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Listening to and Healing the Earth

with Lord Merlin

Channelled through Natalie Glasson www.Wisdomofthelightcom

Below is an extract from the Channelled Explanation that accompanies the Meditation Download
Earth Medicine is anchoring onto the Earth now, it is manifesting within souls all over the Earth as a knowing and an understanding of the Earth. Ancient souls who have existed in harmony with the Earth in previous lifetimes are remembering their wisdom and how humanity can exist as one with the Earth. The knowledge that they retain is so powerful and will fill the Earth with an abundance of love to aid the continuous beauty of Mother Nature. The Earth has so many purposes, when you listen to the Earth and the nature kingdom you can hear the pulsating vibration of the soul of the Creator as well as the vitality of life. Within this pulsating vibration is the knowledge that we all need to understand in order to gain that deep connection and true understanding of the Creator's soul, through Mother Earth and the physical manifestations on the Earth. It is by listening to and acknowledging the vibration of the Earth that we can accept Earth Medicine which is a source of enlightenment and guidelines to aid the Earth and its humanity. Earth Medicine teaches all to work with the Earth to aid their spiritual growth processes and to nurture their physical bodies as well as helping Mother Earth on her spiritual quest. This enlightenment and knowledge which pulsates from the Earth is named Earth Medicine because when the practices are used they act as a healing and balancing medicine for the Earth and humanity.

In the past when humans were more connected to the Earth illness, unbalanced attitudes and fearful emotions were not so common. As humans learnt to respect the Earth, and the nature kingdoms respected humans, they created a bond for much enlightenment and healing to be shared.

I, Lord Merlin, am mentoring many souls on the inner planes in understanding and listening to the Earth and Earth Medicine to enable them to share this with humans on the Earth. Some souls that are tutored by my energy visit me from their existence on the Earth during their sleep state, while others exist on the inner planes and filter their wisdom into those who they guide on the Earth. As more people awaken to the light of the Creator they will realise that the Earth is a sacred energy that can empower your own spiritual abilities, align you with the Creator and assist you in understanding the qualities and enlightenment of the Creator's soul. A new found respect for the Earth will manifest within many, which will allow the Earth Medicine or the ability to acknowledge and listen to the Earth to materialise. As people connect with the Earth they will realise the wealth of wisdom and knowledge they already hold but hadn't realised because they had disconnected from the Earth. This is when we will see the Earth Medicine coming into the world and many will step forth to guide others. The greatest achievement will be when all walk upon the Earth honouring the Earth, with the light of their soul and the Creator flowing through them and into the Earth, akin to golden foots steps caressing Mother Earth and holding her in love of the purest vibration. What a wonderful vision this would be for us to see from the inner planes and you to experience on the Earth.

If you feel a connection with my energy and a bond with Mother Earth, then you can call on my energy and ask me to begin to align you..................

Earth Healing and Integration Download is to help you act as a healing beacon of light for the Earth, gaining a deep connection with Mother Earth and allowing you to gain personal healing to aid your spiritual evolvement.

To purchase the 26.25min Meditation and to continue reading the written explination on PDF, www.Wisdomofthelightcom

All work is channelled through Natalie Glasson,

Download cost £3.50

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