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This was done, so it can be UNdone ~ by Ian MacLeod

MUST READ!!! This was done, so it can be UNdone. It must be undone,...

I don’t know why so many of my readers writings recently are leaving me close to tears, but Ian’s is another one that has done so. Ian, how could I not publish this? It is one of the most important articles that has come across my desk in a very long time. It is that special. I hope people will make your words go viral.

One of Ian’s many gifts is that he grasps the total picture — and is able to express it in heartfelt words, for us the American people, who gave so much for what we were led to believe were good causes. The total picture is SO BIG and Ian’s article grasps it all from the elites who want to kill us to our own beauty as human beings. For those of you who don’t quite see it, maybe his words will help you. . . Thanks, Ian, and many, many hugs, ~Jean

Hello, Jean!

I looked for a way to send you an email; no luck. Just some way to contact you – just no go. It’s been a strange time here for me, but one thing that has come out of it is some writing. It’s good to do that again! This piece, well, I hope you don’t mind, but I was thinking of you – your blog and no other – as I wrote. It just felt right. So – I DON’T mean to take up all the space here! If you DO have a use, a place for this, please, be welcome! Delete it if you wish, of course, use it if you can, Edit it if you want. Or hand it to another you trust to. I just had to write it, and get it here. To you. Sorry this was the only way,the only place I could find where it didn’t seem TOTALLY inappropriate. I hope I’ve not erred, but if I have, my sincere apologies! I’ve been awake a long time and I have a pain doctor (once a month) appointment today, a long drive to make soon to make it 3 1/2 hours each way over Mt. Hood, which is likely a pile of ice now. Anyow, here ’tis:

This was done, so it can be UNdone. It must be undone, and soon, or we ourselves will be!

Canada isn’t the only place where all law can be suspended on essentially a whim. That’s now the case in America! They’ve just had to use the law slightly differently. If they do this in Canada and the U.S. at the same time, and if the military of both countries obey a clearly illegal set of orders, I suspect we’ll lose, period. With the military on our side, maybe, just maybe we can win, but either way it’s going to be horribly costly!

The evidence of the tremendous sabotage of America over this past century is undeniable, and other inhuman crimes of the “elites” are being outed almost daily. We’re finding more and more murders, many of them clearly Luciferian sacrifices, and very often of children! The sheer  evil they’re done this world with the power of the now unaccountable super-Corporations and “royals” AND with the use of “our own” “shadow agencies”, i.e. the NSA, CIA, FBI, Israel’s Mossad (who feel they OWN the U.S.) and perhaps as many as 70 others (!), the illegal and utterly destructive (as it has been proved to be) Federal Reserve and the rest of the so-called “Central Banking System,”  most of the Congress, our former regulatory agencies (which now work for the Corporations, i.e. Monsanto, all the Big Pharma major corporations and others…) The list seems endless, doesn’t it?

There must be some loyal Americans in each of these agencies! How can we reach them?How can they find and reach each other? Alone almost none of us can do anything against all of these giants. Together? I’m not sure, but certainly more than we can as individuals! Kevin Annett has it right: WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!  In everything we’re being attacked: in our foods, in the air and water quality, in our economy, in our “medicine”, in absolutely everything needed for even minimal survival! Some of us aren’t surviving, and that is unacceptable! If Americans don’t act now, in not too much longer we won’t have the physical ability to resist our own murders and outright disenfranchisement from humanity itself! They, the Enemy, insist that we are no more than THEIR PROPERTY. I deny that. I REFUSE THAT!

Our “reward” for lifetimes of hard work on their false promises has been abuse in all areas of our lives. The Rockefellers BOAST of destroying the American family, of destroying education in America, of destroying the I.Q.s and physical health of Americans, slowly, over generations. They BRAG OF THIS! 

