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9/9 Full Moon Message From Commander ASHTAR SHERAN
From the operation centers of the Intergalactic Confederation in the stratosphere of planet Earth.

I, Commander Ashtar Sheran, salute you with the light ray of planetary Communion and Brotherhood.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Fraternal Cosmic Light:

It is a pleasure to be and write with you in this moment through this cosmic retransmission from Commander * LightSpeed *, because we want to talk to you about the process that is being carried about with your planetary terrestrial leap. Our purpose with these communications is to let you know of the process that is taking place at the present moment and in the future to make you conscious of it so that you can participate in the project. Through our extraterrestrial collaborators or emissaries that we have on your planet, we are making this information and steps to action available to you so that you can join forces and from the different geographical parts of the planet create a homogeneous, powerful and compact belt of energy and Light. All of you regardless of your level or geographic place can, if you so desire, join in this fraternal, cosmic-planetary effort so that the New Times can set in as an inescapable and tangible reality.

You all know that a strong avalanche of cosmic radiation is impacting the Earth and we are the cosmic filters that transmute and soften them so that they can reach the entire planet with sufficient restructuring and vibratory renovation charge. Each and every one of you who in some way are already conscious of this fact and feels the call of collaboration now has the great opportunity to do it. Each one of you is like a great catalyst that consciously or unconsciously is contributing to harmonize or disharmonize the vibratory frequency of the planet. This is why we ask you to be conscious of the fact so that you can use your energies harmoniously and tune into the Earth and the energy transmutation centers or spaceships by simple solicitation.

Many of you are already starting to experience the intensity and vibratory activation that the Earth is going through and your spiritual and energetic sensitivity is impelling you to tune in and harmonize with the new changes that are flowering. In the past we transmitted a series of information that had a red alert character which was product of how things were developing politically on your planet. However, being conscious of the fact that the human being as well as all beings in the universe has free will which they can use correctly or incorrectly, it has been a great and delightful surprise to us to find that these events that seemed inexorable had been modified. We are always conscious of the free will factor and we usually trace a series of vectors of time and energy coordinates that generally indicate the points of saturation or impact of the human trajectory in your three-dimensional time-space. We are always on the alert inspecting and supervising diverse political events, agreements, military and economic strategy of your governments. We know the susceptibility of the wrong choice when it comes to international economic and political interests. That is why more than ever our commandos of observation, follow-up and psychic control of determined political and statistical groups are always very active and alert.

Recently, there have been certain dark events on your planet that in some way has contributed to modify the attitude of influence and manipulation of the masses by some governments of the planet, we are referring to America. All of these events that each time are less in number, but that can create great international social commotion are triggered by the devolved sector or negative polarity of the cosmos. In spite of their brave efforts to generate conflict, hostility, violence, confusion and fear their influence is lessening each time thanks to our groups of social action and planetary sensitivity that with time grow in number and are better organized on your planet. [Remember the events of 911.]

At this time, the most important thing is that each one of you as a powerful bastion of cosmic light force should logistically support our work of activation, readjustment, transmutation, tuning in and impact of the cosmic radiation that comes from the photon belt of the gravitational zone of the galaxy that your planet is going through. That is why we are urging all the Light Workers of planet Earth to join in creating a common activation front of these powerful energies that come from Antares, Orion, Pleiades, Sirius and Alpha Centauri. We are like the repositories of these powerful radiations and you should act like conscious catalysts so that the readjustment, absorption and fitting in with the Earth can be less harmful and as harmonious as possible. We have already given out much information with respect to the New Times that are in bloom and they all have a common objective: To make you aware and sensitive to entering a new Cosmic Phase of Evolution without precedents and that will mark the history of your planet and solar system.

The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Universe has developed different programs of activation for the new Aquarian planetary structure for the Earth and you can all belong to these new projects in development, if you so desire. Some of you, already unconsciously, are being trained in our etheric retreats, cities and spaceships set up for that purpose. Some of you already have reminiscences or an inkling of it and others are still unconscious. However, when the time comes, each one of you will be summoned so that under our guidance and protection you can be activated.

It is important that you become aware and conscious of the importance of your level of spiritual preparation because the future of the Aquarian race and the New Earth depends on it. This is why we claim that your personal daily discipline and constant spiritual practice should be a priority in your lives. Everything else is secondary because at this moment in time the Earth needs and the Spiritual Hierarchy wants beings that are capable of integrating and transmitting the new vibratory codes and Aquarian values of this third millennium. Every one of you is a point of force and light in potency that depending on your surrender, sincerity, honesty and spirit of unconditional service will be guided to realize specific functions.

Light BodyTuning into the new frequency of cosmic impact is the planned program of many years ago of the Great Universal Hierarchy for your planet and that finally now is being implemented. Your lower bodies are being subjected to a vibratory remodeling and this will affect your spiritual and cosmic consciousness in life completely. This is why we are giving you all types of measures so that you can consciously activate your Light Bodies. We are coming to a point in your planetary and human evolutionary trajectory where we have to consider just how far you, who have always had inkling and waited for this moment, are willing to take a leading role and be responsible for the position.

At this moment and more than ever we need coordinated action, unconditional spirit of service and total and definite comprehension of what the process of evolution that you are going through means. You have come to confront your reality and process that during cycles of evolution you have accumulated so that now you could finally decide to take the great leap or be left behind in the lurch. The great Council of Cosmic Regents each time more is making an exhaustive evaluation of the possibilities that the human race has of tuning into and adhering to this great event of inexorable Cosmic Transformation.

