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Bradley Loves personal letter to Jean Haines ~ December 2014

Bradley Loves sent me this personal letter this morning, and I have...

June, 2014

June, 2014

Let me say to those people who seem to be having trouble with Bradley’s recent post that we all need to learn that we can’t please everyone all the time. Sometimes there is no gentle, easy way to say something, and I for one think Bradley has done a terrific job of sharing some pretty sensitive subjects with us all.

In spite of my trepidation, I’m not going to back off presenting what I believe is ‘real’ truth— via Bradley Loves.

His private email to me this morning has helped me to get passed those worries. WHILE WE DON’T – AND SHOULDN’T – WALLOW IN THIS INFORMATION, I BELIEVE WE DO NEED TO KNOW IT. Personally, as a person who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of my father and uncle and even as someone who has also healed from it, it still isn’t easy for me to take this information on board, but I have to ask myself what will happen if we get this close – and duck this huge issue?

You are right if you think my blog isn’t a happy place right now. How could it be? Thank God most of us have already learned that life isn’t always about ‘sweetness and light’. What you can’t know is that as a result of Bradley’s articles, my blog suddenly has been hit by numerous trolls, some of which may have gotten by me, but most of which did not. This tells me that without doubt, Bradley’s words are important and they don’t want people reading them.

While there may be many people who will choose to duck the information and who will become angry at its manner of presentation, I say to you that you have a choice, but please do not defame Bradley and me because we are trying to bring you this message. At least learn the lesson that judgment on your part is not the answer. Be honest with yourselves and say you don’t agree, or maybe can’t take this information on right now – and simply move on. 

I’m also posting at the bottom of this letter a more than seven hour interview with Key Griggs who talks about much of what Bradley addresses to me. I know it is very long, and since I watched it a long time ago, I don’t have notes on it to tell you where she addresses some of the specific sordid details concerning children. If anyone, therefore, has the time to make notes, I would appreciate it if you left them via a comment :) 

Thanks and hugs,

When I asked Bradley if I could publish his email he asked me to share with you that an  understanding of harmonics, magnetics, and frequency wave induction is necessary to explain in principle how this works. So, now . . . here is Bradley’s letter:


I hope this finds you well!  I pray and INTEND for your healing!  

Much Love today!  

I’ve been thinking a lot about the articles I write and about how best to proceed.  It seems that we’ve hit a wall.  The truth is that in all practicality everywhere we go from here HAS to deal with the issue of child sex.  It’s the largest piece of the puzzle that’s missing, and the one that ties everything together.  I know you think that many people are not ready to hear this stuff, but then if so — they are NOT ready for Ascension — Liberation — Resurrection or anything else. They need to be willing to understand what took place here — as I wrote earlier in SEX IS THE KEY -

[Let me intersperse here that in Drunvalo’s recent video he also says that our sexual energies used in a positive way are the key to our ascension, and he is now actively working with HeartMath in Stanford on this. Let me add, our sexual energies are a very powerful creative force. The kundalini energy is closely related to them, but it simply travels a different path in our bodies. ~J]

What most people don’t understand is that our “sexual” energy is actual the Liberating force!  The raw Kundalini energy activating the highest chakra will allow that soul and spirit out of the body prison.  Jean, you are probably aware of how this works, so explaining it to you is needless. However – because the sexual energy is the LIBERATING FORCE for humanity, it is also it’s enslavement force if turned upside down.  
This is where child sex comes in.  

Those OFF WORLD FORCES who wish to enslave humans and take over the planet also know this!  Jean, you may not be aware of how extensive and how pervasive this child sex stuff really is!  Would you be surprised if I told you that it RUNS THE ENTIRE EARTHLY SYSTEM as we know it! Would you be amazed if I explained that this one thing, and only this one thing, which is not only everywhere, but has its roots absolutely at the base of what we call our SOCIETY or SYSTEM — is all that keeps us enslaved.  The how and the why of it is very complicated — but it is only when you understand who we are — what this planet is — and how it functions that can you possibly understand why this is so.