A recent video SHOWED – for the first time, for me – the recognition of the People, of very many, that we truly ARE under attack as a species, never mind as free people. Our freedom, our rights are not the only things at stake here: our very existence is at stake, and so is the existence of every living thing on the planet! The destroyers are the Super-Wealthy, apparently ALL of them, and they clearly don’t care if they have to sterilize the entire Earth to achieve their goals! They are utterly Evil, and completely insane! Murder is, to them, all at once a hobby, a fun thing to do, a religious observance of the worship of Lucifer – the God of this world as they call him – and having kept our true history from us, our true heritage and our true inheritance in technology, even the knowledge of our own capabilities and health, now they intend to take away from us the last thing left to us, but only after imposing horrendous suffering on us for their own amusement, apparently: our very lives! They want, they INTEND for us to have to watch our beloved children and mates suffer their way into death by starvation, something we had almost conquered world-wide before the interference of the so-called “elites”,  and by diseases THEY have had weaponized and that THEY have ALWAYS had the cures for or the knowledge to block infection. They give us death by radiation – the sheer variety they’ve fostered in the methodology of murder is wide and deep and ubiquitous.

So are we. We have no choice now but to recognize our own power and use it in all of our numbers before those numbers are reduced to a pitiful, sick handful! It would take little more than for us to shrug our shoulders in unison to shake them all off of our backs, and off of our world forever! First though, we must somehow, and QUICKLY, awaken our brothers and sisters in spirit the world over! Most of them even YET believe that it’s all “conspiracy theory” and that those who believe any of it are insane somehow! They refuse to see or hear the evidence!  Somehow, for them no provenance could exist that would legitimize the evidence! This was done, so it can be UN done. It must be undone, and soon, or we ourselves will be.

I have no gift for organizing – well, much of anything. I use the forums created by others, and I synthesize information from multiple sources well and quickly. I also can’t walk more than half a block at one time — I have Chronic Pain, and I’ve had seven back operations. That also means I’m on SSDI, so I couldn’t put a down-payment on a free meal. I’m also, however, a Vietnam Era veteran (meaning essentially that the only “war zone” I saw during my service was East Oakland when I was stationed at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital – I was a Hospital Corpsman – and that’s pronounced CORE-man!) My mother was a WWII veteran (US Army) with time in a war zone, though after cessation of hostilities), my dad was USN, an Aviation Ordinanceman with multiple yours in Korea and Vietnam, my Brother was U.S. Army, an Uncle was a veteran of WWII, Korea AND Vietnam, was a SeaBee wounded on a ship struck by a Kamikaze aircraft (he carried a piece of that plane for the rest his life in one ankle), and so on. We never waited for a draft – we JOINED. WE didn’t join because w were warlike. You couldn’t find a quieter, more polite, caring and gentle group of people without having to work at it – but we ALL believed in the promises (lies, but we didn’t know it) and ideals (false, but most of my family never learned it) of America. Only my brother and I are still here, but for how much longer I don’t know. HE doesn’t “buy all this ‘Conspiracy Theory’ crap.” I see it’s true with everything I see, remember, read, but he cannot wrap his mind around it. He lives and works in L.A., and if Collapse hits – is TRIGGERED by TPTB – while he’s there, he’ll die. I won’t be able to reach him, and he won’t be able to leave. Cities like that are the biggest death traps ever conceived, no more, no less.

I wish to God I had some sort of plan to offer, a set of tactics, anything that might be useful. But I don’t. Our numbers are VASTLY greater than those of the “elites”, but that means almost nothing when you consider the variety and power of the unseen, futuristic weapons available to them. And remember, THEY are the ones who started WWI and WWII, Korea, Vietnam and all the rest, as well as most wars abroad. They’ve militarized most of our police, and have had them trained by the most vicious domestic military on Earth: Israel.They’ve been exterminating and torturing the Palestinians since they arrived and began with assassination of a young Jewish physician who opposed them. Dr. Yaakov Yisrael Dehan was murdered on July 1, 1924 for attempting to ask the British to remove their funding from the Zionists. It wasn’t necessary – there were around 30,000 Jews then living in peace with Arab population that we now call “Palestinians.” Not only has America funded their torture, disenfranchisement and murders almost ab initio, we have consistently been told by our MSM that the Palestinians are the cause of their own extermination. Of course!

