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The Pope-Report – all 184 pages of it!

The Pope’s Encyclical – UPDATED with a Comment, a different point o...

The Pope-Report – all 184 pages of it!


if the jesuit pope gave a rat’s ass about the environment, he would be writing about outlawing GMO’s and Monsatan-aka Monsanto, and would be calling on the arrest of himself and all the other psychopathic child trafficking murdering pervert politicians and outlawing chemtrails AND HAARP and the secret space program and outlawing mass murder by big pharma vaccines and outlawing debt slavery and war whenever the fed needs some gold–(they just invade some resource rich country, head straight for their central bank and load the gold up on USA, inc. planes and take off) He would also be talking about the rape and pillaging of USA,inc. tax payers and debt slavery and American mainstream HELLth Care destroying us here in America. So ,please give us a break, does ANYONE believe this nazi, corporate intelligence agency bankster MAFIA FASCIST “CLEANER”??? I DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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An email from North Carolina Power and Light: ” . . . regarding the...

This is how these kinds of organizations are receiving the Pope’s encyclical . . . ~J


Faithful Friends,

This Thursday, June 18, the Vatican will officially release the Papal encyclical on the environment: “Praised Be: On the Care of Our Common Home” (Laudato Si’).

A Papal encyclical is a letter sent by the Pope to the bishops of the world and to the entire Catholic population across the globe.  However, Pope Francis hopes for a wider audience.  During his weekly blessings in St. Peter’s Square this past Sunday, Pope Francis said, “This encyclical is aimed at everyone:  Let us pray everyone can receive its message and grow in responsibility toward the common home that God has given us.”

This is the first encyclical in the history of the Vatican to address environmental concerns.  Pope Francis is expected to declare climate change and environmental protection as related moral, social, and ecological issues. It could serve as a motivating force for the over one billion Catholics of the world and many other people of spiritual and environmental conviction. The encyclical will undoubtedly bring much needed global attention and focus to these issues.

This is a deeply spiritual document that needs to be fully received by the Catholic family as their own.  We wish to deeply honor and respond in ways that are respectful to this process.  When the Pope is visiting the U.S. in September, NCIPL will be working with Catholic congregations in NC to help hold meetings on the encyclical and how we can put our “faith into action” across through collaboration across the state.

Please contact if you would like to participate in the planning of local events in your area.

In Peace & With Hope,

Susannah Tuttle, M.Div
Director, NC Interfaith Power & Light
27 Horne Street
Raleigh, NC 27607
919-612-5526 mobile

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