For crying out loud Jean, sometimes I feel so useless because I want to help people to get it, and they just can’t bring their minds up to the task. If they don’t choose to wake up, THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

If humanity will but look at the truth of this, our own cells and our own DNA on a massive scale can free us from this scourge — IF WE DO IT COLLECTIVELY.

The problem is humanity does not “want to see” the extent of the evil they supported and still DO SUPPORT because our entire system is based upon an energetic “hijack” that has to do with our powerful SEXUAL ENERGIES!  Why do you think the Catholic Church NEVER wants people to learn or talk about sex in the positive — or in the negative?  Because that is the KEY!

When I say our entire Earth Society is base on SEX – I’m not kidding!

THE ENTIRE blanket of lies – secrecy and deception – tax – money – government – and religion is there to HIDE ONLY ONE THING from us: 

It is there to “hide” The food that feeds those beings that keep us in their prison. What is that food? CHILD SEX – CHILD SACRIFICE – CHILD TORTURE!  

There is no other reason for everything you see around you, Jean!   It’s all a smoke screen and is in support of only this one thing! If you lift up the rug of everything that exists in what we call our reality – this is ALL THERE IS!  Pages and pages and pages could not possibly be enough to explain every little in and out of it.  And that’s what people want – but that’s what they DON’T want as well.  

Tell me how it works they say!  Oh, but skip the child sex part!


NO ONE is going to leave the planet BEFORE they really understand how this was done to us: 

When very young children and babies are sexually raped and tortured and then sacrificed daily — that creates tremendous TRAUMA in their young, physical bodies. Those physical bodies then translate that TRAUMA into energies!  Astral — Etheric —Magnetic, and others  – and then that translated energy IMMEDIATELY gets sent into the planetary grid system (which is also highly magnetic) and is a system we are ALL hooked up to — WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT.

Because OUR COLLECTIVE SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS are all hooked up to this grid system — we are constantly being downloaded DAILY with this extreme sexual trauma of innocent babies who are sexually raped, tortured, and then sacrificed.  

Our subconscious minds then interpret this energy as BASE EVIL, which is not being addressed by the collective and then the subconscious proceeds to GIVE US AN OUT PICTURING of unhappy and disharmonious lives which is WHAT WE DESERVE according to our own subconscious minds which are all connected to one another in ways we don’t understand.

The CABAL knows this!  They don’t care!  They have all the money and don’t care if every human being on the planet is suffering as a result of these constant daily acts which cause TRAUMA.

Jean, I could go on and on, but maybe you get the picture. We are not going anywhere until this is addressed!

Sorry for the bad news — but unless PRIME CREATOR changes the rules — we have to look at this. Maybe I just need to take a break!  I love everyone so much!  I can’t stand it.  But it will not matter if no one cares enough to learn anything.

Channeling will not help them!  This is the truth.  But they don’t see it.

If they wish to understand energy dynamics – harmonics, and magnetics THAT WILL HELP THEM!

All my LOVE


Published on Jul 21, 2014

The Kay Griggs Interviews
Download this full interview and keep a local copy as reference. You will never find such revelation of the truth at the top levels of the US Military anywhere else.

Kay Griggs is the famous Christian woman (American patriot whistleblower) interview session (7.5 hours) conducted with her by Pastor Rick Strawcutter in 1998. Kay was the wife of a high-level Marine Corps colonel who revealed to her the DARK underworld of top level military and its secret elite training programs, mind control tactics, psychological warefare, drug & weapon running, and assassination squads. The unedited nearly 8 hours of material contained here is epic. Download it and keep a local hard drive copy. These interviews were conducted in 1998. Kay Griggs’ recounting of how key people among us, including world leaders, are marked as rising stars and groomed for their positions is some of the most striking whistleblower testimony to have emerged, and forms the basis for a deeper understanding of global agendas in place today.



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