They refuse to be slaves in the land they’ve lived in for over a thousand years. Israel and the leaders thereof have been openly quoted often saying things like how they will exterminate all the Palestinians one by one and ten by ten if they can’t do it all at once because of silly American sensibilities, and then the Americans will never notice. “Christians” seem to be all for it – too many of them. They see only that it’s the “Holy Land” that God promised In the Bible to return the Jews to and there they are! Sorry my friends, but I refuse to see the British monarchy as the Hand of God – the same ones who’ve been hunting, mutilating and killing children, even drinking their blood in “Luciferian sacrifices” for an unknown length of time – possibly centuries! – and passing themselves off as somehow “superior” to the rest of us. I’d rather drink from a sewer than drink with any of them! Such rites are how the “elites” help to keep the spouses, and likely many of their own members, under their control. Someone who has witnessed such a thing, the sheer trauma aside, knows that if they don’t report it, they become complicit in the eyes of the law. They also know that people who cross the highest-ranking “elites’, the Rothschilds, tend to die shortly thereafter, and there is never a (successful) investigation, never mind justice.

How do we fight people who own the most powerful and ubiquitous conglomeration of spying agencies that ever existed? Spies, super, high-tech equipment that’s decades, maybe centuries ahead of us, people we can’t identify, likely couldn’t reach if we could, and probably couldn’t defeat despite all of our numbers. Not when ONE of them can bathe a small country all at once with microwave, RF or other radiation with any number of possible effects moments after getting the order. They supposedly have underground cities waiting, empty, for when they’re ready to sterilize the planet and remove the “human infection” – that’s us, folks. They’ve casually murdered uncounted scientists, news people both solo and corporate, ordinary people like us who were witnesses to things they don’t want to have made public yet… Those who oppose them and come to their attention tend to die, and no matter HOW obviously it’s murder, no one is ever brought to justice because the Corporate Judges and Courts of America will never oppose the “elites”. NEVER. But SOMEONE had damned well better do so soon, or this world-wide extermination will go off successfully – but only after the “elites” have had loads of fun ordering and watching the exterminations of individuals by various means of torture, of entire cities then, and then entire countries, and after that they’ll go after the pitiful remainder of the human race – unless someone stops them, and my dear friends, we’re all there is as far as I’ve seen. I’d dearly love to have a Pleadean or three stop by for coffee (it’s about all I have to offer) and show me that they’re the Real Deal, and have them tell me they’re going to help out. Then maybe we’d have a chance. I’ve never met one, though. – or any other alien.

I’m an old (and getting older fast) Sci-Fi fan from – really! – since about the age of three. I would have hopped onto the Star Ship Enterprise in an instant – I still would! THAT kind of universe is what I’ve ALWAYS felt like I should be living in! I saw long ago, while I was still in the system and would continue to be for years yet, that the school systems in America were sabotaging the students, not teaching us. I saw our politicians were almost all rich people, and that they lied to get elected, did just the opposite of what they’d promised, then lied to get elected again, and it was as though the People had totally forgotten the first set of lies! It’s still like that but far worse than ever and getting worse fast! The “elites” have caused to be lined up against ALL of us so many energy, bio and other weapons, so many “Shadow Agency” sociopaths and human robots who would follow any order at all to wield those weapons. They’ve poisoned and drastically reduced our food supply, our water supplies, the air itself – perhaps even the sunlight! Our “medicines” are really poisons which, if they don’t kill us right away, they weaken us, they affect our immune systems, our minds, our emotions, our wellbeing… what there is of it now.

I just don’t know, friends. Should we gather together? That’s called “creating a large target” that’s very easy to hit. Stop buying from the monstrously destructive corporations? Frankly we can’t – we MUST eat something, we must wear clothes, we need tools, other things… And anyway, then the government would attack – count on it. It will anyway, but no one knows when. It will be soon, though, I feel sure. We’re surrounded on all sides, poisoned by all intake, lied to by so many people, sites, and other sources that it’s getting harder and harder to tell what’s true and what isn’t.

