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Merlin Channelling 5/10/09

Hold the Brightness.
My Dear Children , I make no apologies for my delays in coming to you, I have been working with Whitefeather who has much to deal with at this time like so many Lightworkers, it is this that has caused me to speak to reassure you all that much of what you are going through is the fall out of the emanations of the lower vibrating world. As sensitive’s, Lightworkers feel the pains, anguish’s, hurts and angers deep inside themselves and at times can be too much to bear.
Many of you are feeling the weight of the worlds worries, feeling alienated for your belief’s as those still caught in the material world struggle to survive and come to terms with their own fears, own inadequacies and responsibilities.
Dear Lightworkers, Hold the Brightness, try not to loose faith in yourselves and your own beliefs just because others around you misunderstand you. I realise this will be of little comfort to you, but you all chose this lifetime and its consequences, and that means you too Lightworkers. Some have chosen to become stuck in fears of lack, of not being good enough, of wanting to be like someone or something else, but Lightworkers, you chose to be the beacons of Love and Light, to show the world the way forward and although it is becoming harder and harder for many of you right now and you feel you are becoming more and more alienated for those you love, do not allow yourselves to let go of who you are because you are the ones the world has been waiting for and you are the ones who chose to lead the way forward. Without your brightness there will be little hope for the future of the rest of humanity and all children of the Earth Mother.
Stand fast dear Lightworkers, keep your lights burning bright and be the beacon your chose to be when you incarnated on the Earth Mother at this time.
Now, there is much that is still to come forth concerning truths and there will still be many that will fight those truths and try to lay blame on the Lightworkers, you may be labelled as interfering do gooders, people will question why you and not them ? You will feel exasperated trying to explain yourselves to them, some may understand eventually, others will not and will continue to look for someone to blame for their own lack of taking responsibility for their own lives.
Yes you chose hard lives when you agreed to incarnate as Lightworkers, but know that you are more than ready for this challenge, your past life times, many of which have been as important leaders, way showers and founders, has stood you all in good stead for this time.
The Earth Mother will continue to shake and tear Herself apart as she seeks to restructure Herself once more. This She has done many times before and will again long after each of your current lifetimes has ended. There will continue to be many truths concerning humanities atrocities which will seek the light and become exposed. People will feel vulnerable and fear whom they can trust. People will feel lost, confused and ungrounded. Their nature is to grasp out at anything material because it feels solid to them, yet as it begins to crumble around them the will look to lay blame at another’s doorstep. But this is not the way forward and Lightworkers, you are being called to Hold the Brightness and keep your light shining bright at this difficult time. I cannot tell you it will soon be over, that much will depend on humanities ability to see and understand the truths and this dear Lightworkers is where you must hold true to yourselves even in the face of opposition.
I know many of you ask Why ? Why should you feel such pain and alienation again in this lifetime if you are to be the ones holding the light ? Because dear ones, it is those very memories that have made you the strong ones you are today. It is these very memories that have helped you to become Lightworkers. And it is these very memories which help you to understand what others are experiencing at this time. Do not allow yourselves to return to those feelings, do not allow others petty judgements to bring you down to their vibration level. You are stronger than this and you must believe this.
Stand strong and true in your own light, know that when others lay blame on you it is because they are weakened and cannot stand in their own truths because they fear. Fear what you may ask ? There are many fears on your Earth plane at this time, fear of lack, fear of responsibility, fear of truths, fear of being different, fear of not being better than someone else, fear of another’s beliefs which challenge their own - oh the list could go on, humanity fears not having any fears !
Lightworkers, you have experienced all these fears yourselves over the years and although it may seem that the whole world is levelling them at you again in this lifetime, know that the fear is within themselves and that you are the ones who must hold the light - Hold The Brightness.
Dear ones, you must hold strong and to do this you must perform your rituals and ceremonies and daily invocations to hold fast the light within yourselves so that you can continue to be the beacons you set out to be in this lifetime. I ask you to call upon the Violet Flame of Love, Compassion and Guidance to transmute the energies around yourselves so that you can stand in your own brightness and allow others to be guided by and drawn to you that they may know peace and love and a way to finding their own Soul Selves.
Dearest Lightworkers, you are the keys to Holding the Brightness upon the Earth Mother and anchoring in the Universal Light of the Feminine at this time. The Light of the Feminine will overcome the harshness of the male energies that have become rife on the Earth Mother causing the destruction and distress you see and feel all around you.
Know that the work you do is of great importance, know that slowly and surely the Light is winning, but know also, it can only win through if you stay in your own Light and continue to work toward raising the vibrations of all that reside on the Earth Mother. Hold you Brightness dear ones. Hold the Brightness.
Blessings Dear Children. Merlin.

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