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Why The Earth is Round :), confirmed by Physics Department Tokyo University

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What people don’t understand is that in planetary science which I have outlined in my book “Blue Blood True Blood”, the earth and planets like it, [such as] Mars, Venus, etc., these were formed when molten material was ejected from its sun and as the molten material spun in the coldness of space, the centrifical [=centrifugal]  force forced the hot magma or liquid within the ejection to harden on the outside into a global shape and inside the same thing happened except that the molten material started to push because of the speed and centrifugal force, to the sides and the extra material was forced through holes that opened up what became the North and South pole. And then the interior also hardened because of the coldness of space.

So what we have is an outer mantle and an inner mantle and in between is this molten material which is magma that we know of now and then the continental platforms formed on top of this and the same as above, so below. So we have a hollow space inside the planet. We have an area of space between the inner mantle and the outer mantle. And there are tunnel systems and caverns that have opened and formed in between. And there are many, many civilisations both in the inside of this planet as well as in the mantle between the inner and outer sections of the planet.


That is awesome and that is exactly how I discovered your work, I was looking into the hollow earth. That is one of my favourite mysteries and possibilities and I guess the way you describe it,

it’s almost like the earth is a round lava oreo with like a middle part of lava and two hard outside edges. Is that kind of accurate?


Yes but in the very centre where conventional science says is the molten core, actually is molten material left over from this formation of the planet so in effect we have an inner earth sun which is just really molten material but glowing hot. So in the inner earth it’s always light.

Now I just recently last month did some work in Japan and there I met a scientist from the Physics Department of Tokyo University which is considered very elite and he personally told me that this information is known and they have verified it at Tokyo University.

And they know that it is true but they are not allowed to reveal this to the public because it would undermine Science and Biology and everything else that we know in modern science.


Right, yeah that’s awesome to hear. Definitely there are huge ramifications I mean everything we know about Newtonian Physics would be off, everything we know about gravity and mass would be definitely wrong, we have to rewrite all that. ......


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