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Thousand Faces Co-Creation Artistic Adventures -- Starting a Co-Creation Artist Community

Thousand Faces Co-Creation Artistic Adventures --- at 1000faces(at) ---

Let us discover each other and delve into one another's creativity with the results of manifesting a loving community, and a beautiful reality together. Through Artistic Co-Creation, we will maintain the highest frequency possible, to always have in my thoughts feelings and yearnings for & towards creativity on the soul/mind/body level! We will co-create creativity, unconditional love, all forms of artwork within a consciousness-raising community. Together -- through positive co-creation -- we will manifest free land, building materials, art supplies, organic food, healthy water, tents, vehicles, wagons, and sweet animal companions from the cosmos.

Echoing and Following Jesus/Sananda, the Great I AM...
"WE ARE" Thousand Faces Co-Creation Artistic Adventures

Here are the W’s
(what, when, where,!)

~~> What:
WE ARE and will be artists selling our works as a means and end to
getting the *Word* out about Cosmic Consciousness!

WE ARE and will be an intentional community on and surrounding a
school bus that travels inward and outward.

WE ARE and will be giving love to all we meet through Cosmic Consciousness artwork, music, poetry and other forms of performance

WE ARE and will be spreading messages of Peace, Love, and Cosmic Family Wonderment to All we meet on the road...

~~> When:
WE ARE and will be acting as artists Now, in our waking dream-time
and our dreaming wake-time.

WE ARE and will be acquiring a large used school bus, a rental area
to work on it and live in California (and traveling part-time in the bus once it is ready).

~~> Wants:

WE ARE and will be re-using and recycling found materials (used art
supplies and found art supplies) for painting the bus/vehicles in
an artistic way.

WE ARE and will be using vegetarian food supplies that leave the
smallest ecological footprint.

~~> Where:
WE ARE and will be in California part of the year, and traveling part of the year.

~~> How:
WE ARE and will be manifesting through positive projection, magical
manifestation, and multitudes of abundance.

~~> Who:
NOW is the time that we are making our visions into reality! Email us right away to meet up with us and start CO-CREATING this phantasmal dream NOW.

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