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The family my soul was set to incarnate into is a Cabal family. An “Illuminati” family. Full of Freemasons, Lawyers, Police, Doctors, Teachers, Military Personnel and Politicians.

This family has arranged marriages for the purpose of maintaining the “Bloodline” and assets of the family. One of the 13 “pure” Illuminati Bloodlines.

My mother was set to marry a man with my name (The Ruiner of course) and refused. She was bitter because she was not “special” like her sisters and therefor not “taken to camp” with them. What this meant, she didn’t know, was that her sisters were heavily programmed and installed in “Secret Programs” created and operate by the “Illuminati”. She was not as easy to mind control as her sisters because she did not share the desires of the Family.

She thought she would “get back” at her fathers lack of attention by refusing her arranged marriage and deciding instead to get pregnant by a stranger, knowing this would make her ineligible for this arranged marriage.

It worked. She did not have to marry The Ruiner. Instead, she married a truck driver after getting the random sperm donor to exit her life.

What she didn’t know is her father had high hopes for her to-be-born child.

Your writer is this child.

I was 4yrs old when I was taken on a “special trip” by my Grandfather. What I was told is I was being taken to see some really big fish. Where we arrived is Marine Land in Niagara Falls Canada.

There I was introduced to a Mr.Johnson. I was too young to understand this was not his actual name. Mr. Johnson went on to ask me a series of questions and even gave me what seemed like a doctors examination. From there I got to meet the head trainer and their team of trainers and get up close and personal with the killer whales they kept.

About a month after that I was taken to “Camp” for the first time. On the way to the “camp” my Grandfather started to explain how our family was not like other families. That he and my aunts and cousins were all “special” but my mother and father are not. He told me I am “special” like he is and therefor will be educated like the other “special” members of the family. That I would be shown “secrets” and I couldn’t ever tell anyone.

It was not long after arriving that the first “secret” was revealed to me.

The “camp” was just outside of a town in Ontario Canada called Port Perry. The “camp” appeared to be a Bible Studies camp. A small campground with a handful of cabins all about the same size and a couple portables. One cabin was larger than the others and that is the one one entered.

My Grandfather moved a table from the middle of the room to a side, and told me to stand where the table was. He stood next to me with his arm around me and immediately I thought “why is he holding me so tight?”. I received my answer when the floor began to sink into the ground below the cabin. Within a few seconds I saw that this floor was actually an elevator, and once it dropped below the level of the cabin floor we were in an elevator shaft that after about 20 feet revealed glass walls that provided a view into what was a very large area which looked like the inside of a warehouse. This was my first view of what is now known to most reading this as an Underground Base.

I spent the entire summer there from mid June until the end of August. I will not go into what occurred at “camp” that summer. Any readers familiar with the “Illuminati” will understand that this was a “Program Facility”. This first “camp” was meant for basic “programming”. (See MKUltra style programming)

The next two summers I returned to the same camp and received this “programming”. After the summer I would go back to my home where my mom and step-dad lived. I would attend “public school” during the day and had martial arts classes in the evenings.

After the first two years I started to be bounced around between various “camps”/Underground Facilities. This continued until I was 8yrs old at which time I was told the “programming” wouldn’t work. I was then asked what interested me the most of all the things I had seen and learned over those first four summers at “camp” and my only response was “The Whales at Marine Land”.

Unable or unwilling to give them the type of response they wanted it was decided that they would try a “more aggressive program”. This was my first introduction to what is known as the “Secret Space Program”.

The programming still wouldn’t work. I was uncontrolled. However, I did not rebel against the “camps” or Programs. I was interested and they could see this. So after a few years of working within their Secret Space Program I was “promoted” to a “trainer” position. I would train other Secret Space Program members.

