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Here's my best understanding of it all from piecing together bits of the puzzle over time:

First please note, Whistleblower has not been talking about "deliveries" except to question their reality and validity. He's said that if any of the "prosperity programs" were based on "roll trades", it's something he would likely have known about - and if any of them were based on funds of the Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, those trades either never got off the ground or else the proceeds from those trades would rightly go into the Collateral Accounts and would not be disbursed.

Also note, I think "Freedom Packs" is a reference to packs of a specific "prosperity program" and/or a reference to a subset of the packs identified as "trigger packs". In other words, "Freedom Packs" is not generally a term that's been used to describe _all_ packs for all "deliveries".

That said, if what Poof has been saying is factual, the point of the "deliveries" is that they are part-and-parcel of an overall scenario that includes (1) the end of the Federal Reserve, (2) the end of Corporate U.S., and (3) a return to Constitutionality in America. Part of this scenario will be "announcements", explaining what's happening and also revealing who has been behind certain misdeeds, we understand, and possibly revealing certain things that the 'Big Boys' have known but that have been kept secret from us "dwellers upon the land."

As Poof is saying in his update today, "...we know the new banking system is already online, waiting for the public announcements that come at the completion of deliveries to the rest of tier 5." The "new banking system" involves metals-backed currency instead of Federal Reserve Notes and is Basel-compliant, so it's said.

We expect that the packs contain instructions on how to proceed to access some very large sums of new money, already positioned in the new international banking network, plus perhaps one or more debit cards for accessing "expense money" immediately.

The idea of all this is that the new system is being kick-started (since the old system is bankrupt and in dire trouble), by placing money not in the government's hands but in the hands of the people themselves, specifically those people who were drawn to enroll in one or more of what's come to be called "prosperity programs", all of which closed to new members by sometime in 1999, it appears.

Not all "prosperity programs" may pay out - some, as Whistleblower has indicated, may have been falsely initiated, and as Christopher Story has said on occasion, some may have been "CIA Ponzi" schemes, etc. I'm given to understand, however, that some 60-70 programs, worldwide, were and are legitimate. We don't have accurate figures on how many people are involved - a figure of 300,000 has been mentioned, but it's not clear if that's a figure for all programs or just a few or whether it refers to participants worldwide or just in America.

Barney Franks' support of the "Audit the Fed" bill may be meaningless. It may have been "grandstanding", an attempt by Franks to show himself as being "on the side of the good guys" before everything this the fan. I don't know.

As I said at the start, this is my "best understanding" from fitting the pieces together - and I could be wrong about any part of it. :) But it's the best I've got, for now.


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