This are not times to hesitate nor give oneself the luxury of fearing for what can happen in the future because in the end you are the ones that have the leading role in the scene and the ones that are directing it. We are just observing from behind the scenes and of course, sporadically participating indirectly the majority of the time as each one of you has the power to be a great generator and vibratory catalyst of planetary harmonious and fraternal light. All of you who are at this human evolutionary point in the planet are here for diverse reasons, but the fact is that you all previously asked to be here to participate in this special moment.

Well now, the time has come and with the authority invested in me by the Spiritual Hierarchy and the galaxy and your cosmic planetary representatives I say to you that you must get into the line. Obviously, you can always refuse the offer, but we can guarantee you that if you participate your karmic weights will be accelerated, annulled and transmuted which in normal circumstances would take various cycles of evolution. This is the great prebend and offer that the Spiritual Hierarchy is offering you and I can assure you that you will not let us down and we will not let you down.

The time has come to take action and leave behind all egoism, jealousy, resentment, dogmatism, discord, ideological and religious differences to give an impulse to the new planetary project that has been planned and designed for you from the Higher Spheres. You can consider yourself fortunate to be in this Here and Now because the great show has just begun and we, your brothers are anxious to see how the new spiritual Aquarian values that you have fought for during lifetimes manifest. These are times of optimism and positivism because negativity now is in a second place and not the dominating factor as it had been until recently.

Each and every one of you receives the Divine Grace that the Infinite Father is descending indiscriminately in these New Times so that your hearts can glow with the original light of love, wisdom, harmony and peace. All these spiritual values are the intrinsic essence of the Spiritual Self and as such always yearns and seeks to put them in practice knowing that in this way the Infinite Creator will spread His unconditional Grace of infinite Love, comprehension and compassion in the Spiritual Self's heart.

We remind you, once again, that our spaceships and patrol commandos are always alert and our planetary activation teams are efficiently working in a coordinating way so that Eden or Terrestrial Paradise can once more return with all its splendor and absolute magnificence. The count down has started and nothing or no one can stop that which has been sanctioned by the most Elevated Kingdom of Cosmic Light. The Sacred Fathers of the Universe have given their special blessing and the planetary agreements have been accorded without possibility of being revoked.

The gates of the Great Cosmic Council have been opened and their verdict proclaimed and the order given of Restitution, Renovation and Implanting the Christic Aquarian Values. All the great spiritual brotherhoods of the galaxy and of the universe have been summoned for the great event that is taking place on your planet within the quadrant of the galaxy that we supervise. The trumpets of the worlds of Cosmic Law and Justice have begun to sound with great clamor, jubilee, harmony and happiness. Beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Cosmos: The Crucial and much waited Hour has come in which the Angelic legions and the incontestable Divine Power will emerge with force, victory and love in the new planetary scene. Millions of cosmic beings are unfolding their power so that the new vibratory transition will be a success and so it will be!

The only thing left for me to say in the name of the Great Spiritual Patriarchs of the Universe is that you are all invited to participate and that you are all known and loved by us all. We know perfectly well who you are and when the time comes we will demonstrate it because it has been established as such and the One Without Beginning has deposited all His love, compassion and comprehension in you. We are mere instruments that express His creative power and harmonious force of spiritual-energetic compression and as such we serve as a unified whole in the worlds of rectification that make up the cosmic machine.

Without anything else I bid you all adieu, your friend and brother of the universe Commander Ashtar Sheran and greetings from all the members of the Intergalactic Confederation from the spaceship Olympia.

Ashtar Command on 09-09-09 events
Channeled by LadyDreamWolf

9/3/09 12:29:39 PM

Greetings Jeremiah and Jen, this is an official document for the record. This is Michkael, High Commander of The Galactic Federation of Light. I am coming in with Ashtar and another of Ashtar Command. Is this allowable?

Greetings from All of US at Ashtar Command. WE have some vital information for the ALL. At this timing, you can post this, when it is timing, as it will be vital to be posted BEFORE the Galactic Federation Meeting to occur on September 9, 2009.

This meeting is not just for a testing to see how communication will go with the outer perimeters of your planet, as well as the general populace. There is much that will be covered at this conference. During the timing when this will occur, there will be UFO’s sighted globally. When these ships are sighted, there will be many who will not react well. However, it is our hope that WE will be able to begin our intended landings shortly after this conference.

WE do wish you both to be involved in this conference, however at this timing, you will need to do it remotely, unless matters are able to be changed in the meantime. However, at this timing WE wish to continue to proceed with the official communications.

There will be many topics that will be covered at the timing of this conference. There are matters that will be discussed that have not yet even been brought to the attention of those who are hosting this meeting. There are many matters that must be addressed at that timing, as there will be great events following it, including crop circles with deeper meaning than any on your planet have even come up with to this date.

At this timing, WE wish to discuss those crop circles for a moment. There are deeper meetings and communications through those crop circles than many realize. Some are directions to specific locations, where there are beings of interest. Others are messages of prophecy, which you, Jeremiah and Jen, have already noted on several. There are those that are created for other types of communications as well. However, due to the amount of interference your planet has had to deal with over many lifetimes, much of this information has been lost, and those that do retain it are loathe to step out and speak on it, for fear of their own lives and being termed insane. At this timing we are calling ALL with information on these crop circles, including those of our own who are “under cover” on your planet, to step up and speak out on the REAL meanings behind them. It is timing for this to occur. Your planet has suffered under enough secrecy for far too long. The Truth must now come out.

WE are also taking this timing to call out all our brothers and sisters of the LIGHT, to step up and step forward, in masses if necessary, to speak out their Truth about US and all other “alien” races. It is timing for the Truth to come to the LIGHT. WE are also speaking to those of US, and those of “you”, who work for governments, for agencies, for the LIGHT in any manner. Come forth and step up to the plate, so to speak, and come out of the shadows. For there are far to many of US who have worked within the shadows, functioned in the background, for far too long. It is timing, brothers and sisters, to come forth and speak your Truth. This is an official call to action.

