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As Lightworkers, Shamans, Ground Crew members, Walk-ins, Starseeds, Crystals, and Indigos (and for you and me, being all of these roles at times), we have been going through some wild changes in the last few

In my body -- and a lot of my friends' bodies -- are going through a lot of physical metamorphoses: these are reflecting the radical changes that are happening to Mother Earth Gaia (Earthshan) right now. What happens to Her body happens to ours because we are her children!

Don't forget to stay positive to transmit and raise
more (and more) love and light! It helps you, your family members, and
most importantly, this planet.

On my end, what I am doing to stay a positive
Lightworker is multifaceted, for I am (I AM):

-- actively keeping an altar full of positive messages, pictures, images of Mother Earth and the Pleiades, and lists of goals and manifestations;
-- staying on a water/vegetation diet and doing fasts and getting a great deal of acupuncture;
-- reading good sci-fi and spiritual texts to keep my mind in the higher
octaves of lofty
love and
-- staying in the present, but remember that the
future holds endless miracles for everyone "here" now, including
Lightworker abundance, endless opportunities for travel, and the end of the 3d/4d game. We WILL be reunited with our starseed families in the very near future, so don't lose hope!

Don't forget that everyone on earth (me, you, everybody) is here right now for a reason. We chose to come here at this time to raise the energy, and to experience the Cosmic Party when the Beings
"here" will become part of the Galactic families.

You and I -- and the Lightworker/Shaman/Ground Crew merkaba are ALL ASCENDING
TOGETHER to Terra Nova right now.

Sending You Love!

Enjoy the Ride,

need galactic spiritual answers for your mission or to learn your mission?


However we choose to frame this, interpret it and utilize it the essence of the intent is one that
we can all benefit from. If you feel that this is a time together that
speaks to your own heart
and truth, that resonates deeply, please do share this abroad with
others. I send the details below for everyone to have to know the date
and intent they have with this global event. Namaste

40 Days Together In Worldwide Oneness

Join us in a fast from all
negative thoughts and actions
June 21 to August 1, 2010

Law of Attraction: “Your thoughts create your reality!”


We humans are so close to tipping
the balances of the new Light and

the old dark energies on this planet. By joining together, for ONE
final push, there is a possibility we can finally tip the scales for all
of humanity, birthing this new world of Light. We have been preparing
for this time since the Mid 1980’s raising the planetary vibrations,
ending duality and bringing people worldwide into a state of higher
. This is a calling for the final push of all Lightworkers,
11:11ers, Yoga practitioners,
Spiritual and Religious groups to join

together and overshadowing any darkness, tipping the scales for the
planet into the Light. Remember darkness is ONLY an absence of Light
Shine your Light until there is darkness no more!

In the Higher
Realms, before being human, we experienced only Light. There was no
darkness there. We chose to incarnate as humans for our soul growth and
to feed the mind of God with our experiences. We humans are all of both,
Light and Dark. We live in polarity in these lower 3rd dimensional
frequencies. Our mission and our lives on this planet has been to fully
experience duality and all possibilities in that realm of lower
vibrations. We have done this, and now it is time for the journey back
home to the Light.

Now it is the time of completion, and time
to bring humanity back into the higher realms of Light, or Christ
Consciousness, the 5th Dimension. By joining together
for 40 Days and

shining your inner Light and Love on this
planet and to
everyone around

you, we begin the journey home, and will shift the
balance of this

transition, having more Light on this planet, than
darkness. This will

be accomplished in mind and heart of all who

the significance of 40 Days of fasting from
negative thoughts, will

fully anchor one’s Spirit and thought
processes into the arena of

Light…For one who focuses on it, you can
fuse your Spirit with your

physical being, bringing Heaven to Earth. I
personally can testify to

this process, as I am already there. This
was a process well known by

all Holy Men and is found in all
Religions Holy Books. It is time we as

humanity do this for ourselves. It is graduation time. It is the time of


These dates were
specifically chosen because events known to occur in the
month of

August. In August there have been more invasions, more wars, nuclear
bombs, and just simple dark things happen, than in any other month of
the year. At that time, the heat of the summer has taken heavy holds on
the emotions of people… In anticipation of changing this to a time of
Light, 40 Days leading up to August is being chosen as the time. Also,
beginning just after the Summer
has great
significance as we

begin closing the cycle of the year. We are closing the cycle too of
duality, and birthing into a state of Oneness. This event will help
establish the Light on the planet, helping to anchor the coming 1000
years of peace.


This is and event that can
be participated in or experienced anywhere on Earth. It is a call from
inside yourself, from your heart, from On High, from your Spiritual
self. All one has to do is consciously choose not to entertain thoughts
of Lower vibrations.
Turn off your news that feeds the darkness. Turn

off your TV, Radio, Computer, Video Games, or anything that keeps you in
the lower realms. Think of things Spiritual or of a more vertical
thinking rather than the linear thinking of the material world. Yes, we
all have to work, take care of our families, and still participate in
this 3D world, but we can rise above it, into a different way of
thinking and being. It is all in your mind. If you do this lovingly,
living through your heart, you will begin to feel a state of bliss, of
Pure Love that will begin to overshadow your whole being. When you feel
it, anchor it, as that is the new way of being for all of humanity.


Tell your family and friends about this
event, and what you are going to do… Ask them to join in, or at least
allow you to experience this time in peace for yourself. By doing that,
even those who choose not to
participate are at least conscious of what

is going on

Hopefully everyone will see the significance of
what is possible, and that which is being called for to join in. Let
everyone know, your families, groups, churches, let it be known via
emails, newsletters, and so on. Post it on your FaceBook page, your
websites and print it on flyers to post around letting people know.





'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we
touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings
tenderly beating.' The Universal Heart Center

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Comment by Free Spirit on May 15, 2010 at 6:35pm
Thank You for the post crow spiraling inward I will be more than happy to do my part you can count on me.LOVE,LIGHT,& BLESSINGS

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