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George Bush Sr. created a program called "Freedom" for him and his cronies and was able to place this program ahead of the others which was a much smaller program. By placing it ahead of the other programs that had to be delivered before the others they were able to control whether the others were released by only having to prevent the "Freedom" packs from being delivered.

The Farm Claims program packs were to be the trigger for the NESARA announcements that created the changes in the government, the end of the Federal Reserve, the end of the IRS, forgiveness of all debt created under the Federal Reserve such as mortgaes, credit cards, school loans, vehicle loans, etc. NESARA also returns us to the Republic and the Constitution, ends Admiralty law taking us back to common law, and of the American Bar Association by reinstituting the Original 13th Amendment.

All of this takes away the power base of the criminals in government and around the world. That is why they are fighting so hard to prevent the deliveries and the NESARA announcements. By controlling the delivery of the "Freedom" packs they controlled all of the above.

Bush Sr. had also installed relatives and friends into several key positions whose actions or inactions could block the deliveries. One example was a French trustee was Barbara Bush's brother. It has been stated the Barbara Bush is related to the Rothchilds and Bush Sr. to the British Royal Family.

The above is my understanding from being involved in the programs over many years and I hope it adds clarity to other readers.

The day I attended my first meeting about the Farm Claims which was an after lunch meeting I had lunch with Roy Schwasinger just he and I at a 4 person table. He made the presentation at the meeting. The people I signed up under in that program, a husband and wife, were two of the first five farmers who worked with Roy on the program. Roy would communicate with them after he went to prison to protect 12 farmers in Texas that had sued judges, bankers and lawyers who ran a scam against the farmers to take their properties and then the scammers would buy up their farms through a consortium they created. Roy claimed he had told them to do it and by making that claim took responsibility saving those 12 farmers. Roy had been involved in stealing patents on behalf of the government and filing them before the original patents could get filed which negated the original patents.

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