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'You're going down, Jakob .... & you know it!' ~ Ian Crane

A Message from Jakob de Rothsclone

An Acknowledgement to The Gullible Masses

My Dear Ian,

it's been a while since I last wrote but I do have to say how amused I am at your stream of output which aptly exposes our unfolding agenda to subjugate the Proles. Just last week, I was discussing with Lord xxxxxx how an increasing number of astute observers would readily see through the magnitude of our manipulation of what the gullible masses still perceive to be an 'Election'. His response summed up the hopelessness of your situation when he responded with a mono-syllabic, "So?" Good God, how I laughed! You, of course, know that we take unadulterated delight in monitoring the efforts of those who endeavour to expose our shenanighans, only to be dismissed as rampant 'Conspiracy Theorists'! I laughed like a drain when DC told Andrew Marr that seven million people would cast 'Postal Votes' prior to the General Election. Marr didn't turn a hair (not that's he's got much left now, eh?). Of course, nothing like seven million proles cast Postal Votes but these absurd statements are never questioned by our tame media 'interrogators'. Postal Votes provide us with the opportunity to guage [correct spelling: gauge] the psyche of the Nation and then manipulate the outcome accordingly. Just as last September, when Madam SCG (Saxe-Coburg-Goethe) instructed us to ensure that our Gaelic breathren be  prevented from taking North Sea Oil away from the exchequer; we were turned an overwhelming Nationalist vote into a 'No' vote and not a murmer about our blatant manipulation! Madam SCG invited me over for a glass of champers to celebrate a good day at the office.

The Proles appear to have very little idea how much more pain we are about to inflict upon them. If they think the past five years have been austere, all I can say is (in the immortal words of BTO), "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"

Well Ian, affairs of State call but I just wanted to say that I remain in awe at your tenacity in 'Colliding your cranium with the compacted vertical structure'.  Will gloat again in the not too distant and all that. Meanwhile ...

Toodle pip old bean.


My Response:

'You're going down, Jakob .... & you know it!'

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