There are those of you who are now in struggles to stay alive because you have spoken your Truth. Know this. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. WE are with you. You have seen us in your skies. Some of you have spoken with us, and not even known it. At this timing, WE intend to step up our attempts at assisting you whenever and wherever WE are able. You are NOT alone. For those of you who have spoken with us and KNOW you have, WE are requesting you to speak your Truth on these matters. Do not allow the interference to hide US from view any longer. It is timing for the WHOLE Truth to come out. WE wish for ALL of you to step up and speak, on a global level, on your televisions, on your radio stations, on your internet. Be all of whom you are. Be the REAL you. WE will guide you as WE can.

This message comes with all of OUR Unconditional Love, and faith in you, in all ways. There are many of you who are going through personal “testing” on your spiritual paths. WE ask that you do not waiver, even with the skies seem dark in your own personal paths, keep up the positive intent. For it IS making a difference.

WE have spoken much about raising the vibrations of your planet. The global awareness that has occurred to date has brought your planet, and her inhabitants, up in vibration quite dramatically. WE ask for you to continue to heal your planet in ALL ways. Be sensitive to HER needs for she IS a living being. Consider how you do things and how your own personal thoughts, emotions, and actions affect her as a BEING, not just as the planet you live on. This message is not just for the “humans” on your planet, but for ALL beings alike. For your planet is suffering greatly, and she deserves to have peace within her as well.

At this timing We would like to conclude with a message of Hope. You, as a global community, are now demanding Truth. Not just from US, but your governments and media as well. Please continue to do so. For your power of intent has made many changes come about already. Your government officials are already beginning to step up and step out with the truth. This shows that our planet is now ready for US to begin the transformational stages that WE have longed for to bring about for your whole civilization. Very soon, we hope to be able to say, WELCOME TO THE INTER-GALACTIC COMMUNITY. WELCOME HOME.

At this timing, WE conclude this message with further thoughts, healing, and intent of Unconditional Love and LIGHT.

Namaste’ our friends, and brethren. You are Loved.

Jeremiah, WE would like you to post all but this line of message this evening, before the sun goes down, if possible. If not before. No, Under her name. For this is part of HER path. Please post this on all the sites you can. For at this timing, it is VITAL that this information be passed to as many as can be reached. WE already know, as you do, that “they” have an idea where you are anyway. At this timing, it will be VITAL to get this information out, anyway. I will be adding more, as possible. The sooner you can post this section, the better. WE thank you for your cooperation.

Welcome Home ! By Metatron...Senior ArchAngel of Nebadon...

August 21, 2009 at 6:45pm in awakening - ascension

Blessings from on high...I come forth with the legions of light to speak of some radical alterations to earth's holographic reality structures.

First we would like to congratulate each of you on your entrance to a new dimensional plane, a new planet earth. You are standing poignantly at the precipice of an entirely new era, a new way of living and existing within the linear time/space reality construct that you call home.

You are longing to express your newly awakening gifts of creation, yes, and highly anticipating the exploration of a new realm, and we assure you that you are going to be well inspired by the abilities that you possess. But before that, we would like to share some information regarding the events that are taking place to allow for and make this new level of human creation possible.

One of the most beneficial astrological alignments to aid in the resurrection of the fully conscious human took place on July seventh, a point in time and space that will alter humanity for an eternity. This event was marked by a monumental lunar eclipse and precipitated a great awakening in human consciousness through the resurgence of the enlightened masculine energies and for the purposes of true cocreation with God.

This means that those of you who have been preparing to embody the new human prototype are now settling into your new forms & roles, and learning to adapt to the new biological circuits that are controlling and directing these higher dimensional frequencies on earth.

This ascended prototype holds within it the activated, purified and balanced masculine and feminine energy charge that is necessary for responsible creation and will ensure the ease and rapidity by which you manifest.

Those of you who have sufficiently purified your 3d dimensional, carbon-based form will be of the leading edge in terms of planetary evolution. It will be for those of you who can create and maintain a stable forcefield, both within and without, who will rise to the top and lead humanity, science and earth to its rightful place among the stars.

The ascended human will carry a negative energy charge that is predominantly feminine (intuitive) in characteristic and will honor the principals of universal law above all else. The resurrected masculine energies will hold a supportive position by way of sacred creation and will make the process of manifestation complete through the grounded and physical connection to the earth planes.

Those of you who have held the dormant Atlantean codes of masculine imbalance and destruction are here now to awaken the feminine energy of passive, mindful creation and to clear the cellular memories of patriarchal dominance. Those of you who carried the dormant Lemurian codes of feminine imbalance are here to resurrect the divine template of mastery and to clear the cellular memories of matriarchal dominance.Together, these two balanced energies will create the new earth in harmonic accordance with and through the resurrected temples of each purified and ascended way-shower.

This is indeed a time of great confusion for the masses, but will result in even greater systems to replace and restore the human condition to that of love. What a time it will be as those members of your soul family rise up to meet you, support you, and become one with the unit of governing power that will replace all outworn systems of greed and control!

Beloved members of the warrior brigade, we honor you in the highest esteem and welcome you home to your place of true resonance. You are the team players who were responsible for the destruction of the many outworn systems based in patriarchy and now you hold the keys to thine kingdom. Your time has indeed arrived.

Biological Transformation

We are encouraging each of you to realize the power that now lies within you and to prepare your bodies for the greatest transformation you will have known, that of full embodiment. As the grace of a balanced God/Goddess washes over each of you, you will be wholly bathed in pools of soothing light, restored to covenant with the protection of father god to guide you and the love of mother god to nurture you.

