• Secrets Of Ancient Healing

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    Here you will learn Blue Light Healing which was used by many Masters including Moses, Solomon and Jesus.

  • Taking Action

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    This Group is for Starseed's, Lightworker's and awakened Terran's alike. The group is based on the Starseed disclosure and Meet up project, and aims to Unite all light beings as one to help take active action in their missions.

  • The Heart Gym

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    This is a group to help you achieve enough LOVE inside you for accelerate your path to ascension.

  • Guardians Of Ancient Knowledge

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    The Ancient Secrets that have been kept from humanity for far too long. Ancient Knowledge refers to those Knowledge's which our Ancestors had in their Procession, also called as the Knowledge of God itself. This type of Knowledge's are long Forgotten and Lost in Time.

  • Ancient Ireland ?

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    what it is that Montague Keen keeps referring to when he says "Again, I remind you, that ancient Ireland holds irrefutable evidence that will change your world forever."

  • StarNations

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    Take a leap into the next reality with Star Nations Science & Technology – an interstellar interpretation of nature, existence and physics.

  • Deleting group

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    attention site managers please delete my group Kerrie

  • "Lighten up", Lightworkers.....

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    A place where you can post or debate anything "unrelated" to all of our hard research and work here. Jokes, funny stories, links you dig, music, etc...

  • Saviors Of Earth CHINA

    3 members

  • WMS Reaports

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    My name is Wanda Smith, and I am here to give information, and to share information. I am open to talking about any topics, and encourages any topics or subjects such as: PLANET X, Chemtrails, Walmart/ FEMA, Bible Prophecy and many more. All voices and opinions are welcomed and heard.  

  • Ufo Connection

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    This Group was created for the following reasons 1. To help people how to establish contact with Extraterrestrials 2. To provide a safe place to share Extraterrestrial experiences without fear of ridicule 3. A place where people can learn about the different Extraterrestrial races 4. A safe place…

  • Strange,odd and bazaar, People, Places and things and beliefs

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    For all those crazy things we come across ,the strange and un-explainable ,new old or  actient .Lets see what we can find 

  • Rainbow Warriors

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    We are here to support the New Paradigm. Our mission is to transform the fear-based society into the love-based society. We are here to protect Earth. Our sword is light, our arrow is word, our shield is faith and our power is love. We are Light Warriors, the warriors of the rainbow

  • Consumer Power

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    If there is one common denominator that truly unites all humans it is being a Consumer. Regardless of religion, race, age or gender...you are a consumer.  If humans united as ONE as consumers...they would have the power to eliminate the corrupt corporations. As ONE, humans could create a world we w…

  • SoE Meet UP - Blog Talk Radio - Live Stream - Live Interviews - SoE Chat - Team Speak - Skype

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    This group is for us to meet up. Usefull Links Soe Chat http://saviorsofearth.ning.com/chat Team Speak server avalible for us provided by Chelley. http://saviorsofearth.ning.com/profiles/blogs/teamspeak3-for-users-wanting-a?xg_source=activity    

  • Alien Abducted

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    A place where those who feel they may be having alien experiences may come to discuss them with others.  All are welcome...even if you are just curious.

  • Hemp for Life

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    Lets form an organisation to educate people about Hemp.

  • Christed Ascension

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    This group aims at identifying what is the truth actual of the being and concept of Jesus and Christ. Where here it is sought to clarify and to reconcile Christ with Christ Consciousness as it relates to the ascension and reconciles your Faith.

  • Dizzy's Perfectly Polyamorous

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    Monogamy is an artificial construct. Let's explore the practice of loving intimately more than one partner at a time with HONESTY, INTEGRITY, mutual trust, & equal respect among partners.

  • History Channel - Ancient Aliens

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    The entire video collection of the 2010 series, The History Channel: Ancient Aliens.