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E-mail from the Trustee:


Greetings! It has been awhile. There is much I would love to tell, but, I cannot at this time, no matter who or how many get upset.

I can tell you that as a result of drastic measures taken, things are HOT, HOT, HOT!!! It appears that Poof has an eyeball on what is going on here as his reports are right on target with what is happening with this transition. Did you notice Poof's statement that people have been "stripped of their power"? There are only 1 or 2 ways to be stripped of power in this system. By death, or impeachment, but, we would all know about that process; and 2) by shutting down the corporation. When the man pulled the plug on their creation, " the seat of government of the U.S., a general post office, under the direction of the postmaster general," that stripped ALL CORPORATE PLAYERS of their power. It all happened in the blink of an eye, the swoosh of the mighty pen and it was all over and they were left standing in the cold, caught by surprise, with their pants around their ankles, the light of truth shining down upon them exposing their every deed. They know that they have no place to run; no place to hide!

We are about to leave the old behind us, once and for all!! The debt, the fear, the negativity, all done and out the door along with all of their wars. No more darkness! We made it! We have won! It is now time to let go of the old and embrace our new world. There are those who's job it is to clean up the mess including holding them all accountable for their deeds. This will occur! Let us leave this to those who've chosen this mission of holding them accountable. Let us move our focus to the new ways, for there is much to learn and many to teach. We have a lot of work ahead of us to complete this transition. We are all responsible for making this transition, and we have a duty, an obligation to assist others along the way. We are indeed our brother's keeper. We have a duty to re-member our sense of community and family values. We owe a duty to our neighbors; to the sick and infirm; to the young and innocent, and to the elderly. We have all forgotten that which used to be common practice. We have forgotten who we are; who and what we used to be. We have an obligation to re-member......and to become that which we are!! Let go of the fear and move into the new world, the new America! The veil of darkness has been removed from America!! It is now time for us, the American people to shine! To let that light within each and every one of us to shine forth like a beacon of love and truth. It is time for us to move upward and onward, forgetting and forgiving; letting go of all of the old ways, for we are all one. We are all in this together. When one stumbles, we all stumble! So, let go of the fear and let your light shine. Be all you can be!! Reach out and take another's hand, for who you help up today may be the very one who helps you up tomorrow.

Blessings, The Trustee

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Comment by Besimi on August 31, 2009 at 9:18pm
lovely and inspiring Jose:):):)
......thanks bro.

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