You have risen above discord and dross and now you find yourself simply waiting for and allowing the universal codes of biological resurrection to align with your physical form. Please honor the process as though it were one that were required to take you to the utmost levels of joy, for this is precisely what is happening.

Keep in mind that your healing process is really not a process at all, but a shift in perspective and though your biology is still transforming to adapt to the new frequencies, this does not mean that you are bound by the governance of earthly law. You are free to quantumly create your reality.

We honor the prodigious amount of suffering that you have endured and for your strife, we assure you that you are of the few who had the ability to match such a request...however, you will soon be brought to a balanced state, exalted from the repetitive and cyclical cycles of cause & effect, and free to inhabit and express your unique individuality in limitless ways.

Physical embodiment

We would like to remind each of you that though you are clearly on the path to physical resurrection this is also the path of full earthly embodiment, the physical embodiment of the soul.

This process was not an easy one, the transition into full human potential takes extraordinary focus and commitment, one that exceeds most human capabilities. This is why you are referred to as superhuman among the stars, because you are, in fact, embodying and representing superhuman power...the power, in limited numbers, to transmute 3d dimensional matter into 5th dimensional form and to restore your human life and biology to a state of living grace.

Quite a deed, beloveds...quite a deed. ArchAngel Metatron...

Here is this week’s messages:~

Six Logoi- Preparations for 09/09/09

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Greetings and blessings to all at this most sacred and special time, we extend our love to you now and ask you to open your hearts to us as we endeavour to assist you in preparing to anchor the new energy wave anchoring onto the Earth. This is a time to be open and receptive, to be trusting and confident as it will ensure that you anchor the most appropriate level of light into your being for your reality and soul's mission on the Earth, otherwise blockages may occur that can hinder your growth and acceptance of the love of the Creator. The Earth will begin to receive an upgrade in its energy from the 3rd September 2009; this is an upgrade of love, in truth a higher vibration of love will anchor onto the Earth. When you allow yourself to be open to this upgrade of love it is almost like the wave of love pours into your life, washes over you and lifts you up higher into the levels of the Creator's universe to accept a new vibration of light and a deeper connection with the Creator. The love of the Creator is essential for life, existence and advancement. Love exists within the oxygen that you breathe into your body, allowing your physical body which encapsulates your soul to survive on the Earth. The air that you breathe has the ability of holding vast quantities of light, love and consciousness, allowing your breathing to be sacred and a divine tool that assists spiritual development and a unique integration process with the Creator's soul.

During this communication we wish offer you guidance and techniques that can help you in the transition period before 09/09/09 and the gradually anchoring of the energy of love from 03/09/09 to the climax at 09/09/09.

We are the combined energy of the Creator's Logoi; we are the Planetary Logos Lord Buddha, the Solar Logos Helios and Vesta, the Galactic Logos Melchior, the Universal Logos Melchizedek, the Multi- Universal Logos and the Cosmic Logos Mahatma. We have gathered our energy as one on the inner planes to create a great source of light that is supportive, powerful and loving. As overseers of the many levels of the Creator's universe we are each playing a crucial role in anchoring the new energy wave into the Earth. The energy wave extends from the Creator's mighty soul as a source or beam of light holding intentions, thoughts patterns and qualities from the mind of the Creator and energy patterns of love from the heart of the Creator. As the beam of light seeps into the cosmic level it is examined and comprehended by the Cosmic Logos Mahatma, who then shares this information and understanding of the energy with all at a cosmic level before allowing the light to continue its journey. The light moves through the Creator's universe and levels allowing each Logos to gain understanding from the energy, it is akin to accepting their instructions of what their level must achieve to ensure that all aspects of the Creator integrate with and accept the energy of the Creator. Each level will gain a slightly different comprehension of the energy as they hold a varied vibration of light. As the light anchors into the planetary level much focus is placed on aligning the Earth with the energy coming forth from the Creator's soul. Many light beings working upon the planetary level devote their energy and concentration to ensuring that all receptive souls of humanity anchor the most appropriate vibration of light into their being, receiving the qualities of the new energy wave that most suit their needs and requirements for their mission and purpose on the Earth. The light and qualities of the new energy wave are anchored into the air that humanity breathes. The air that you breathe already holds vibrations of love from the previous energy wave in 08/08/08; now as we approach the new energy wave the air of the Earth will become luminous especially after 09/09/09. It is therefore important to focus on your breathing and to understand that even when you focus on meditating within the light of the energy wave it is your breathing that will act as a tool of alignment and a process of anchoring new vibrations into your physical body to support the expansion and development of your soul. It is essential that from the date of anchoring and even beyond the date of climax of the energy integrating with the Earth that you take time each day with the intention of breathing in the energy, vibration, light and consciousness of the new energy wave. Allow your breathing to be deep and expansive and imagine that the light of the energy wave is flowing naturally and easily into your being. This will assist you immensely.

Much focus is dedicated to the integration of the new energy wave as every soul on the inner planes understands that this is a wonderful and unique opportunity to accept a deeper bond with the Creator and a new perspective of the Creator. The 09/09/09 energy wave allows all upon the Earth and within the Creator's universe to accept a new upgrade of energy together as one. This is very powerful as it is a definite step forward for all up the spiritual ladder to aid ascension. As souls throughout the Creator's universe accept the energy of love they create a powerful source of light which will awaken others souls to the love of the Creator and assist in a new shift in energy, which is most needed.

As we gather on the inner planes, the six Logoi of the six levels of the Creator's universe, we are deciphering the energy into wisdom and vibrations for each level to accept but we are also creating a powerful soul of light for all to draw upon. We wish to assist in the alignment of the new energy wave with the Earth, because we realise that when humanity's energy vibration rise, this influences and accelerates the growth of the Creator's universe and soul aspects.

