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The text below is in the form presented to us by max spiers, unedited. 
Max Spiers
7 hrs July 28th 2014  on the Original Bases Project Facebook closed group.
It's not just the children in the juvenile detention programs, foster homes, and adoption centers of the world who are being exploited in this ring, it is also the children of the wealthy and privileged of the Illuminati/Jesuits whose fates are being decided in orchestrated, deeply hidden and horrific fashions.
"This also corroborates child abuse detailed to me and intuited by myself with Max Spiers telling me about his time at school with his roommate Orlando Bloom while they were students, roommates and friends at the Canterbury Cathedral School in England in the 80s and 90s.
Orlando is Max's Godfather, believe it or not, and after Max was baptized as a young teen by the Bishop of Canterbury himself, there was an illuminati ritual in the basement of the Cathedral pitting both boys against one another in a no-rules fight. After the fight, their fates were determined by who won and who lost. Max lost. And we all know what happened to Orlando. Neither boy remembered anything after this happened, but their friendship drastically changed overnight and Orlando's behavior suddenly changed as did Max's.
Max quickly fell into drug addiction and alcoholism and Orlando's career bloomed. Both men also studied drama at the same school in London before Max left for addiction issues and both men also auditioned for the same role Orlando eventually won for Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings.
Both are victims of the most severe form of Illuminati mind control known. Max has DID and look at Orlando's filmography- there are several key Jesuit/Knights Templar orchestrated themes in it, including a film in which he literally plays a Knights Templar in the Crusades. There are hidden Knights Templar references in another hit film franchise Bloom was in as well,"
Pirates of the Caribbean
Now I will respond to Anya Briggs' significantly inaccurate statements....
I didn't want to involve my friend Mr Bloom in any of this as its not my responsibility to do so and im very sensitive to MK ultra victims and the horrendous acts that were perpetrated upon them.
But as Miss Briggs has once again spewed specific inaccuracies I feel it extremely important that I address this issue.
Yes Orlando is my Godfather and yes he stood by me when I was baptized and stood by my side at 13 years old with the Archbishop of Canterbury when I was confirmed into the Church of England.
There are yes multiple chambers below the Cathedral in Canterbury and we WERE taken below there after the ceremony.
BUT.... There was no fight between us. Very important information was taken from my cellular memory and placed into Orlando's consciousness so that when the films that were made that he starred in,he would be able to have a complete grasp of what happened.When the movies Troy,and Kingdom Of Heaven and and Pirates of the Caribbean were made he was then able to access my memories as these movies were actually about me. The Characters he played were fractured parts of real life happenings of my parallel lives.
This was planned at birth and they knew that there had to be a hidden(myself) and a publically seen (Orlando) person to maintain the subconscious predictive programming for the general pubic.
An anagram of my name Max Spiers is "Paris Sex M". The 'M" is representative for 13 and means multiple lifetimes in loop.

Mr Bloom played Prince Paris in Troy and he played that role because they were able to transfer my memories of that lifetime into his cells and super conscious.
The Nasty ritual that is used to do this is something that I don't want to talk about now.
Now... The Lord of the rings is also very important to this story as Legolas is the character that he played and that is a 3000 year old Elvish warrior prince.Once again the same ritual was used and after so many times of stealing and using my memories and also brutally traumatizing Orlando the project was finished as far as memory transfer was done.
We were both experimented on from birth to see if these horrific experiments would work without either killing us,or turning our minds to mush. We both survived but many many thousands of boys ended up dead or permanently consigned to psych wards when these experiments were done to those poor young boys.
They were looking for the strongest mind body combo to be see how far they could push the human psyche.
They are and have been very aware of who I am and who Orlando is long before we arrived in this body/temple that we are using now.

