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Yoda 103 - LOVE...the reclassification...Theory of the cup...

Namaste...and we love you all...

We begin this discussion by telling you that maybe we have been looking at this the wrong way. We label everything around us and even just use old inferior classifications as our own. And this as everything else we have come to see, is wrong. We seem to just see things as either right or wrong, black or white, up or down. Maybe we need to totally take a step back and revisit an old thought. Abundance, and lack of abundance. This would make more sense if you also take into account that you see, touch, smell, taste, and hear in three dimensions. And much of what you see is through duality. Either yes or no, right or wrong, and so on and so forth.

So let us let the lesson begin.

A cup. It has many uses. It holds liquid to drink, some are different colors and shapes and even different sizes. Some are used to measure things. And some are not even used to hold things to drink at all. The only difference is that the cup, can be used to descibe the self. And in the case of the self you can be any size cup you wish to be. Now let us imagine for a brief moment that you can see your 3rd dimensional self as this cup. What do you see your purpose as? And what are you used (your physical body) for? What is the sense of you being here in the all experiencing the all? And last but not least, are you loved? (you should all say yes)

If you walk around your day to day life and give to all without return or want for return you will begin to fill the perverbial cup and add to that which we call karma. Karma is the follow of energy and it has elasticity and can be anything you feed and or water. (we love using metaphors) The visual concept of a rubberband you pull back and get a return from. But, what if it is not a rubberband, but in a sense a wave of energy. And as you feed it you begin to make it grow, and in this scenario you have the ability to use this energy you have collected (in the cup) and do with it as you see fit. The words creation and imagination come to mind. And with these words come your ability to control what is directly in front of you.

This is also the reason why sometimes when good things (concept of good for them) happen to someone, bad things (another concept) happen to another person. The balance shifts and in third density this influx and wave is not so smooth, causing rigid ripples and the reaction sometimes empties the cup of another, causing them to have a BAD DAY. Unaware to that person that this is really simple to fix, but not always seen so clearly. You still have the ability to return to your NICE DAY you just have to work at it. You go from a high vibration to a low vibration in an instant. But in the other side of the scale, things can go from low vibration to high in just as fast. But yet we don't see the connection or our ability to control or act upon this.

So this is how the concept begins to take shape and we see the construct of the cup. As you go on with your day to day, fill the cup and use it as you see fit. But when you begin to feel the shift in love, begin to act immediately. You being all that is, have the ability to fix this quickly and easily. Every single time. What ever angers or upsets you is what empties the cup. Eventhough you do not feel you did something to deserve these things (arguing with someone, losing a spouse, losing a job, or any other things you can picture) they were part of the road you built for yourself to walk on. Not only are these things going to change you from high to low, but you put them there. You saw them fit to experience them, and so you created the reality that is making you upset.

Then by all means, fill your cup again! Do not allow this lack of abundance to control you. You are the one and only, you have the control. Use it, control it, and fill your cup and allow it to shift you into another vibration. Fill your cup with love and see what happens, but the opposite can be said about the latter. Understand the concept of lack and you can do almost anything, we have learned that this is the backbone to using influence towards others (very cool and funny, will explain this later as well) to shift and persuade others. Do remember if you study this concept that Karma still is in effect, ergo you make them do bad things (concept) the balance shifts and visa versa.

So now, let us talk about Love and how it works in this concept. When you are absorbing all that is love your vibration is high, seen whenever a baby laughs, two people kiss, children play and laugh, and you laugh. The other side of this scale shows that the lack of love, or to put it more concretely, the inability to attach love to anything, renders it bad (concept) and supposedly not what you wanted. So when the cup is full of love, you are able to do wonderful things, for others, for yourself, for the better of your reality. Sharing yourself and letting othres know you love them. And when you fill your cup with energy that lacks of love, things flow differently, negative energy allows for all matter of unwanted (supposedly) creativity.

The lack of love has allowed people to change, control and persuade masses of innocent human beings. When we begin to fill your cup with love, then those who persue the world to live and exist in the state of lack, to lose their grasp on you. Allowing you to once again have control over your life. The best way to make this evident is to point out a quiet room with people in it. Once a person begins to laugh, it sometimes becomes "contageous". And then everyone begins to laugh and all the vibrations rise.

Now from here we ask that anyone else who feels or senses similarities in this concept and their lives to comment and leave their piece of information. And we will continue to add on to this discussion. Helping us all grow and evolve. We await any type of comment good or bad...all are welcome and we will not judge. We love you all...and Namaste...<(-.-)>

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