The new energy wave is known as the 'Energy Wave of Acceptance,' it is an upgrade in the energy of love from the 08/08/08 Energy Wave of Abundance. The new energy wave of love holds the qualities of acceptance, unconditional love and balance. It is these qualities that the Creator wishes all to anchor into their being and reality over the year to come, while also existing as these sacred qualities in manifestation on the Earth. The energy of abundance has anchored and will continue to anchor through the new energy wave but the lessons that the new energy wave brings forth are of loving yourself and others unconditionally, existing harmoniously within your energy even if chaos occurs around you and understanding that detachment must be practiced to allow old energies, unneeded patterns or habits to drift away. The energy wave also holds a high vibration of acceptance which is to encourage all to open their hearts, souls and minds to the Creator in order to receive new experiences of integration, new energies and enlightenment as a constant flow free from blockages. The energy of love wishes to create a greater freedom in the energies of humanity but this is combined with a new level of discipline and mastery.

The 09/09/09 energy is extremely powerful, its teachings are simple but will anchor into your life new challenges to allow you to anchor a new level of unconditional love and an understanding of how to act and exist as unconditional love. It will assist you in receiving challenges that increase your confidence and courage in accepting guidance, energy and consciousness, thus awakening you further, but it will also activate a powerful healing process. This healing process will allow you to accept cleansing energies but will predominantly place you in control of your own healing and rejuvenation process as you will have to identify the energies in your life that are no longer needed, holding the attention of releasing them eternally, free from regret doubt or fear. In truth through this teaching you will access a new level of mastery from within your being.

It is essential to understanding the lessons and teachings that the new energy wave may bring forth to you but it is important to realise that because each person is achieving different goals and holds varied vibrations of light while in existence on the Earth, every person will experience the energy and quality of the Energy Wave of Acceptance in diverse ways and forms. It is important for you to ask your soul what the new energy wave means to you and how it may influence your reality as this will help you to prepare for the new energies of love that will be anchored into all aspects of your being and reality on the Earth.

As the energy begins to anchor into the Earth on 3rd September 2009 in preparation for the climax of energy on 9th September 2009, we wish to offer you two practices that you can complete to ensure your alignment with this energy and to guarantee that you receive the support that you need.

First we wish for you to invoke the body of love from the six logoi to anchor into your being,

'Overseen by my guides and my soul I ask to form an alignment with the Creator's six loving Logoi of the Creator's universe. Please channel your supportive energy and love into my entire being to prepare me for anchoring the New Energy Wave of Acceptance. I ask that you anchor into my being and soul your body of love to boost my love, light and consciousness quotient. I am open and receptive to your love and ask you to act as a guiding light in my life assisting me with every step of my path to greater integration with the Creator's soul. I am ready for my love upgrade. Let it be.'

Simply allow yourself time to connect with our energy, allowing it to flow into your being. If the energy becomes too intense for you ask for the vibration of light that you are receiving to be lowered to the most appropriate level. Achieving this each day will assist you greatly even after the climax of energy on 09/09/09.

The second practice that we wish to share with you is to begin a gradual process of anchoring of the New Energy Wave of Acceptance; this can be completed from 03/09/09 until 09/09/09. You may wish to use the invocation below to assist you in achieving this practice.

'I invoke the energy and support of the six sacred Logoi of the Creator's universe. Please begin my alignment with the New Energy Wave of Acceptance. Anchor into my being a small amount of the loving energy and qualities, gradually building the intensity each day so that the new energy may anchor into my being slowly and steadily over a period of time, to ensure that a new sense of balance is accepted and gained within my being. Allow me to begin to feel the new energy of love while embark on comprehending its meaning within my reality. I am open and receptive to a gradual integration with the Energy Wave of Acceptance. Let it be.'

Sit peacefully within meditation and allow yourself to feel the energy vibrations, qualities or loving light of the new energy wave. Your experiences with the energy should build each day as you draw closer to 09/09/09.

We hope that you will accept our wisdom and guidance, understanding that we are here to assist you at all times, you may call on our energy and help whenever you wish to, we are a constant source of support and reassurance for all.

With an abundance of love,

The Six Logoi,

Planetary Logos Lord Buddha, the Solar Logos Helios and Vesta,

the Galactic Logos Melchior, the Universal Logos Melchizedek,

the Multi- Universal Logos and the Cosmic Logos Mahatma

More information concerning the New Energy Wave for Acceptance has been channelled from Lady Pallas Athena and can be download from The Sacred School of Om Na, please visit

Monthly Enlightenment

Lord Buddha and the Twelve Planetary Buddhas

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 24/08/09

The multicoloured energies and light vibrations of the planetary level descend over and into the Earth now from the Planetary Logos Ashram. Rich and vibrant colours weave like ribbons through the dimensions of the Creator’s universe, encapsulating the Earth and humanity in the most beautiful and glorious colours of the Creator’s soul. We wish for you to feel the abundance of the Creator. To see, hear and feel the golden shower of love from the Creator’s heart cascading over your being, allowing you to manifest as an abundance of light and colour, inspiring and activating all aspects of your being.

