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Ultra Violate Light's Activation of DNA : Article by John Allyn

In nearly all genetic research ultra violate light is used to stimulate genetic changes in DNA. DNA responds to energy with in the electromagnetic frequency range (400 to 10 nanometers) we have named ultra violet. Frequencies above or below the UV range DNA can not feel or respond to. Like an antenna, its structure defines the wavelength that it resonates with. In most genetic research the fruit fly is the common subject to be studied because of their rapid rate of reproduction and low cost. The gonads of the fruit fly are irradiated with UV and the changes in the off spring are studied. In 2002 the Germans sent beer yeast up in one of the space shuttles in order to expose it to natural UV above the stratosphere seeking changes in the yeast's DNA with the hope of developing a better beer. For other purposes they also wanted to see if natural UV was more effective than laboratory electronically generated UV. For a number of reasons our controllers have attempted to convince us that UV is dangerous when it is actually healing and empowering, if one is also healing emotionally. Healing emotionally is our personal responsibility side of the formula.

The ozone layer in the stratosphere is being thinned out intentionally in support of our ascension in our consciousness which is taking place now in all who seek life before self importance. This paper is written with the intent to help the reader release fear around the changes that are taking in our atmosphere. Dispelling these fears at the emotional level is essential for the implementation of the DNA changes which are necessary for our ascension in consciousness.

Higher dimensional consciousnesses seeded the minds of greed with the realization of how much money could be made through the development and production of inert gases called chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs. CFCs are highly effective inert gases that were developed in response to the pressing need to eliminate toxic and flammable substances, such as sulfur dioxide and ammonia used in refrigeration units, air conditioners and many industrial manufacturing processes. CFCs are highly inert which mean that when they escape into the atmosphere manufacturing employee's are not harmed and there is no risk of explosions or fire. CFCs are so inert that escaped molecules are able to drift about for ever with out reacting with any of the other molecules in the environment. It takes nearly twenty years for CFCs released at sea level to percolate up to the stratospheric ozone layer.

The Ozone (O3) is an unstable oxygen molecule which consists of three oxygen atoms as opposed to the oxygen which we breathe at ground level that is a two atom molecule (O2). Stratospheric Ozone's unique property of being able to block UV causes the ozone layer to very significantly reduce the amount of UV reaching the earth's surface.

As the CFCs percolate up through the ozone layer they increasingly encounter more UV light from the sun and eventually are struck by this high frequency energy. This breaks the CFC molecule apart releasing chlorine from its structure. Chlorine is a highly reactive gas which, with out being held with in the complex CFC molecule, could not leave ground level earth with out instantly combining with another substance and thus loosing its properties and identity. The CFC is a very sophisticated transporter molecule designed to specifically transport chlorine to the stratosphere where UV shatters its bond to its transporter to become free floating highly reactive atmospheric chlorine gas. When this chlorine atom encounters an ozone molecule it cause the ozone to break apart into one oxygen molecule (02)and one atom of free oxygen (O). The chlorine itself does not change or combine with the oxygen it just breaks the ozone down and is then left to drift on to its next ozone molecular encounter.

The reason that our higher selves manifested the thinning of what the warriors call a protective shield from UV is that an increase in UV is necessary for proper alignment of DNA in all life forms on earth with the consciousness which is seeking to manifest through each particular creature. Humans are nearly dead unconsciousness running more on survival imprinting than conscious choice. This is because only about 5% of our currently functioning two strands of DNA are active. The remaining 95% is labeled junk DNA and to science has no apparent value. Increased UV radiation is intended to stimulate the return of function in that so called junk DNA. If one percent of the inactive DNA is activated there is a synergistic effect on DNA function well above the proportion of DNA which is brought back on line. I speculate that the Tower of Babble story is a description of when the Nephlim put the ozone layer in place for their control over humans.

I have read about the idea that there is supposed to be 12 strands of DNA, not just two. There is strong experimental evidence which supports this possibility. Dr. Robert Becker in his book The Body Electric, electromagnetism and the foundation of life, Becker describes his work at the National Institute of Health when he successfully converted a donut shaped red corpuscle, which has no nucleus and thus no evident DNA, back into a blast cell which is an embryonic cell with a nucleus containing DNA and cytoplasm with RNA. He states that he had to develop the electronics which would deliver 1/700,000 of an ampere of energy to the red corpuscle. When he excited the cell with such little energy the red corpuscle swelled up and two strands of DNA cam out of the cell wall drifted to the center where a nuclear membrane formed in the cytoplasm. At the same time the RNA emerged out of the cell wall and floated into position in the cytoplasm. With so little energy added to the red corpuscle Becker caused it to change from a specialized oxygen transport cell with no nucleus back into a complete blast cell with all of its parts. A blast cell is an undifferentiated cell which has the possibility of becoming any other kind of cell.

I assume it is possible that if the energy level of our environment increases other strands of DNA may be liberated from the cell walls of our bodies to become functioning aspects of each cell. So the idea of extra genetic material coming on line has strong experimental evidence to support it.

Increasing amounts of UV at ground level may just be the kind and amount of energy necessary for such a transformation. 1/700,000th of an ampere of energy may seem like very little energy to the large collection of cells held together by connective tissue called a human, but considering the tinny size of a cell it may seem like a lot of juice. If you pull a hair out of your scalp and observe the little blob (follicle) of tissue which came out of the scalp with the hair, you are looking at about 50,000 cells. A cell is very small!

