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For the Sake of Humanity ~ 16 and 17 May 2015

 AV6 ... For the sake of HUMANITY 

16th & 17th May 2015
Staverton Park Hotel, Daventry, Northants NN11 6JT

12 Rooms still available
Call 0207 558 8869 or 0779 151 8740

AV6  Speakers/Activists

Zen Gardner | Thomas Sheridan | Simon Welsh |Samantha Bachman | Pippa King

Patrick Henningsen | Olga Raffa | Max Igan | Ken O'Keefe |
Dr Graham Downing | Ian R Crane | David Noakes
 | Brain Gerrish

You're either with HUMANITY .... 
or you're with the Socio-psychopathic Global Corporatists!

HUMANITY vs INSANITY #40 : With Ken O'Keefe, Max Igan & Samantha Bachman

AV6 - Event Schedule
Saturday 16th May 2015

9.00am : Introduction & Notices

9.15am : Brian Gerrish  -  Beyond Authority: The Rush to Communitarianism

10.30am : BREAK 

11.15am :  Pippa King  -  Sleepwalking into a Surveillance State

12.30pm : Lunch

2.00pm : David Noakes  -  Big Pharma & The Cancer Scam

3.00pm : Break

3.30pm : Samantha Bachman  -  How a Human 'Crop Circle' Changed my Path

4.45pm : Break

5.15pm : Patrick Henningsen  -  How the West was Won (Again)!

6.30pm : Dinner

8.00pm : Zen Gardner  -  Awakening the Warrior Within

9.15pm : End of Session

SUNDAY 17th May

9.00am : Introduction & Notices

9.15am : Simon Welsh  -  Social Media : The Good, The Bad ... & The Downright Ugly

10.30am : BREAK

11.15am : Olga Raffa  -  Weather Modification & Geo-Engineering

12.30pm : Lunch

2.00pm : Dr Graham Downing  -  Unnatural Selection : The Future of Mankind

3.00pm : Break

3.30pm : Thomas Sheridan  -  Ragnarök, the Digital Jinn & the Water of Life

4.45pm : Break

5.15pm : Max Igan  -  Conspiracy Misdirection : Replacing the MEME with REALITY

6.30pm : Dinner

8.00pm : Ken O Keefe  -  The Unfolding Geopolitical Agenda

9.15pm : Ian R Crane  -  Don't Let the B****** Get You Down!

10.00pm : Event Ends

A weekend of presentations, workshops & discussion with like-minded Souls
committed to bringing about the changes that we ALL know we need to see!

More info & Tickets:

 A message from Southern Queensland to all communities worldwide who are finding themselves up against the horrors of the unconventional hydrocarbons industry.

  "You do it now. You stand up now and you find something within yourself that you didn't think was there. It's up to the people of the UK to get their cameras in the face of the kevlar security, the kevlar police - who are paid by the corporations.

It's more than just saying "no" at a meeting. It's intent. It's the intent of NO - it's the knowing that YOU mean no. That's when you will be unbelievably powerful."

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