The multicoloured light vibrations of the planetary level surges onto the Earth, allowing us to flow forward to create a deeper connection with you. Sitting crossed legged on golden discs of light we descend floating graciously through the atmosphere of the Earth. I, Lord Buddha, lead my team of enlightened and loving twelve Buddhas towards the Earth. We travel in a large sacred sphere of light which encapsulates our high vibrational energies and a vast volume of consciousness from the Planetary Logos Ashram. Expanding our bubble of light, the twelve Buddhas sit as beacons or candles of light in a circle around the Earth. I, Lord Buddha, sit at the very top of the Earth emitting the purest light and love vibration. We are encircling the entire Earth in the sphere of light that we have travelled to the Earth within. Imagine, sense or acknowledge this wonderful vision as we allow the light, love and consciousness of the Buddha and the high vibrations of the planetary level to seep into the Earth. This is an immensely healing process as this sacred and essential energy for the Earth now, melts into the Earth’s aura, body and the soul of Mother Earth as well as into the auras, bodies and souls of humanity. A full and meaningful inhaled breath is taken by all anchoring these sacred energies deeper into the Earth in order to allow all old and stagnant energy and energy patterns to be released. Colours of golden, orange and green abundantly flow into the Earth, the energy is anchoring through the twelve Buddhas and I, and we share these vibrant colours allowing them to pour from our souls into the Earth. The light creates a golden, orange and green circle or ring around the centre of the Earth. The energy like a wave gradually encapsulates the Earth extending from the centre upwards and downwards. As the golden, orange and green light reaches the top centre of the Earth where I am currently residing, I send a beam of the light down through the centre of the Earth to connect on a deeper level with the soul of Mother Earth, while allowing the our light and consciousness to be held within the centre of the Earth emanating brightly.

The golden, orange and green energy that we are anchoring into the Earth now is akin to a preparation for the anchoring of the new energy wave for ascension on 09/09/09. This preparation energy holds the qualities of love, expansion or development and balance. Its purpose is to assist all on the Earth as well as the energies of the Earth to anchor the appropriate volume of love to support the new energy wave and its anchoring process; this is the purpose of the golden light.

The orange light is to aid expansion or development, which signifies that this light will assists you in accessing the most appropriate consciousness, understanding and energy vibration so that you are most receptive to the positive influence of the new wave of ascension anchoring onto the Earth. The orange light will assist in any confusion being dissolved and will assist you in bringing completion to certain experiences or challenges in your life that are no longer necessary or needed. The orange energy will aid a spiritual growth spurt which may not even be recognisable within you but will allow you to be able to open in a new way to the energies, qualities and teachings anchoring onto the Earth and within your being.

The green light is the energy of balance, harmony, peace and centring. It is bringing the energies of the Earth and your being to a specific vibration, balancing your past and current energies in order to embrace new vibrations of light and consciousness. It is helping to restore and heal you so that you may exist as a centred beacon of light. When you are able to experience an inner equilibrium you allow your energies to soften and so you are able to accept new energies vibrations without feeling fearful or placing blockages up because of the new challenges that may manifest. In truth by anchoring these three light qualities as colours from the Creator’s soul and the Planetary Logos Ashram, we are activating these qualities from within you so that they may materialise as your being and existence, thus ensuring that you are supported and stabilised as the new energy wave anchors onto the Earth.

The energy wave of 08/08/08 carrying the qualities of abundance was a powerful but nurturing energy which supported and enhanced the lives of many while also offering challenges that allowed and still assists many in dealing with issues of accepting and manifesting abundance in all forms. The energy of abundance is a very soft and gentle energy although it is teaching us to accept the energies of the Creator. Acceptance was the key to the 08/08/08 energy wave, this key is still extremely evident within the energy wave that is coming forth now in 09/09/09, but the energy wave holds greater power and new lessons for us to overcome. The energies are so strong that they may create an unbalance if Earth and its humanity are not sufficiently prepared. These preparations have been occurring for some time now, the cleansing and healing that both Lady Nada and Lord Melchizedek have introduced were to prepare humanity’s physical bodies for accepting this new energy vibration.

More will be explained about the new energy wave over the next few weeks but for now there is a need for you to focus on cleansing and healing your physical body by anchoring or asking for healing of the most appropriate vibration to anchor into your being each day to dissolve and disperse negative energies.

There is a need for focus or concentration to be placed on balance. I advise you to adopt the most simplest of practices and allow yourself time to meditate, focusing on your breathing and repeating to yourself in your mind,

‘I am balance, peace and harmony; I align with the energy of balance from my soul and the Creator.’

There is also a need for you to create a deeper connection with my energy and that of the twelve Buddhas. We ask that during meditation each day that you invoke us to surround you and channel our energies deep into your being.

‘Beloved Planetary Logos Lord Buddha, I invoke your presence and soul light to draw close to me now. I ask that you allow your twelve Buddhas to surround me in a circle of sacred and wise light vibrations. Lord Buddha, please sit before me now and allow me to accept your deep and divine meditative state to assist me in aligning with the balance, harmony and peace vibrations of my soul.

Lord Buddha, I ask that you allow the preparation energy that extends from the Creator’s soul and the Planetary Logos Ashram to channel into my being now. Allow the golden, orange and green light to wash over and through me, assisting me in advancing to the most appropriate vibration of light and consciousness so that I am able to accept the new energy wave of 09/09/09 with ease. I am balanced, grounded and centred; please assist me in manifesting this most sacred stable existence now. Let it be.’

You may imagine the golden, orange and green light flowing through your being as we sit encircling you or you may envisage the vision that we brought to you at the beginning of our communication, of our energies surrounding the Earth.

It is our wish that you focus on practicing these three tasks that we offer to you of connecting with our energies, affirming your balanced existence, while asking for healing for your physical body each day. You will find that if you dedicate yourself to these simple practices that we will assist you in preparing for your acceptance of the new energy wave, ensuring that you gain the wisdom and guidance that is appropriate for you and your reality.

We are here to support you always; you may call on our energies to channel into your being.

