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** The first para is the direct translation of my exposure to Pixie whom I spend many lovely morning meditations with/within. **

Christ Consciousness through Service to Others. Light & Love. Seek Confirmation. Walk in Trust. Establish Harmony. Laws of Attraction. Bliss Charged Love. Welcome the Challenge. Humility is Born of Doubt/Uncertainty. Foods of Light ~ Ra'w Fruits Veggies. Discover them. Ask them. Walk in Alignment in All Things.

** So on to the final phase of the morning rites, after the very lovely hot shower having it's symbolic meaning as washing away and heralding of the new ... **

Well, that is it, is it not? The Christ Consciousness Corresponds to the Light Ring/Band (the cone ,that which is Center) of/to the Galactic Core.(This then is the actual physical manifestation of the occurrence.) These numerical trinities 8 8 8 & 9 9 9, they are the physical manifestation (verifiable proof) of to alignment.

Culminating at 12 21 12. The Transposition is the Mirror Made Manifest. As Above So Below. It is the Reversal. Up is Down and In becomes Out Blind one Seeing. Of the Celestine, there is one that says of history and that to know it is to unlock/unblock our connections of it, to it. The living code that is DNA and it is keys to knowledge unlocking as we connect to them. For all is connected within and with of, and this knowledge this energy flows thus.

12 02 12...12 12 12...12 21 12...12 21 21
...........................................(  )
.................................... ..../... \
..........................12 20 / .....  \ 12 22
................................The Passing


Who are You?
I am what you aspire to be. I am what you hope for and what you know and more, what you want to know - need to know. I am that I am and I am you. Ahmen.

You feel this. You know this. Now accept this. Seek this. Find for yourself and Live this for it is the calling of your heart. Establish this in the least of them and then to the greatest. For I am that I am and I say to You -- Live me in all of your affairs, for I am there.


Wings of Light that We may Transcend. There is the Vastness - layers, levels, dimensions, planes, continuums, forms, worlds, Conceptualize it as You Will. Be it Known that the All Source Brings about this Differential Nature of/with/to it's Self. To Objectify of Variety for sheer and utter Bliss that is, Being, Creation. You Know this. You Feel this. When you create/produce. What is that feeling, that sense you have of your works? How much Greater of the Source in of All Creation that it Creates.

You who are Light. From whence does this Light come? You are a Reflection. Your Light is the Reflection of All Light, the One Source. You are Bright, and Brightly You Shine this Light. Know then it is but a Reflection for as we are Incarnate We are not made of Light and We may Not be the full brilliance of the Countenance for We are not a creation Manifest to contain this. The Disparity is so Created in place for a Purpose.

Soon Now, My Children. Your Goal is within sight. Be Not Afraid of what is dark or the Coming that is upon them. Yours is Light, as You have Chosen. You have Embraced your Free Will, Embraced you Responsibility, and You Continue to Exercise Your Rite to Choose. You Choose Light and You are of Love, as One is the Other. You are Conscientious. You are Aware and You are Faithful in such Awareness.

Be Comforted. Be of Joy. Partake of the Abundance and Be Strengthened as of it. Continue in Light in Love and You Grow evermore, ever Closer. Be Nourished of Light of Love. Be Content as You have Found the Path. You are On the Path.

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Comment by Kevin Wiggins on March 24, 2011 at 3:31pm

A pleasure. These are not my first writings but they are the first that find context as this. Conversations with myself which later become conversations with higher beings. I used to date the works as they all come from my journal, but in this framework of the web it is less needed to have linear notations.

This was the start of my recent awakening to Ascension, and the move toward Unity Consciousness. Magenta Pixie is a channel of the white wing collective of nine. You can find her on youtube and perhaps you will find resonance as I did.

It is a bit confusing I suppose, but I was certainly confused at this point. The tone and meter becomes more stable and relaxed in subsequent entries. I will be adding them as time allows. It is basically the story of my journey through the process of awakening and my account of Ascension. As a matter of record for me, and as a comfort or assistance to others.

What I feel most strongly from this is confirmation, or proof that I needed at the time. There is a lot of encouragement and comfort. And I see now the underlying reinforcement is to the concept of our likeness of the Divine, in Love and Light. It seems to be a reoccurring direction of thought in my writing.

Much gratitude for the interest, look forward to further discussion anytime.

Comment by MysticalEnigma on March 24, 2011 at 1:10pm

Hi kevin,  welcome to SOE :).  Always good to see a new face here. :)


The information you're trying to share through this message is a bit intriguing, can you detail it a little bit more?  Maybe starting with who Pixie is?  Is this a channeled message?  And then perhaps give us your understanding of that message.  To start the discussion. :)


Thank you.

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