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Hello there,
it's your friendly Asian Indigo online pal, Reb. And here's the time check for the month of October, day 25.

As you can see from the calendar chart so attached, we should be approaching Day 7 of our Galactic Underworld timeline which is slated to happen, oh, around November 3rd. Next wednesday!

What happens after that is predicted to be 360 days of creating a 'fully ethical society'. The terminology of that which may mean from not cheating during your weekly mock tests to becoming globally vegan.

Ethical, according to, means being in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct or practice. Maybe everything on earth could be set right within the 360 days starting next wednesday. What would you have liked being set straight?

I for one would love the financial system being set straight. And homophobic straight people being set straight.

Well, that's about all for the short update. Have a happy Mayan weekend!
xoxo, reb

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Comment by Juan on October 27, 2010 at 6:16pm
The chart is correct! it's not interpreted correctly.
The 7th day of the "galactic underworld" starts on November 3rd 2010 and ends on October 28th 2011 (360 days)
The 1st day of the "universal underworld" starts on February 11 2011 and ends on October 28th 2011
The universal underworld overlaps part of the 7th day of the galactic underworld (as well as the other underworlds)

What is to come is the real question...

Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on October 25, 2010 at 11:15am
yup, but details aside im wondering what is it thats gonna turn us totally ethical. hmm :)
Comment by Ted on October 25, 2010 at 1:36am
I've seen this image before and from my understanding, this 7th day is not 360 days long, even if it looks like explicitly mentioned. What i mean is if the 7th day starts on nov 3rd 2010 and the 1st day of next underworld starts on feb 11th 2011 so it cannot be 360days long, do the math its more like 90 days long. Time is speeding up.. Also the image does not mention what is happening after oct 28th 2011..
Also theres no 7th night, after the 7th day comes the 1st day, its 2 days in a row, it sounds pretty good to me..

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