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The Unification Epicenter of True Lightworkers

All Source is "within" so they have no need for faith, as they have devotion and intimacy with the light they "know".

So Creator -- we are partnering with the higher light of All Source!

We are partnering even with the oppressor that resonates in baser frequencies of light, for we are trying to redeem and uplift them, as we are all connected, and only as strong as our weakest link along this tier.

We are partnering with All Source energy as it flows through All existence, we are partnering to help evolve and manifest an eternal Love story.

The Light-Worker has the power to act as a beacon to show the path of freedom and the higher love to All. So as they broadcast through their heart a recognition of the
potential of all, all begin to awaken and manifest that potential into actualization.

And so we create a wonderful drive and reverberation, we take away the inertia, and we flow and we all get on board and begin to broadcast the bountiful music that flows from beyond the duality veil, and coalesce in All in unconditional love, The GREATEST LOVE STORY that shall ever be told that echo through all eternity, elevating All Source back to its great re-union!

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