The reason the prevailing system keeps telling us that UV is dangerous is because it is dangerous to them, not to us. As DNA comes on line through the stimulation of UV, be it our present two strands or regenerated ones emerging from dormancy in our cell walls, our minds (5-10% functioning) and bodies will begin to function at higher levels. As function returns so shall feeling. Body feelings and emotions increase dramatically as the numbness in our bodies is released and feelings return.

Old feelings that are currently resurfacing are interpreted as pain in the body and turmoil in our minds, lives and society at large. The current global escalating social turmoil is in direct proportion to our increasing planetary energy. The Schumann Frequency has risen from 7.8 Hz to 12 Hz which is a good gauge of the overall increase in planetary energy. With in the total increase of energy on our planet is included an increase of UV reaching us ground level.

The prevailing power structure sees all of this as dangerous for two reasons. First of course is social turmoil. If they could make money off of it, it would be OK but they can't and it threatens their delicately patched together economic system of domination. The workers are getting restless.

Secondly they are terrified of the effect UV is having upon their own DNA. As feelings expand and become biologically active it takes a tremendous amount of energy to process them into understanding. The controllers are not in the least bit interested in understanding feelings except at the laboratory level of animal manipulation designed to give understanding of how to make money off of people's feelings. This does not involve understanding their feelings as a subjective experience which takes a tremendous amount of their energy of attention. Their intent to control denies feelings (body) and emotions and drive all of their "energy of attention" through their computer brains (a brain with out feeling) in order to maintain their mental constructs with which they dominate the masses. The problem for them is that it is taking progressively more of their energy to suppress their feelings as planetary energy increases and DNA is stimulate into progressively higher function. This is leaving progressively less "energy of attention" for holding their mental constructs together and maintaining the health of their bodies. Our schools have the primary intent to train us to honor, respect and obey authority by paying with our attention. We are paying with our energy of attention to become a part of and to hold together their system for dominating us.

The third reason that for them that DNA reactivation is viewed as a threat is that DNA reactivation conforms to the consciousness with in each body. Many of them exhibit the insensitive lack of emotional empathy of a reptile. It may well be that they will begin to take on the more well defined physical characteristics of reptiles. This will make them very much less credible to those of a higher consciousness, who through historical social structures are still being dominated by the last of the waning momentum of the old system of control. Our "authorities" will be seen for who they actually are.

On the other hand those seeking life in an eternally evolving body of sensual pleasure in form will experience the healing and evolution of their bodies, minds, emotions and consciousness supported by a loving heart. The key to this is in understanding the validity of emotions. Emotions are the metaphysical feminine Will, the counterpart to the Spirit's consciousness. With out emotion the Spirit has nothing to feel and be conscious of.

We have been trained by their science to not believe in the metaphysical Divine and by their religions to think of the divine as a singular male consciousness they call God that in some cases has three male aspects. Few question how consciousness could be consciousness if it has nothing to be conscious of, where the feminine principle came from, or why all life consists of a male and female principle. It is more pragmatic and reasonable to assume that the divine Father is in relationship to a divine Mother. That out of our Divine Couple's copulation emerges manifested duality reflecting their gender relationship. We are of value. Their relationship is able to evolve in understanding through the reflections they receive from our relationships. Each of us is like a cell in their manifested human body.

We have been trained in the error of male superiority in order to keep the masses focused mentally and to not find validity in body feelings except if competition can be stimulated and money made. Our feminine divine birth right, called emotions, are denigrated to being a by product of mental functions.

The Controllers of the planet have denigrated emotion to being a product of the mind because they know that the denial of the emotions validity is how to keep us most effectively under their mental control. They know that if emotions begin to vibrate it will open our minds and we will see and feel through the smoke and mirrors they have created. With out our trusting our feelings in our discernment of the truth, they were able to convince us that objective mental logic was the correct way to determine the truth. They are experts at controlling others with logic. Their logic is being expanded into machine form (computers) for broader and more precise control. They may also possibly know that in these times, when UV is stimulating planetary DNA, that the vibration of emotional sounds in the body will lubricate, direct and accelerate the rearrangement of DNA to a higher level of order and function.

In order to take advantage of this knowledge one must learn the difference between expressing emotion and acting out emotions. To express an emotion is to allow the sound the body wants to make to be expressed. This releases of the energy of emotion as sound vibration (holler, shout, scream, rage, ECT) vibrates the entire body. Sound vibrations in the tissue move through the chest, down through the organs in the belly and up through the throat/neck and out the head stimulating consciousness in the body on many levels. In contrast to expressing emotion, acting out an emotion is to cuss someone out or punch someone as in acting out rage, or to run away or hide as in acting out fear.

Expressing an emotion as sound vibration changes the physical body (including the brain) in multiple and complex ways for which there is not space here to be describe and delineated. More understanding may be obtained from the book, The Right Use of Will by Ceanne DeRohn. I will say though that as UV activates ones DNA, the changes which take place, will conform to the level of vibrancy of the emotional body. Increasing the vibrancy of the emotional body makes one more human and the DNA will in turn be activated to manifest a more sensual human body and mind for the pleasure of the Divine.

The art is in learning to make a sound which most accurately duplicates the bodies need for release. One must learn to feel an emotional sensation and then make the sound which most accurately corresponds to that feeling. This releases emotional tension into movement (e-motion) at every level of our being. It clears ones fourth dimensional consciousness of emotional blockages opening the way to consciously reconnect to ones fifth dimension and higher (higher self).

Only move emotion into expression in a safe place. For those uninitiated into this kind of process it may bring up in them terror, rage and violence. This is because your emotional movement will strongly stimulate their emotional body with out their understanding of what is happening. You will be blamed, so be careful to be alone or with people who understand you and your process. Thank you for "paying with your attention"!

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