After some time the actions of this Secret Space Program turned me off of my own desire to experience the things I was. The “gain” I received was not, in my own opinion, worth the price I would pay. I understood early on that “we” were hiding a lot of truth from humanity. That “we” were using our knowledge and resources to ensure the survival of The Families/ The Orders rather than guiding humanity to a positive future. This realization was not met with anger from my handlers and teachers but rather with excitement. I was then moved to a new “Program” where I would be educated in what “we” call “Cultural Guidance”. This is literally the creation of a controlled culture. It included education and media news as methods to form the opinions of the masses by providing misinformation and disinformation. Mind control. I quickly became an expert on their methods and for a while, was a “good little asset” for them.

In order for me to do this job, learn these things, I was required to attend every “secret meeting” I could possibly attend. All of the parties and rituals as well as tours and briefing on all the various “secret Programs”. (There are many)

What I witnessed was abuses and murders and rapes. People being eaten or killed for sport. Women and men being used and Programmed as sex slaves. I witnessed politicians creating campaigns and public speeches geared to dis inform the public. World Leaders who to the public appeared as enemies sharing a sex slave in secret meetings. Witnessing plans being made to steer the public opinion against one side, and for another, meanwhile both sides are shaking hands as the result benefited both parties. it benefited both parties because in truth, they are one party.

There were times I was offered, encouraged, and even demanded to “partake” in such activities and refused. “Kill me if you wish, but I will not do that” I would say with absolute conviction. For a while they tried torturing me in various ways to get me to “agree” to their “terms” but all such attempts failed. I would repeat “Kill me if you wish, but I will not do that”.

I asked to be released. I threatened to “tell everyone”. “They” were not bothered by my threats.. “If you tell anyone we will kill you”. At this point I actually welcomed death over what I was enduring. SO I told several people. A kid at my public school (who went missing), an Aunt (who was committed into a mental hospital three days after I told her) and a Police Officer I stopped on the street. (Who went “missing” soon after).

When I attempted to try telling my parents I was scolded and punished for “lying”. In their minds I stayed with my Great Aunt all summer. (The same Aunt who had been committed) and actually “drove her insane”, literally.

At this point I realised my parents had been “reprogrammed” which is what we called it when we would “alter memories” of individuals associated with the “programs”.

When I was taken to “camp” the next summer, everything changed.

I was 15yrs old. I wanted out. They could not control me or program my mind successfully. So I was given to a being, a man, who is “at the top level” of the “Illuminati”. I was told it would happen, and everyone around was surprised. This was “Unique” some would say, “This never happens” others would say. This being, this man, became my “mentor”. For four years I was constantly with or in contact with this being. My “education” became more vast and deep. The horrors I witnessed also increased and so I still wanted “out”. This being and I had endless debates about my removal, all the while I was still “working” for them.

During the time I was being mentored my role became very sensitive. I understood how to not only leave my own body but how to enter and control other bodies. At the time I developed this skill the Programs had developed a “Clone” Program which involved creating biological clones and empty body vessels for the “top level” “Illuminati” members as well as the Secret Space Program and Secret Military Operations. A common use for clones was entertainment, and my “job” was to teach celebrities (music and film stars, politicians ect) how to transfer into a clone and operate said clone. This was done without technology however at the time a technology was being (re)developed (reverse engineered) to achieve this transfer. Once the tech was up and running they allowed me to leave the Clone Program and offered me a job as a “mole” at a Paranormal Studies organization. This Org was at the time working with and funded by the Canadian and Untied States Governments. The “goal” was supposedly to detail paranormal truth and package it as an educational package for the public sector. My job was to ensure that wouldn’t happen.

I was installed as the Director of the project. All final reports were made by myself. My job was to discredit all the evidence and those who collected it. I did my job well and the Governments shut the door on this project, concluding there is no truth to Paranormal Studies, cutting funding and burying the evidence.

I HATED doing this. These were good people whose work I destroyed. There was a lot of evidence involved enough to prove to the public that “paranormal activities” exist and can be measured and predicted. Again I asked to be released and was denied.

So it was hopeless. Those I tried to tell either went missing or crazy, or they refused to believe a word I said. If I continued I would have to perform actions I know are wrong. The result was my resignation to suicide.

I had travelled to Victoria BC, then 19yrs old, and planned to jump from a high cliff into the ocean to end my life.
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