale breath to push the Pale Silver Light from the Eckasha, out into your Maharic Shield. Imagine that your Maharic Shield now pulsates, as it fills with the Pale Silver Light from Earth's Core.

INHALE, again drawing more Pale Silver Light up from Earth's Core through the Pale Silver Cord, into the Eckasha, and Imagine the Pale Silver Cord expanding to 4' in width, forming a Pillar of Pale Silver Light running up from Earth's Core directly into your 4' diameter Maharic Shield.

EXHALE, again using the exhale breath to push Pale Silver Light from the Eckasha outward into your Maharic Shield, while imagining that your Maharic Shield "takes on a life of its own", the disc suddenly "folding upward' with a "popping" sensation, to form a 4' diameter PILLAR of Pale Silver Light all around and running through your body (this is your Maharic SEAL. a temporary scalar-wave pillar of dimension 10/11/12 frequency light~ that blocks out disharmonic frequencies from dimensions 1 through 12 and begins to realign disharmonic frequencies in your body and bio-field to their original perfect natural order)

INHALE, Imagining that the Inhale breath draws the Pale Silver light from the Pillar encasing the body Into every body cell; sense the tingling feeling as the Pale Silver Light moves through the physical body.

EXHALE, Imagining that you can feel the energy of the Pale Silver Light expanding Into every crevice of the body and then outward around the body into the Bio-field.

Breathe naturally for a minute or two, as the feeling of the Pale Silver light moves through you, while sensing the energy presence of the Maharic Seal Pale Silver Pillar 4' around your body. The more time you spend breathing and sensing the energies, the more dimension 10/11/12 frequency you are drawing into your Pillar, which will increase the length of time the Maharic Seal Pillar will remain in your bio-field.

Return your attention to the Eckasha still positioned 12" below your feet.

INHALE, using the Inhale breath to draw the Eckasha up through your Central Vertical Body Current, then out the top of your head (the 7th "Crown" Chakra), to a point about 36" above the head (the 14th Chakra).

EXHALE FORCEFULLY, using the exhale breath to rapidly expand the Eckasha outward on a horizontal plane at the 14th Chakra, until the Eckasha suddenly "disappears" from view, with a mild "popping" sensation.

Breathe normally, while visualizing for a moment a brilliant 4' Pale Silver Pillar of Light extending from the Earth's Core upward, fully encasing your body and extending far above the head, into Earth's atmosphere and to a single Star of Pale Blue Light far off in deep space. Your Maharic Shield is now temporarily activated and your Maharic Seal Pillar is temporarily manifest within your Bio-Field. The Maharic Seal will remain in your Bio-field anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour at first. The more this exercise is practiced, the longer the Pillar will remain.

For quick reinforcement of the Eckasha Maharic Seal, once the full process has been run within 24 hours: Simply Imagine a spark of Pale Silver Light at the Pineal Gland, exhale it rapidly down to Earth's Core and imagine the Earth's Maharic Shield spinning, call to mind the Pale Silver Cord and Inhale the 4' diameter Cord all the way up around you, forming the Pillar, attaching it "out in deep space" to the Star of Pale Blue Light

I am a radiant being filled with light and love…
Love is good for me, love is perfect love is what I give and receive...
I love and accept myself exactly as I am...
I now express love to all those I meet...
Divine love is working through me now.

Future time line 2010-2015 by Bashar. 1:2.mp4

O, Beloved Supreme Presence within all life, into Thy Eternal Heart of Love do I immerse myself, now and forever, I consciously surrender my vehicles to be merged with the Love nature of Thy Being until I AM a pure Focus of Love - a living jewel in Your Crown of Adoration.

The path I walk in life leads only to Love. My physical body, filled with Love, becomes shining and invincible. My etheric vehicle, radiating Love, transmutes the past. Love in my mind ensures expression of Your Divine Thoughts. Love in my feelings reaffirms that God is the only Power acting.

As I AM thinking, feeling and remembering only Love, I know that the Cosmic Christ is working through me...radiating forth all of the children of Love - Love, Peace, Contentment, Tenderness, Happiness, Security, Health and Opulence - to life which I have promised to Love free.

In this awakened consciousness of Love, my spirit becomes Holy Spirit, and I AM the Love of my Father-Mother God reaching out to claim Its Own! In Love, I magnetize all God's Blessings tome, and in Love, I radiate these blessings forth to life around me. I AM the Spirit of Love permeating form until all is drawn back into the indivisible Whole.

I feel the pulsebeat of Love in all life and the continuity of Love in all experiences I have ever known. It is all Love.

I was born out of Love. I AM evolving through Love. I shall Ascend back into Love.

I AM ALL LOVE and I AM grateful.

And So It Is, Beloved I AM.


Awake and Waiting

Child-like universe emerging from darkness,
you belong to others not I.
My home is elsewhere
beyond the sky
where light pollinates the fragile borders
and gathers the husk.
In the quiet of the desert floor
my shell lingers in the pallid dusk
of a starved garden.
What holds me to this wasteland
when others clamor for shadows
and resist the vital waters?
Where the ripening magnet
holds us blind.

Far away,
kindling the presence of a timeless world
hunting for memories of a radiant love;
wingless creatures
tune their hearts to the key of silence.
It is there I am waiting.

O' Paradise shore
give me the heart to bear.
Give me the lamp that sings at night.
Give me the wings to strive against wind.
Give me the smile to translate life into light.

Time obliterates the human moment.
No one is absolved
while beauty burns to charred ash
too frail to last
too secret to call.
I will see clearly again
past lives coarsened by time's reign.
My light will retake its wings;
its evergreen roots will embrace the sane earth
once again.
And this tiny fragment,
spinning in silence among giant orbs unseen
will resolve my soul and help me find
the one heart awake and waiting.


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At 5:22pm on February 13, 2019, Venus E. Rose said…

I hope you're having a great day! Normally I send friend requests, but for some reason on this site my Add as Friend link is not working. On my page there are blog posts that explain how to evolve consciousness and achieve new psychic states - such as overcoming all emotional pain forever - a psychic state called Immunity.

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At 3:37am on May 21, 2010, RichardtheRaelian said…
"Happy Birthday!"
At 7:44am on April 2, 2010, Golden_Angel_K said…

Hi :) , sending many healing blessings to you, have a beautiful weekend
At 6:29pm on March 28, 2010, Golden_Angel_K said…
thank you, i thought because i soo cool the image, had copyrights with it...much love and blessings back at ya!
At 10:44pm on March 25, 2010, Golden_Angel_K said…
Hi :), welcome to SoE, nice to have you here with the way..i soo love a picture of bruce lee you have..can i share it, lol
At 1:02pm on March 24, 2010, brandy rox said…
that Eckasha Symbol Code meditation was really something. I will try that again, thank you so much for sharing, friend :) aloha
At 2:23am on March 18, 2010, Sandy Rudzinski gave Bartosz Kurzeja a gift

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