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The "Rolling White Light" By John Crawford

Excert taken from: Global Awakening News – 2008-2009 Winter – PART ONE

The “Rolling White Light”
By John Crawford

Note: The “Rolling White Light” and the “Cosmic Correction Currents” are aspects of a vast
transformational process that is at work. For background to this, please see the article in the
Spring 2008 edition “As Above – As Below, Transformation and Ascension”. One of our valued
colleagues, John Crawford, has the following observations:

“For the past year I have been watching an event that I have called “The Rolling White Light”. I
called it this because of how I perceived its movement as it came down from The Creator to
this level. It had three stages in it as it hit each of the three levels above us. First it came as a
bright white light to a level, then after a short period of time it moved into a rolling white light.
Its motion reminded me of how waves rolled when coming into a beach. The third part was an
intense white light with healing properties within it.

I perceived it coming into this level, starting in late summer or early fall, as a white light. This
white light began causing instabilities in all parts of this creation. We are seeing it in the
turmoil that has come to this planet but it is much deeper than that. It is affecting everything
all the way down to the atoms and beyond. It may be that some scientists are seeing this
disturbance but not understanding its origin or effect.

The effect of the rolling white light is just now reaching us at the physical level. It has moved
into the levels just above us and caused much disturbance in the beings and essences there.
This has had the effect of having what we have called the “dark forces” to step up their
activities to cause as much destruction and as many problems as it can before they are wiped
out. Getting “wiped out” is only in their perception, and they are being given the choice of
accepting what they have done and what they will have to do to return to the light -- or be
reabsorbed into the great unknown. We will also have this choice given to us. Some of us will
choose to return to our source and begin re-embodying again. Others of us will choose to
make the changes necessary to continue with this embodiment. Whatever the choice we make
it will be an interesting time for us.

This choosing is also happening in the highest reaches of ensouled beings. Many of our guides
and creators will make this choice. Many will be and are being replaced with beings without
the stain of darkness within their being. Others are making the necessary changes so that they
can continue with their evolution and with the work that they came here to do.
When looking out on the white light it is beginning its “rolling phase” here but what is
interesting is what is coming after the third stage of the white light. It appears that the
descending white light was only preparation for what was to come. For so long a time, the
pure energy of Creator was not at this level. There was energy but it had been tainted by the
dark, or more specifically, by one or more beings that sought to take the place of Creator and
thus control a part of creation.

Everything that had been created below these beings had the touch of darkness or the taking
away a part of the light of Creator from each of the beings below their existence. Within such
“fallen” realms, many beings who contain the “spark of light” from Source became trapped.
Lacking direct access to the light of Source, the dark tried to control or appropriate this light for
its own purposes. As above, as below, we see this dynamic playing out today within the
human sphere of existence.

Now these beings are being replaced and the damage done to this part of creation is being
repaired. The descending white light was and is a part of this repair. The final stage is when
Creator at long last descends into this level and beyond with its pure light replacing the false
light that has been with us for so long. This is happening and is being seen and felt in the
highest levels of this creation structure and will move into this local sector or area sometime in
this next year. I am seeing about the middle of the year but do not know this as a fact. My
“seeing” can be way off as to the human time frame but I do see this as happening and it will
be so.

What this means to us here is hard to say. We have not had this level of Creator Light available
to us for so many millions of years that it cannot be seen as to what the effect will be on us.
Many will likely wish to leave embodiment and start fresh in another place or time. Others will
willingly accept the changes and move into the greater self’s that will be the new paradigm or
way of being.”
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