We’ve GOT to do something though, soon, before we lose the chance forever to even try to take our own destinies back into our own hands! They’re lying to us openly now and daring us to say we don’t believe them. They’re turning America into a giant prison camp and having the Mossad train our “To serve and to protect” police forces to abuse, torture, and to kill us without remorse – and without accountability. They separate us every way they can, and it always works, damn them!

Whatever else is happening, time is running out, together with our health, wealth, supplies, and our very lives. If we act, a great many will die; if we don’t though, the same thing will happen. There is no stopping that now, or so I believe. I hope I’m wrong. Regardless, as another once said, better to die on our feet than live on our knees. Come on, people! They’ve now classed us ALL as terrorists for all intents and purposes, when they themselves are clearly the only real terrorists here! They’ve hit us with diseases, poisons in our food, water, air, meds, you-name-it, and they’ve handed out more lies than there are fleas on a dog! We’re irradiated in multiple ways, Hillary has seen to it we’re buying radioactive food from Japan and she’s also seen to it that “food” won’t be tested for radiation! “OUR Government” is NOT our government – they’re just another tool of The Enemy Super-Wealthy who intend to annihilate 90% or more of humanity, starting with us. Why? Because we were the best! We had to be destroyed before the rest of the world could be targeted and taken down, destroyed.

They’re about ready for the final blow here, too, the killing attack. We can act and die, or we can sit and wait for them to come kill us in our Laz-E-Boy chairs in front the television, but either way a LOT of us are going to die – by starvation, or poisoning, or being shot where we stand, but WE’RE GOING TO DIE. Eventually it happens to us all. I’d rather die doing my best to defend those I love, and the institutions and other things and creatures I love, rather than sit here waiting for someone to put a bullet in my head or lop it off for the entertainment of the insane “elites”. I had hoped and tried for so much that I cared about, that I loved, and now none of it will ever be. All I can do, though, is all I can do. Disabled, in pain, poor and getting old too fast, I keep writing – blog comments and articles now and then, poetry, music, I’ll keep singing because it’s a thing I MUST do – out of love, joy, anger, confusion or whatever, music and my emotions are forever tied together. I’ll rub feet and shoulders, hands, heads and backs; whatever hurts, of my own special people while I’m able to that day. I’ll talk to and love on the cats when they come to me for comfort, I’ll cook meals and try to sneak in something healthy for my loved ones when I can. I will continue to be myself until that too is taken away. I love because I love – that’s who and what I am. I fight when I’m left with no other choice because that too is a part of my human nature. My preference though, always, is to be gentle, to help, to comfort, to teach, by example if I can, by offering what knowledge I’ve gathered in more than half a century if that works better.

And maybe that’s it: be ourselves – our Selves – to the very best of our abilities, love where love and caring of whatever kind is needed because it IS needed and that’s something we can do. We can listen. We can comfort – with words, with touches, with food, a quiet place to rest for a time, with whatever we have that another needs. These too are all ways to fight what’s been happening, but if the time for violence also comes, and I see no alternative to it, though I hope desperately that I’m WRONGthat it will come, then we will fight. Some of us old warriors, at least, will. What other choice is there but to die unprotesting, giving up in the face of utter Evil? I wasn’t raised that way.


Love and Light, Joy and the Deepest of Friendships, Laughter, Health and Good Fortune to Us All!

We Shall Meet Again! No matter the abyss that separates us, no matter the Evil that overshadows us, it’s all only for a time – temporary, like all else here.

We SHALL meet again – in Joy!

Be Well; Be Love,

Ian MacLeod 12/03/2014 Oregon

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Comment by CHRISTINA on December 5, 2014 at 8:26am

By removing our consent to everything the Cabal is attempting to do to us – they lose power.

There are grand beings of LOVE working with each soul. Daily action is necessary to break the Matrix!

Now is the TIME to do it once and for all!