John Scarlet one of MI6's Finest(most disgusting) headed this particular experiment and is as brutally sick in his proceedings as anything Joseph Mengele has done or is currently doing.
After The Pirates of the Caribbean movies were finished unfortunately for my dear friend,he was re-programmed sadistically as his alteres were bleeding through.They referred to him then as "A NEW MAN".
He then was paired up with Miranda Kerr (MK) to make sure that he kept in line as he was beginning to remember what had gone on for so many years.She was also used as a breeding partner. Many of the "Masters" (Teachers) at the private boarding school we went to (I wont mention the name) were involved on a need to know basis.
Some in particular reinforced the programming to both of us with the use of violence and multiple forms of sexual trauma...
One memory I have in particular is that one day after school we were both pulled aside and taken into the headmasters office.Which was a dark and ominous place with smells that i remember to this day as I have a photographic memory and also have the ability to bring myself back to any place from the past and feel and smell it.
A bar of soap was pulled from a draw that was a strange colour and smell and we were both told to in unison take a bite from it.
The head master did this under the guise of saying that we needed to clean our filthy mouths out for bad language,but neither of us had done or said anything wrong.
I feel now that this was in fact a screen memory and something else happened,but I am unable to recall it.There is a sort of firewall block when I go there to try and see what really happened. It was some form of reinforcing the memory transfer I feel.
As Orlando has now been totally reprogrammed,it very hard for me to access the info and data that he has inside of his head and cellular memory to find out what was actually going on there.
There is still a plan involving Orlando and I for something upcoming but again because of the advanced memory blocks that have been used on both of us,I don't know what it is exactly.... Although I have a pretty good idea.
Since this particular ceremony happened when we were both 13 (We had to be that age because 13 is the number of reincarnation on a very basic level)There have been many many parallels in our lives. My fiancé Sarah Adams knows a great deal about this.
One final note... Ricky Gervais' hugely successful television show 'The Office" plays a role in this also. First off Gervais is a French name and Ricky (sorry Ricky) is in fact not English he is deeply French and has Merovingian blood running through his veins as do I as does Orlando.
Around the time of Thomas a Becket's murder in Canterbury cathedral in about 1170.There was a priest there known as Gervaise of Canterbury.There is info online about a very strange thing that he saw when he looked at the moon. He says he saw it burst and blood start pouring from it.It is written that this happened multiple times and nothing has ever been seen like it before or since. I will post the info below.Ricky had decided to name one of his main characters in The Office "Tim Canterbury". The actors name who played Tim Canterbury is Martin Freeman,from the very very famous !3 elite families the Freeman family.
Well 10 years later with Ricky's very powerful pull in Hollywood business they cast Martin Freeman (Tim CANTERBURY) as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit franchise of movies.
The front cover of the first movie "The Hobbit,an unexpected journey" has a extremely symbolic front cover. It has Bilbo (Canterbury) about to walk through what appears to be a circular portal/vortex point,which represents the entrance and exit point to the 'Inner earth" below the cathedral in Canterbury.
As my memories are now becoming clearer as the disease of addiction that was induced into me is in remission.With the help of a wonderful support group I can now slowly recall what the hell went on.
My fear with this is that as I let go and surrender to the entity of addiction,it loses its power and I integrate my fractured self.This is the controllers worst nightmare. .With full recall I become the most dangerous man to them.
I have their secrets contained in my DNA strands and can undo all that has been done.The more I awaken,the more they seem to send people into my life who are used (some knowingly/others deeply programmed and have no clue) to keep me repressed and "asleep" whether with drugs or with continues gratuitous trauma.
This stops now, we have already won. It is now a wating game to see what their next move is. They have become sloppy and predictable,almost like how a crocodile always moves his head in the same direction when a piece of meat is dangled in front of his face.
Here is a screen shot of the front of"The Hobbit: An unexpected journey" . The title itself is encoded for those who "need to know"........Here is also the info on Gervaise of Canterbury talking about the extremely bizarre occurance with the moon (Moon meaning the feminine subconscious)
Five monks from Canterbury reported to the abbey's chronicler, Gervase, that shortly after sunset on June 18, 1178, (25 June on the proleptic Gregorian calendar) they saw "the upper horn [of the moon] split in two." Furthermore, Gervase writes, "From the midpoint of the division a flaming torch sprang up, spewing out, over a considerable distance, fire, hot coals and sparks. Meanwhile the body of the Moon which was below writhed, as it were in anxiety, and to put it in the words of those who reported it to me and saw it with their own eyes, the Moon throbbed like a wounded snake. Afterwards it resumed its proper state. This phenomenon was repeated a dozen times or more, the flame assuming various twisting shapes at random and then returning to normal. Then, after these transformations, the Moon from horn to horn, that is along its whole length, took on a blackish appearance". In 1976 the geologist Jack B. Hartung proposed that this described the formation of the crater Giordano Bruno

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Comment by CHRISTINA on July 17, 2016 at 4:19pm

Death Of A Super Soldier

I have sadly just received a text from Poland, that Max Spiers, British-American supersoldier, has been found dead. He had been staying with mutual friends outside of Warsaw. He was found in his room unconscious and with no pulse. Emergency crew was unable to revive him.

Max was a friend. He was troubled and when I saw him last month in Poland, he did not seem right. I am sad to report on his passing. But, he is free of Earthly pains now. Our deepest condolences to his family. Rest in peace, Max.

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