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We are challenged to be the truest expression of ourselves. We are encouraged to be the embodiment of Love Light. We are blessed with the answers to the questions we ask. We are reminded at every turn about who and what we truly are.

We are raising ourselves from the material trappings that have held us for so long. We are coming to find the greater intellectual capacity of our heart, and this is the mind of the soul. We are finding that all we know and have been taught is without accuracy. We begin to understand what is Truth and We are embracing what is passion.

We are the Children of Light, of Love and We are finding one another through space and time, across all distance and boundary. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change that has so long been anticipated. We are the Divine Source reflected and we are coming to stand in this glorious revelation.

We are Love. We are Light. We are Joy and We are Bliss. We are the expansion of Mother Earth and the foundation of what Humanity will be built upon once the Earth is made as New. We carry Hope and We increase the capacity of Love Light for all. We are the begging and we are the end and we stand at every moment in between. We are the anchor, the rock, and the firm places that can not be moved. We are the cry of the innocent and we are the calling of the heart.

We stand as we feel we must stand, for ourselves but We do this not only for ourselves but for everyone else as well. We feel and we know, so We take the place that is reserved for us. And We are the resonators of the collective. We stand united and we are one. We are One and We Serve as We are Aware of Our Role. We are given to know and understand and so We Feel Deeply and We Embrace. We are the reflected glory of Divine Source and We are Blessed beyond measure.

Hold High the Light and Love You Cherish so, it will sustain and nurture and it will serve to remind others of what is possible, renewing Hope. Be Well and Be Peace. Be Kindness and Be Encouragement. Be Love and Be Aware. Be All that is the most Honorable and Noble Aspects of Source and Be ever of Integrity. May the Love Light of Radiate within your Heart and may you feel this most sacred embrace with all that is your being. Blessed Be the One and Blessed of Christ. Peace Be your Footsteps and Kindness Be your Word. Love Light One.


I spend my first waking hours each day in Meditation. I read, watch, listen, and interact. A Few day each week I am given to express my appreciation and gratitude and share this with all of my friends. Everyone can use some encouragement and so I thought I would post it where anyone may have access to it. These are most often my own heartfelt offerings inspired from the love and gratitude I feel. Every now and then it is a channeled message but I do try to keep those limited to my journal writings. They have a distinct flavor to them and although much of me is present in them, they have primary origin with that which is greater then I Am. Hope is a wonderful thing and I hope this brings wonder to your day. Blessed Be.

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Comment by Lydia on March 25, 2011 at 9:31pm

Thank YOU Kevin ~ Blessed BE ~ We are The Children Of OUR Universe :)))

I am a child of this Universe * The ocean dances at my feet * The wind plays a melody through my hair * I am loved at every turn * I am kissed by Mother-Earth * I am a child of this universe * The sun warms me in its embrace * The stars have aligned for me in the sky * I am honored by all Life * I am held by Father-Time * Every blade of grass * Every shaking leaf on a tree * Every mountain top * Sings of the glory of God moving through me * I am a child of this Universe * Through my breath all of Life can breathe * I plant the seeds with my every dream * I can love at every turn * Give a kiss to Mother-Earth * I am a child of this Universe * I greet the God in each face * I am a channel for peace to flow * Oh I honor all of Life * Yes Im one with Father-Time * To every blade of grass * To every shaking leaf on a tree * To every mountain top * I sing of the glory of God moving through all * Moving as me * Moving as you * Moving as all * Moving, moving, moving

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