With the abundance of the Creator,

Planetary Logos Lord Buddha and the Twelve Buddhas

Best wishes and blessings, Natalie

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Healing with the Crystal Skull Consciousness of Atlantis

Awakening and Anchoring within you and into the Earth the Positive and Healing Energies of Atlantis

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Below is the Channelled Explanation that accompanies Meditation Download

Through time and space on the dimensions and planes of the Creator I have existed as a consciousness encapsulated within the etheric energy of a rose quartz crystal skull. I am the consciousness of many divine light workers of the era of Atlantis from the Temple of Purity within the central ashrams of Atlantis.

The rose quartz crystal skull was given to the Atlanteans by sacred teachers from the star of Sirius. It was a gift to humanity as a secure source to store energy and wisdom for the generations to follow and for future people following a quest of unity with the Creator's soul. Each day hundreds of people would enter into the Temple of Purity in order to gain cleansing from the many majestic vast and large crystal points that had been placed within the temple to act as cleansing tools for all. People would gain teachings from the resident masters and experience the celestial energy of the Creator during the great healing light baths that were conducted by the resident masters. The Temple was focused on purifying the energies and souls of humanity, while raising their energy vibration in order to encourage an infinite connection and alignment with the Creator. Everything within the temple held a high vibration. On the opening and activation of the temple as well as its alignment to the healing and cleansing energies of the Creator, the Sirian Masters brought forth their rose quartz crystal skull to be placed upon the altar within the temple. The crystal skull was to watch over the many people entering the temple and ensure that the loving light of the Creator was anchored deeply into their being. The temple became known as the first initiation for awakening Atlanteans, a place to purge all negative and false beliefs and awaken into the truth of the Creator. It was a place of rejuvenation and the start of their spiritual quest.

Many of the resident masters spent their lives within the Temple of Purity reaching high vibrations of light and accessing profound illumination and enlightenment. The resident masters poured their experiences and insights into the rose quartz crystal skull for safe keeping and so that people in the future may draw on and access the celestial energy of the Temple of Purity of Atlantis.

I come forth to you as the rose quartz crystal skull of the Temple of Purity and the profound consciousness held within my crystal energy system. It is now time for me to reveal myself to you and begin to share my knowledge and the sacred healing vibrations of the Temple of Purity with humanity. The healing qualities and positive consciousness of Atlantis is needed now on the Earth as Mother Earth plunges herself into a process of change that will affect all and bring forth the era of love. By connecting with my energy and anchoring my consciousness onto the Earth together, we will be able to awaken energies of wisdom that have laid dormant within the Earth's atmosphere. These energies will essentially bring forth clarity which will help many people on the Earth in dealing with the gradual transformational processes that are occurring and affecting all. Through our connection we will be able to activate a deep cleansing process for the Earth aligning the energy levels of the Earth with the Temple of Purity. It is my mission to assist you individually in your spiritual growth by anchoring into your being the energies and skills that are needed and clearing energies that hinder your development, I draw upon the wise and ancient teaching of the resident masters of the Temple of Purity to channel into your being and the souls of humanity.

I am a feminine etheric crystal skull of the name of Aroma; I exist within the sacred ashram of healing on the star of Sirius now to ensure the safety of the wisdom enclosed within me from the consciousness. I am aligned to the consciousness of the Creator, the sacred energies of Atlantis and the positive crystal skull consciousness that exists as a source of light on the etheric planes of the Creator's universe. My purpose is to aid healing and enlightenment for your soul and humanity. I hope that you will allow me to share my energies with you during this meditation and impart to you wisdom, keys of enlightenment and healing to assist your own transformational process and the awakening of humanity.

I am the Rose Quartz Crystal Skull of the Atlantean Temple of Purity,


Earth Healing and Integration Download is to help you act as a healing beacon of light for the Earth, gaining a deep connection with Mother Earth and allowing you to gain personal healing to aid your spiritual evolvement.

To purchase the 38min Meditation that accompanies this channelling

Archangel Michael- Gifts to Humanity- Part 2

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 13/07/09

I, Archangel Michael step forward as a supportive and brightly guiding light for humanity, I am here to lead you through the changes and chaos that is occurring on the Earth allowing you to emerge as a great and vibrant beacon of the Creator’s light and soul. Change is a natural aspect of spiritual growth, it allows you to continue to grow and peel back the layers of illusion in order to reveal the truth. When you understand that change is a challenge to overcome and accept to aid your spiritual advancement, you begin to welcome change into your reality whether it is positive or negative because you understand it has been anchored by the Creator. The Creator is anchoring love onto the Earth now and change is a result of this powerful and intense energy.

It is because of the great evolvement that is occurring within the souls of humanity and Mother Earth that as a protector and overseer of the energies of the Earth I have brought forward special gifts from different aspects and consciousness of the Creator’s soul to support, nurture and secure the energy of humanity. In my previous communication I shared the energies of the angelic kingdom, Lord Shiva and the Unicorn Kingdom. Many souls from the Creator’s universe have offered their gifts of wisdom and enlightenment to the Earth but I have chosen three which I believe to be most beneficial for humanity.

The first conscious energy gift extends from the soul of Venus and the Venusians who wish to awaken the natural energy and consciousness of the soul. Each soul holds a similar coding system like a stand of DNA which synthesises with the main body of the soul. This coded energy exists within every soul on the Earth and the inner planes of the Creator’s universe, it is identical within every soul and synthesises with the main soul source energy of a person. The coded energy is so small and minute that it is rarely found or recognised but it can become nurtured as a soul unites with the energy of the Creator. The coded energy is almost like a symbol to demonstrate where you extended from. As a child is born on the Earth it will have certain genetic similarities to its parents, when energy extends from the Creator’s soul and manifests into a soul or individual aspect of the Creator’s soul, this aspect will hold this special coded energy, supplying information or qualities from the Creator’s soul to aid the individual’s existence.

