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What is your big dream in Terra Nova (the New Earth) that you are going to co-create with the Archangels?
What are you co-creating now????????????
What dreams are coming true for you right now????????????


Thinking ****BIG*** here from J'Tariah EnRa El.
I LOVE you, Archangel Michael!

Love for & from Lord Jesus the Christ, GOD, and the Holy Spirit
Love & Hugs for & from all Archangels, Angels, and Guardian Angels

Cosmic Manifestation List

ONE (11:11 Take a snapshot, Angels!)
Soulmate Twin Flame -- in the physical -- who is totally 100% in love with my son and I. He is creative, loving, harmonious, caring, nurturing, whole, generous, honest, hilarious, spontaneous, emotionally available, personally responsible, and totally in love with the path of Jesus the Christ. He is outgoing, sweet, romantic, wondrous, innocent, knowing, affectionate, and full of Love and Light. He has some shamanic tendencies like me, and he loves animals of all kinds. He absolutely adores hanging out with children and makes Kai and I laugh constantly. (I do not care what he looks like, really.)

TWO (2:22 I am continually reaffirming and making this a reality NOW)
Experiencing a physical reality with my Soulmate Twin Flame and I (plus my son!)... We discover each other and delve into each other’s creativity with the results of creating a loving home, and a beautiful reality together. Together, my Soulmate Twin Flame and I co-create (CO-CREATE) a community and/or a group of likeminded creative Lightworkers.

THREE (3:33 Lord Jesus the Christ, please help me with this. Thank you! 1:33, and 3:11 help me keep my thoughts full of love and light!)
Learning to maintain the highest frequency possible, to always have in my thoughts feelings and yearnings for & towards Ascension, Planetary contact with full disclosure, communion with angels, plus reunion and living with my Pleiadian Starseed Family!

FOUR (4:44 Thank you Angels for Surrounding me and helping me with this!)
Getting the best living situation possible for my son and I so that we always have shelter, plenty of healthy food, clean water, and as much time in the great outdoors as possible.

FIVE (5:55 Okay, we got some positive happy loving big changes coming up!)
My son and I meeting up with my Soulmate Twin Flame, and other Beings from my Starseed Family to manifest miracles together as a group Merkaba: we will co-create creativity, unconditional love, all forms of artwork, a consciousness-raising community full of love & light, and lots of land for animals to freely roam upon!

SIX (6:16 The abundance is coming in the fuel the dreams! Thank you, God!)
ALL forms of abundance -- including free land and spiritual abundance -- flow directly from heaven to my family! My family includes my son, myself, my Soulmate Twin Flame, my Starseed family, and all beings in my co-creation community! We get land, building materials, art supplies, organic food, healthy water, tents, vehicles, wagons, and sweet animal companions from the cosmos.

SEVEN (777 Yeah, we’re on a roll, c’mon Angel team, please help me onwards and upwards! Let’s get this mission accomplished!)

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