Comment by CHRISTINA on December 5, 2014 at 8:22am

Spiritual Contract Removal for the media systems, Revocation of Banking Systems and of Government

Comment by CHRISTINA on December 5, 2014 at 8:19am

it can be undone:




2) I AM ETERNAL, embodied at the moment inside of the human skin/body suit, and am “created” by the Infinite, Immortal Creator of ALL THAT IS. I claim all rights as such, and FULLY RESERVE them for my living being, while having NO EARTH BOUND AUTHORITY standing between my living being and Prime Creator unless designated by my conscious and fully informed consent.

2.1) There is NO tacit consent anywhere present in my life, ever! Consent for everything must be asked for, the reason and situation explained to me completely, and terms negotiated which are fully current and up to date, before any consent can be assumed or presumed. There is to be no presumption of, “Well, I assumed . . . .” Do not make assumptions beyond these statements. I mean them with my whole heart, and I will extract payment from those who are guilty down through the ages, even if I no longer exist in a human body!!!



3) This computer or “electronic writing book”, is my personal property. It is assigned to me for my private use, and is purchased with tradable energy that I earned by my own fair labor. No outside authority is granted access to it whatsoever, except to read NOTICES and CONTRACTS, and to receive INVOICES.

To be very clear, so that you cannot say ‘you assumed’ . . . all my emails are private, no matter what computer I use. My life is totally private from you no matter what device I use. . . a phone, my personal phones, a cell phone, Skype, snail mail, and so on. I do not give you access to any of these, and remember this well, because you will pay for it to the fullest extent of this contract if you intrude on my life and soul!!!

4) I DO NOT CONSENT to having any human being, living being, machine, entity, person, corporation, secret group, or their representatives, their bosses, their off world allies, anyone working for or with the absolute psychopaths running Israel, and especially secret society groups: to spy, to look into, to watch, or in any way invade my PRIVACY for any reason except as listed below:

4.1) To read NOTICES, (clearly labeled as Notices) and to become aware of any “penalties” for acting in a way that affects my living being without a valid contract or treaty, and to receive INVOICES…, (clearly labeled as Invoices).
All other material is off limits except my Declaration.

4.2) This non-consent to “privacy invasion” includes all means and forms of communication I currently use, whether in my personal life, in e-mails, phone conversations, computer usage, internet travel and access, or business writings.


4.3) Privacy is defined as: my own unique personal life experience.

Each experience, had by my being, is for my personal growth and development. They are NOT for corporations to seek profit from! These experiences are specifically NOT allowed to be used by other beings in any way that creates money for profit, while demeaning, degrading, or negatively affecting my living being.
Whether through tracking, counting, organizing, collating, sampling, polling, listening in on, or in any way watching or spying on my living being for the purpose of targeting, marketing, psycho-analyzing, or any other form of intrusion, these things are expressly FORBIDDEN, under my definition of Privacy!

Specifically, I do not consent to being tracked by my credit card/s or me debit card or any other form of payment that I may make (PayPal, for instance.) Again, if you do so, you will pay down through eternity – and beyond for taking such liberties with my

I DO NOT CONSENT to any of these.

4.4) PRIVACY also includes: where I go, and what I do with my physical body, mind, and soul, which is multi-dimensional.

4.5) The ONLY way this is allowed is to “ask” for my personal conscious consent, which can ONLY be given after a complete and total disclosure of every possible affect, or effect, upon my living being with nothing hidden.
It would then have to be placed into a formal contract, and signed by me with a wet ink signature to be valid.

5) There are also invasions of privacy so egregious, that they are considered special acts of invading my privacy. These “special invasions” of privacy Include:

5.1) The Monetization and Collateralization of my Personal Soul Energy, and Personal Soul Entity, for the purpose of buying and selling, or owning.

5.2) The Monetization and Collateralization of my Personal Human Body Suit/Skin Suit, which is laced with my unique DNA that is MY PRIVATE DOMAIN, for the purpose of buying, selling, or owning.

5.3) The buying, selling, owning, and trading of MY Soul Energy, or MY unique human body on the New York Stock Exchange, or any other Stock Exchange in this world or any other world, is expressly Forbidden!

5.4) The buying, selling, and owning of MY UNIQUE and Personal DNA is expressly forbidden anywhere in the Universe.

