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This is my First blog in which I will try to explain why I have joined this platform.

Try, because my native language is not English, so please don’t mind the grammar or way I build my sentences.

I believe the title or name of this website represents already enough a reason, for all those around this globe which are somewhat sane in the brain to join.

By joining, I believe we are all becoming part of filling in a global need in order to trigger what`s necessary to create that change which will eventually wake us all up!

I understand many individuals around this globe cannot relate to the informative material which is to be found inside this platform, I do know, all this will soon change in time to come while consciousness awareness will grow in effect.

Although I have never ever before felt disconnected as I feel now, I feel confident this negative situation will not change my personal truth in knowing this situation is only temporarily while will change overtime, for the better of myself and all who share my surroundings regardless of location.

Why I’m so confident is because some time ago I’ve been out of the BOX!

I’m back inside the BOX, still, I carry that knowledge I’m willing to share with each and any amongst this platform who wishes to question or ask questions about what it represents to be outside the illusion which veils us with limitation.

Please know I never followed or worshipped whatever entity.

I have read no more than four books during the course of my life.

I carry no knowledge about ways of live which include philosophies in relation to mediation or whatever way to connect or tune in to the self.

Although I carry understanding there are unlimited ways to step outside the illusion, I can only explain about the path I got drawn upon.

Reincarnation is a truth I support since it is exactly the purpose why I’m writing this blog, my personal wish is to trigger those who are seekers by offering guidance to step out or break through the clouded vision they might be dealing with.

I believe humanity is stepping out of adolescence, the fact this is not taking place in a let`s say, human synchronicity, confusion these days is all around while playing tricks with our emotional states.

In order to deal with occurring changes, I guess to allow or create conflict in no other space than one’s own inner self is the most appropriated way to proceed in order to handle the outside manifestations which affects us all in various ways.

That’s it for now, please feel free and welcome to ask me whatever question you might carry in thought.

In my next blog I will explain why and how I got upon the path of awakening and the way I experienced this amazing adventure which has changed everything…

Self-realization is a beautiful gift, while there are no existing words to describe this gift!

Thanks for reading,

Greetings Christophe,

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Comment by turtlesuds on March 5, 2009 at 3:38am
I am looking forward to your next blog!
Comment by Christophe on March 3, 2009 at 5:55pm
Yes, and that’s exactly what we can keep on doing as long as we wish for!

Going to write myself another blog, lol, hope you will like it.

I’m going to write a blog on how it felt to wonder around in an enlightened state.

Take care my friend,
Comment by turtlesuds on March 2, 2009 at 6:10pm
Hi friend,

I really do think we are going through something similar. It feels good to read your line, "Self-realization is a beautiful gift." It encourages me and reassures me that while you may be "down" right now, you are in a good place. I guess, like me, you are just reaching out right now, to everything, and trying to draw and channel strength and awareness. I think we will be answered, even it isn't exactly where we thought we would be. Being open, or at least asking to be opened up, are the best things we can do right now.
Comment by Christophe on February 28, 2009 at 8:35pm
I`m not awake anymore, some time ago I was very much awake,
Comment by AndrePaz on February 27, 2009 at 12:11pm
Thanks for sharing Christophe! nice to know you're awake and can share your experiences with us. I feel some synchronicity with your thoughts, I've been never attracted too much with any philosophic or religious current either.

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