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The Plan

"The New Rome will fall just as the Old Rome fell.  So that the beings who created Rome could wash their hands of their creation, and start fresh.  Just as we did after The Atlantian Age." 

The above is considered a gift in the mind of it's author.  That I am writing here is not unknown. Most readers may have no idea, but "they" all know exactly who your author is. Back to the point. The above quote did not come from me. It came from the being who was meant to be my mentor.

What it eludes to is the New Rome, which is to those who know, the "Cabal Capital Country". The heart of the "illuminati cults". Amaraka.

A great deal of dirty illuminati secrets are being exposed at a rapid pace. Several "leaks" have been created and orchestrated to ensure almost all people, from the mainstream folks to the alternative info folks, know just how dark and evil this group is.

You've all been told and shown proof of your enslavement. You've also been given all the truth about your own power to change it.  But the game is rigged no matter which side you choose to play it from. The only solution is not to play. But I digress.

Now that the world is starting to see the devil, they will bring him to light and destroy him and his hell around him.

Enter the saviours. This has to be another country or government or secret ET allies, right?

Give the world a "White Hat" group, led by benevolent ET's, brought to the public in the form of a new group of political allies.

BRICS.  "White Hats Groups". <insert ET name of the month here>.

They will give you what you want.

Once it's too late you'll remember..

"Oh yeah, this is what THEY wanted too!!??!"

Take the money away, replace it with a new system.

Take religion away, replace it with a new system.

Take all the Illuminati away, replace it with secret system.

Take your needs away, replace them with technology.

Take your governments away, replace them with a new government system.

Take away the Old World Order, replace it with a New World Order.

And here's the clincher..

Take away your natural spiritual evolutionary process, replace it with a cybernetic transhuman artificial process.

More of the finer details to come of course.

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