5.4.1) The “harvesting” of my energy is forbidden! Whatever the form it takes, my energy is my own creation, and I DO NOT CONSENT to having it harvested for others to use, or to profit from.

5.5) This buying, selling, and owning, amounts to SLAVERY, and is forbidden by me under my own FREEWILL. So is the harvesting of my personal energy! If such acts have occurred, or are occurring, then immediately see:

NOTICE OF CONTRACT (Item number 11), and the Effective Enforcement Dates located in Section 37 and 38…, (38.1 – 38.4)

5.6) If such acts have and are occurring, then as stipulated in Section 59 and 59.1 called: SPECIAL ACTS, a payment of 100 quadrillion ounces of pure gold, (24 karat) is NOW DUE immediately. A separate payment is due for each individual ACT of buying, selling, “harvesting” and owning, as listed in Sections 5.1 – 5.5 above, and under the terms of Section 59 and 59.1, with the effective enforcement dates listed in Section 37 and 38 (38.1 – 38.4)

5.7) This payment is due NOW, and PAYABLE directly to me, from each living being who engaged in these acts, without a valid contract. Delivery to me personally is ORDERED at my current place of residence. See NSA for details.

(See AUTHORITY, Section 25, items 25.1 – 25.5)

6) I DO NOT CONSENT to the use of nanites, parasites, or any other type of infectious diseases and technology, whatsoever, whensoever, or wheresoever, now, in the past, or in the future, to be used upon my human physical body, or mind, or soul, while I am living here on Earth!
Unless I give my specific personal conscious consent to each individual act as a result of the full disclosure of every possible effect or outcome of such use, with nothing hidden, and NO DECEPTION used, these actions are FORBIDDEN! This consent also needs a current, valid, and up to date written contract, which is signed by me with a wet ink signature.

7) I DO NOT CONSENT TO ANY TYPE OF MIND CONTROL, OR THE USE OF INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY IMPLANTS (physical, etherical, or astral), living or non living, to be used on my living being, my physical body, my ethereal body, my electro-magnetic body, my astral body, or my Soul Body, which could possibly have any affect upon my physical body, mind, or soul in ANY way, without a current (up to date), fully disclosed and transparently negotiated contract (nothing hidden), and signed by me with a wet ink signature.

I do not consent to you creating dreams when I am asleep. You have already started to do so, and I remind you that you will pay for this. . . to the fullest extent of this contract.

8) I DO NOT CONSENT to any type of frequency waves currently being used, or historically used, to target my private and clearly designated unique* human physical, etheric, or astral bodies, my DNA, my cells, or my mind, or my soul in any way that is negative or dark. This includes any type of exotic, secret, or covert, Earth based, and off world based technology, (which includes locations on the moon, asteroids, or other undisclosed places being used) that projects pulses, beams, or waves, of any known frequency which has been seen to be detrimental to the human body, mind or soul.

* My physical body is unique due to my private ownership of my own DNA.

9) I DO NOT CONSENT to using fluoride in the drinking water, nor to genetically modifying the food grown and sold for human use. I DO NOT CONSENT to aerosol sprays being placed into the air I breath, nor to programming being inserted into music that I listen to. I DO NOT CONSENT to programming placed into the television and video images I watch without a separate signed contract for each item listed above. I DO NOT CONSENT to the negative manipulation of the weather, nor to the poisoning of the Earth, because I know that these acts are harmful and unhealthy.

10) I DO NOT CONSENT to the use of psychics, black occult magicians, archons, demons and dark spirits using mental energies or any other forms of frequency attack against my living being or bodies. I DO NOT CONSENT to the use of Voodoo, or any manner of spells cast, which could then cause a negative affect on my body, mind or soul, without a signed contract with a wet ink signature. I DO NOT CONSENT to exotic, machine like, robotic technology either physically or ethereally, or astrally implanted, and then used in any way to track, alter, torment, attack, abuse, infect, or harm my body, my mind, my astral body, or my soul at any time, at any place, for any reason.

A Sample WORKING Declaration . . . I believe THIS is what will shut...

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