This coded energy can be activated and although you may never truly understand its presence or influence in your life it will naturally realign you to the energy of the Creator and symbolises to the Creator that you are ready to begin your journey of growth to become united once more with the energy of the Creator.

I understand that there are few who are aware of this coded energy within the soul as it is camouflaged and protected by the main body of the soul but I believe that it is now important to activate this coded energy with the activation energy of the Venusians. The Venusians will only every express love to you, it is the only energy of the Creator that they accept, hold and understand making their activation energy very pure and complete.

If you sit peacefully gaining a meditative state, you can call on my energies to ensure your protection and the loving light of the Venusians to surround you in the purest form of love. It is important to connect with your soul to ask your soul whether this activation is appropriate to your current phase of growth. You should feel a sensation or an understanding from your intuition allowing you to proceed or guided to other spiritual practices. When you are ready ask the Venusians to channel their loving activation light into your soul to activate the Creator coded energy within you, allowing it to synthesise with your soul and align you to the mighty soul of the Creator. You may feel as if a magnet has activated within you, which is fuelling your determination to connect and unite with the Creator’s soul. You may also find that many of Creator’s natural positive qualities activate within you and become a natural aspect of your being and personality. This only needs to be completed once, you will be guided when you move onto a next phase of growth whether you need to activate the Creator coded energy within your soul to fuel your growth and ascension. Allow the light of the Venusians to bathe you in love and enjoy the activation process as I oversee this procedure and protect you at all times.

The second conscious energy gift extends from the fairy kingdom and is brought forth by Butterfly Moon on behalf of the fairy kingdom; it is the gift of beauty. The nature kingdom and its overseers are divinely connected to humanity, more than they currently realise, the nature kingdom observes the existence of humans and wishes to share its energy of beauty in order to dissolve self sabotage, judgment, doubt and inner chaos. The fairy kingdom wishes everyone to understand that they are beauty in manifestation as beauty extends from the soul, a person’s actions and behaviour. The physical body is simply a vehicle for the soul to exist on the Earth; it carries characteristics that enable the soul to growth and develop according to the goals of the soul for its lifetime on the Earth. By accepting the beauty within the soul, many people will feel more content and accepting of their own energies, characteristics and appearance, understanding that they are love. As they view and observe others as love, others view them as love, manifesting a beauty that is so profound and remarkable. The fairy energy of beauty is evident within every flower and plant on the Earth; they nurture the soul within and encouraging the light of the Creator to radiate. Many people see what they wish to see on the Earth, when you anchor the energy of beauty you will not only heal any negative energy within you but you allow the energy and consciousness of beauty to manifest all around you. It is important to realise that beauty is not a physical form but a precious energy and quality that extends from the Creator’s soul.

To anchor the fairies’ energy of beauty simply ask during meditation;

‘I invoke Archangel Michael to ensure my protection at all times and to oversee this process of growth.

Beloved Butterfly Moon and the fairy kingdom, I invoke your sacred energy holding the consciousness of beauty to anchor into my being, soul and physical aspect. Allow the energy of beauty to synthesis with my personality, mind, emotions and ego, help me to exist as and emanate beauty while viewing the beauty of the Creator all around me. I ask that energy of beauty heals any past judgments and negativity that I have created about myself. I now understand that I am the beauty of the Creator and fairy kingdom in manifestation and share the beauty of the Creator with all.’

My third gift of conscious energy which I have chosen to bring forth to humanity is the energy of trust from the will energy of the Creator and the first ray of red light. This gift stems from the Creator’s soul, it is to remind humanity that they must trust in their own energies, intuition and abilities but they must also place their trust in the energy of the Creator. This can be a very hard challenge to overcome when you are asked to trust in something that you cannot see or understand within you and around you, but it is the energy of trust that dissolves all blockages and allows you to awake to the truth of your being and the Creator. Trust comes from the core of your being, when you trust you feel relaxed and confident which allows new energies that are appropriate for your life to anchor into your being and reality. Trust is the energy within you that rebuilds your bond with the Creator and accelerates you forward along your spiritual path. The energy of trust from the Creator’s soul and the first ray of light is a source of light that boosts your inner faith and trust, supporting you as you grow. Allow yourself to place your trust in yourself and the Creator, asking the will energy of the Creator and the first ray of light to amplify and magnify your expression of trust. The energy of trust needs to be expressed from humanity now in order to create new alignments, awaken the truth and ensure that all are supported and protected.

Allow yourself to sit peacefully focusing on your breathing. Ask that your soul activates your energy of trust, imagine your inner trust and faith as a source of light, feel or sense the colour of your trust energy. Invoke my energy to ensure your protection and ask to be align to the Creator’s energy of will and the first ray of light, receiving the most appropriate vibration of light for you. Imagine this red light channelling into your entire being, fuelling the energy of trust and devotion within you, your energy of trust expands and develops into your entire being. As the energy integrates you are embedding your energy of trust into your entire being. When you are ready imagine the light of trust within you and open your heart and soul imagining your light and energy of trust extending to connect with the soul of the Creator.

This is a wonderful experience but it is also a magnificent symbol to yourself and to the Creator of the power that trust holds and how it can be activated and used in your life.

These three gifts of conscious energy are extremely powerful and will benefit you greatly when you integrate them into your reality, experiencing the energy. I hope that you will accept the gifts that I have chosen to share with you; they come forth from the heart and soul of all within the Creator’s universe. Know that we are here always, loving and protecting you.

With divine angelic blessings and love,

Archangel Michael

Best wishes and blessings, Natalie

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