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This message is directly from ASHTAR HIMSELF through Sananda's Eagles. Please help heal the Gulf through crystals now. Read below for specific directions from ASHTAR.


Greetings to one and all. I AM Ashtar, and I have asked this one to put
out a Call to Action
for the healing of that area called the Gulf
of Mexico
. And I ask that this message, this Call, be circulated
worldwide, for this devastation in the Gulf is not just an American
problem; it is potentially a global problem. I have asked this one to
launch a project which will be fundamentally a `healing' mission; it
will not stop the oil that now gushes from the seabed, it will not clean
up or remove the oil that is now circulating and spreading in the
water. This project is designed, specifically, to begin the healing
process for the damage already done to the ecosystem in that area…the
fish, plankton, marshes, birds, and even the sand itself has been
compromised due to the devastation now taking place. Most of you have
seen the videos or read the news reports of your bird families covered
in the muck of this oil; fish are literally suffocating due to the
toxins and a lack of oxygen in the water, and all manner of sea
vegetation is dying. We are asking you, the Light Workers of this
planet, the stewards of this planet, to do what you came here to do and
that is to heal and assist the Earth and her lifeforms.

After what has come to be known as `9/11', we put out a Call for
specific crystals to be deposited in and around what you term Ground Zero
in order to remove from the air all the toxins, the asbestos, etc.,
that were discharged during that event. Again, after hurricane Katrina, we put
out another Call for the placing of other specific crystals to do their
task of cleaning the toxins out of the ensuing flood waters, and we
commend all of you who diligently took to heart your responsibility in
those missions. We are once again putting out a Call, this time for the
Healing of the Gulf. Make no mistake, these crystals will not stop the
flow of oil nor will they entirely clean the oil from the water,
although they will help in that area by removing certain toxins
contained in the chemicals that were used for dispersing the oil. An
attempt, I might add, that failed. What these crystals are programmed to
do is to HEAL; heal not only the organisms inherent in the water itself
but also the many nature kingdoms that make up a very fragile
ecosystem. There is a probability, due to the directional movement of
the water within the Gulf
, of this damage spreading to other parts of your world, so
the time for Action is NOW, before that probability becomes your

This mission that I, Ashtar, along with Gaia herself, as well as many
others, are asking of you is a simple task yet one that carries more
importance than your human minds can comprehend at this time. And I am
asking this one to follow my message with the further instructions of
how you are to put your healing abilities to work in this endeavor. We
are not asking everyone to travel to the affected area; those
arrangements have already been made. All we are asking of you is to get
these crystals into the hands of the one who is already in that Gulf
area and they, in turn, will do the distribution into the water. This
one (Janisel) has been given instruction on how to bind each packet of
these crystals together with a net of Light so as to program them to
work together in a synergistic way for the healing of the plant and marine life within those
waters. I will leave it to her to explain more to you about these
crystals and your part in this healing mission. It is my task to impress
upon you the urgency of this healing and encourage you to
wholeheartedly participate. So I admonish you, my brothers and sisters
of Earth, to rise to the occasion and begin the healing process NOW
before it is too late. If you will diligently apply yourself to this
task I have every confidence in your victory and the positive outcome
for Earth! This is Ashtar, signing off.

These packets Ashtar has told us to use for this healing consist of five
specially-charged crystals of various frequencies that have been gifted
to us by various Masters and Angelics:
1. Brotherhood crystal
2. Unity crystal
3. Freedom crystal
4. Ashtar crystal
5. Wisdom's Tears. Wisdom is the Feminine Aspect of Mother/Father God
and this crystal will boost the energetics of all the others.

Each person is being asked to contribute by donating at least one packet
of these crystals to this healing mission. I will bind them together as
Ashtar instructed and then ship them to someone else who is standing by
in New Orleans
with a boat and ready to place them in the water along the shoreline. We
are setting a target date of July 7, 2010 for our first shipment of
crystals to the Gulf. Although this will be an on-going project for
quite some time we would like to get as many crystals as possible sent
in this first shipment so as to get the healing started. Please, please
let us all, like the crystals, be bound together with Light and start
healing the dolphins, the fish, the coral and all the other lifeforms
that live in these oil-ruined waters. We are asking a $25.00 (usd)
donation for each packet plus $2.00 postage, to help us pay for the
purchase of crystals and the shipping to New Orleans. Below is the
information you will need for your donation:

Payment by check or money order: Should be made out to Janisel Rohs
Mailing address: P.O. Box 328, Clarkdale, AZ 86324

By credit card through PayPal:
as the recipient address.

Let the healing begin!

Love and Blessings,
Church of Sananda's Eagles

The Church of Sananda's Eagles, Sedona, AZ, USA survives and flourishes through your donations, tithes, and pledges. For this we
Thank You. This is your monthly reminder from this office. Keep
checking our website for updates of what we are doing with those

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